Tuesday, April 08, 2014

That beautiful moment.

The moment he look straight into her eyes,
The moment he holds her hand tights and never want to let go,
The moment she cried in front of him for the first time,
The moment he wipes her tears,
The moment he kiss her forehead for the first and last time,
The moment she asked him to fulfill her last wish,
The moment she saw his watery eyes,
The moment he agreed to fulfill her wish,
The moment she saw his car driving away,
The moment she realized that it was her decision,
The moment she realized that she have to let him live his life,
The moment she realized that she loves him,

That moment will be there as part of her memory, lighting through her days, as she walk through life with a lil bit of courage and beautiful memories.

True story.

Abah's Advice on Marriage

"Natasha, when you pass too much of the marriage opportunity, one day you will not even feel like getting married. It will pass by you. You have pass too many opportunity now. Trust me, being lonely is not a great feeling. I am a born loner. You are not. You cannot take me as an example. Think carefully before you let go of a great man."

A father's advice 1 o'clock in the morning. I'm stunned. I replied;

"Abah, I think i'm doing the right thing. I have my reasons. I will get through this. Thanks for your thoughts!"

I love you, Abah. You mean the world to me!


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