Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome to the new look!

Time: 9.15 a.m.
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Mood: Happy!
Currently: Still configuring this layout

Do you like this layout? well, i like it because of the 3-column design, and the simplicity of it. i was having problem with my BLOG LIST widgets. yes, for those who follow this blog, you knew that i have a long list of blog. i tried to tweak the html, to save my widgets, but, failed. apparently, it can be done only to the HTML widget, not the BLOG LIST widget. so, people, TAKE NOTE.

i was almost throwing my vaio when i found out that i lost 4 of the most important element here in my page;
  • ex-SGGS
  • Malay Blog
  • People I've Met Online and Offline
  • Politics
i rarely CLICK follow on any blog, not even my fav blog, but i keep their updates by looking at my page! it's really disappointing to find out that i've lost them all. THANKFULLY, Faz came out with a solution. indeed, a brilliant one. lol. he asked if anybody haven't open my blog yet, since i last change the template. so, anybody who had view my blog earlier could view it again by working offline.

suddenly, i remembered that i was using B's laptop to check my comment. i quickly ran to his laptop, hoping that he didnt open my blog for today. yes, he didn't! lol. THANK GOD he didn't. well, i did a painful job copying the link one by one. yes! it's really pain in the arse. anyway, thanks to Faz. i dont even think bout doing that. i'm just busy being panic and trying to restore everything all over again. i do download the Full Template before i did any changes, but it only copy the title, not the list!

however, all the other widget, the one which is up now, are completely saved. so, i dont have any problem uploading them again. lol. but, after giving it a long thought, i decided to delete my PINGBOX, because too many people loves to be ANONYMOUS, messaging me and bugging me with stupid stuff. i really HATE the guessing game. whenever i ask them to introduce themselves, they'll be like "you guess" or "this is your friend lah" or "you forget bout me?". come on people, i have thousands of friend. i dont even know who read my blog and who doesnt. so, dont expect me to guess who are you. anyway, the PINGBOX is gone now. kiss goodbye to it! i think i'm happier without it. from now, if you guys wanna contact me, you gotta do it in the CBOX. yeah, i'll reply late, but that's the only option i have now. the PINGBOX is driving me crazy!

if you notice, i made some changes to my widget. i added something new, deleted some stuff, etc. feel free to wonder around. oh ya, while you're at it, please VOTE for my POLL.

GTG. Nature call. bye.



fazrin2211 said...

beautiful !!

Natasha said...

aku tatau mau pilih mana.... hantam saja la... janji dia simple... kah kah kah...


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