Friday, July 31, 2009

spending time with b

time: 8.43 pm
Venue:, again!

For some reason, b like this place so he dragged me over here. Lol. I refused to order any coffee from here. It'll just kill my appetite. I'm tired. Haven't sleep the whole day. I wonder what happen to my desperate housewives loading. Lol. Will update more later. Too lazy now.

Listen to the rain on the roof

time: 12:24 p.m.
venue: home
mood: happy!
currently: having a series-thon alone!

ok, for those who watch Desperate Housewives, you'll quickly notice that the title of this entry is actually the title of Season 3 episode 1 of that tv show. i'm just watching this and i just need to share it with everyone.

here's the script of it. you might not find it funny here, but you can google up that particular scene. lol.
Bree's Bedroom
Bree sits up quickly and gasps.
    Bree: "Ah. Oh, no!" Orson: "What? You didn't just crack that veneer again, did you?" Bree: "I have to go." Orson: "Go? Go where?"
Doctor's Office
A female doctor is examining Bree.
    Bree: "And then it was like something inside ruptured. Well, not so much a rupture as a spasm. Waves of this hot, clutching. I might have had a small stroke!" Doctor: "How severe were the pains?" Bree: "Well, that's the odd thing. I mean there was no pain, per se, in fact, it wasn't entirely unpleasant." Doctor: "What were you doing at the time?" Bree: "I was, ah, with my fiancé. We were lying down, resting." Doctor: "I'm gonna take a wild swing here. Were you having sex?" Bree: "Sort of." Doctor: "Ms. Van de Kamp, I think you may have had an orgasm." Bree: "No, no, no. I've had orgasms before." Doctor: "Hm. How would you describe them?" Bree: "Oh you know, that warm sensation, that tingling feeling of relief when it's over. No, no, this was much..." Doctor: "Better?" Bree: "Yes," Doctor: "That's 'cause it was an orgasm." Bree: "Oh. Well, I'll be darned."
lol. bye. gonna continue now!

P/s: i took the script from HERE. this series really rocks! lol.


Kenapa aku suka baca blog politik?

sebab depa rajin UPDATE!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


aku dah fed-up dengan photographer melayu.
banyak songeh & suka berlagak pandai.
bila taktau photoshop pandai plak cari aku?


update: boleh tak kalau jumpa aku jgn sembang pasal kamera? sangat bosan ok! yes aku tau korang "passion" terhadap fotografi (betul ke ejaan?). tp ada limit. jgn nak klua dgn aku gi sembang kat kedai mamak pun nak usung _____(insert slr model here). pastu dok kat mamak, bukak citer aperture, shutter, speedlight, props, bla bla bla.


*alamak faz call, sembang2 kejap, terus lupa apa aku nak taip

ok setelah berfikir beberapa minit....

lepastu, tanya aku, awat tak bawak slr, tasha? wtf? aku jawab, aku miskin, takde slr. pakai kamera henpon N95 je.

ok, dgn ini aku men-declare yg aku ni anti-photographer.

jgn sapa pun mai call, sms, ym, msn, myspace, etc just to ask me, " oh awak photographer. bla bla bla"

hakikatnya, aku bukan photographer. aku peminat photography dan aku belum sampai tahap PHOTOGRAPHER lagi.

taraf photographer ini terlalu special. aku cuma fancy kan PHOTOGRAPHER berikut;

  1. Martin Evening
  2. Strobist
  3. Scott Kelby
  4. Dave Hill
  5. Ali Kabas
so, stop trying so hard to impress me. there's nothing to be impress btw!

sekian, harap maklum.

*memang ada kena mengena antara yang hidup atau mati.

*tidak dinafikan mmg ada photographer yg best, yg aku personally kenal, seperti scharewl, hafiz ismail, dan boi (ofcourse). mereka ni sgt cool dan best. respek.



Jibrail came...

time: once upon a time.....
venue: exam hall.
mood: sleepy.
currently: having exam.

the lecturer is passing out exam papers. class are silent. at the end of the corner, a teenage boy was sitting anxiously. when he got the paper.... he sleep!

the lecturer woke him up.

Lecturer: wake up, do your paper!
Student: ....

while in sleepy mode, he just randomly read the paper. the lecturer is still keeping an eye for him. he seems to be busy. jotting down answer here and there. writing really really fast. the lecturer feels awkward. a lazy student could answer the paper???

he's curious. maybe the student is copying? is there any notes that he sneak in?

he walk to the student's table. with full interest to find out, he asked;

Lecturer: how come you could answer the question?
Student: Jibrail came!
Lecturer: ....
The classmate: Hahahaahhahahahahhaha...

*the truth is... he's just copying the question, writing the exact word of it. lol.

P/s: B told me this story. lol.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hayden Panettiere... an idol.

Two of the top! love this make up she have. esp her Raccoon eye make up on the left. look at the beautiful glow she have on the right! damn!

She look nice in any hairstyle and i just adore her make up!

Nice nude make up she have here!

Don't she look demure in this photo? plus the flawless make up. shit, i envy her!

why am i killing myself looking at her picture? lol. because she's my idol. totally love her. her style. her hair. her personality and her song, Wake Up Call. GUYS, comment please! wanna know your opinion! Bye.

P/s: click on picture for larger view. pics are credited to each linking site (with the picture).

I envy her,

I'm Fat!

time: 4.09 a.m.
venue: home
mood: errr... depressed? over depressed!

yeah, i dont know what got into me, i googled BMI or Body Mass Index. obviously, i'm fat. just by looking at me, you'll know i'm fat. lol. everytime i met my college mates, they will be like "WTF happen to you Tash! you gain a lot!" or "OMG, you're super bloated!".

YES. i know, i gain 15 kg. yes people. 15kg. ok. let me work this out. really needed to start my exercise once again. WHEN? That is a good question. lol. Dad, i'll follow you jogging when i'm back in Penang ok? YEAH RIGHT! lol.

anyway, back to BMI thingy.

How do we count our BMI? which is normal (the PREVIOUS me!), which is obese(me me me me!), and which is underweight (i dont worry much on this, it'll never happen!). ok, let me give you the Asian and International Standard of BMI. why there's two? go figure!

BMI (Body Mass Index) = Weight (Kilograms) ÷ Height2 (meters2)

BMI of <18.5>
BMI of 18.5-23.0 = Normal
BMI of 23.0-28.0 = Overweight
BMI of 28.0-37.0= Obese
BMI of > 37.0 = Severely Obese

BMI of <18.5>
BMI of 18.5-25.0 = Normal
BMI of 25.0-30.0 = Overweight
BMI of 30.0-37.0= Obese
BMI of > 37.0 = Severely Obese

i know, i know, some of you are already calculating... lol... well, for those who are lazy fat ass, even lazy to count your BMI, i do have the widget just below my chatbox. go check it out! oh ya, dont forget to leave me a comment, TELL me what's your BMI!

dont be shy, because i'm wayyyy fat too! lol.

Before - 55kg, 5' 3"
Current - 70kg, STILL 5' 3" (such unhealthy growth, lol)
Target - 52kg, 5' 3" (sounds impossible? lol. i'll prove you wrong!)

i will only REMOVE this widget when i lost 15kg. ok, lets see what happen in 3 months!

ok, enough humiliation for myself for today. bye!

P/s: B said, "dont lose hope, you can lose it easily." and he continued "i still love you, the way you are". awwww.... so sweet. but deep down your ass, you want me to be slim, right? lol.


...she's in the toilet!

Ring ring ring.... (calling)

after quite a while....

Exhibit A: Hello...
Tash: err... is this "Exhibit B" number?
Exhibit A: err... wait ar.

(silent for about 10 secs)

Exhibit A: "Exhibit B" in the toilet.
Tash: ha? ok ok... could you please tell "Exhibit B" that Natasha called? (holding up giggles)
Exhibit A: (nervous voice detected) ok ok.
Tash: Thank you. Bye.

Tasha's Wild Guess:
Exhibit A - the ex? yes, i knew this couple for quit a long time, sort of remember the voice.
Exhibit B - close friend. one of the most innocent person i know. dont even know what's dildo!

.... (thinking) are they....... errr.... ok, sorry for interrupting.

P/s: if you're reading this and want it to be deleted, call me! oh ya, the reason i call is because i want to ask your help for my blog shop layout. S.O.S.


KITA SUDAH ADA PEMENANG! (bukan competition pun.)

**Nama masih dirahsiakan... atas sebab2 aku takmau kena penampaq dr tuan punya nama. kah kah kah.

** Ary Arx adalah Maryam.

Ary Arx: kikikiiki
Ary Arx: sapa exhibit b and a
Ary Arx: hahahaha
natasha: teka
natasha: dia baru msg aku 1 minit yg lalu
Ary Arx: E***?
Ary Arx: A***?
natasha: wtf?
Ary Arx: hhahaahah
natasha: INNOCENT!
natasha: think think
natasha: eh kamon laaa... brapa sgt yg innocent la ni
natasha: J lo join triathlon
natasha: gila ahhhh
natasha: bila artis malaysia boleh buat?
Ary Arx: M?
natasha: no way
Ary Arx: hahahahaha
natasha: M nampak ja innocent
natasha: buat2 innocent
Ary Arx: *****? [ni jawapan betui]
natasha: ting ting ting ting
natasha: JACKPOT
natasha: nanti balik aku blanja cendoi

**Maryam dgn aku mmg soul mate kalau bab2 ni. kah kah kah. Mmg terbukti dia best pren aku!


Monday, July 27, 2009

R.I.P. Jerry

time: 1:30 a.m.
venue: home
mood: haaa....
currently: just came back from AC

finally i made up my mind. since AC is open til morning, we went there for food. lol. then, we went up to play pool. phew, it's been so fucking long since i last went there.

as usual, all the worker there greeted me. i knew them since 2006. the time when i was crazy about pool. went there and play at least 4-5 hours each day. shit, i miss that bugger, Nick. he must be happily chilling with his friend in Perth. anyway, Perth is boringggggg.... dude, come back to malaysia! lol.

i ate fried koay teow and B ate spagetti' carbonara. did i spell it right? lol. i knew there's argument in spelling spaghetti. anyway, it's french. we tapau some takoyaki for late supper later. lol. this is another reason why i'm fat! kah kah kah.

on the way home, my mom called, giving us a very shocking news. our 8 years old Jerry is gone. my mom believed that a car run into it. and they threw it on our lawn. omg, my mom must be very sad by now. i'm telling ya, that cat is gifted. freaking smart and cocky. my grandma always complaint, "ni kucing orang kaya, cerewet!". haha... yeah, my mom pampered it too much. this cat even fight with stray dogs, which is uncountable in my housing area.

thank you for bringing such loveliness in our home. brought my mom such happiness in life, especially when she's miserable. i've never seen my mom loving someone that much. thank you for all the beautiful kittens you gave birth to. if i'm not mistaken, total up 87 kittens. they're all beautiful. and we're sorry for giving it away. we can't afford to have lots of cat in our small double-storey house. good bye forever, Jerry. we love you, even though sometimes you got into my nerve! from now on, there will be nobody to wake my mom up at exactly 6.30 a.m. for food. there will be nobody to wait for my mom coming back from work at around 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. you're such a loyal pet. we're proud to have you.

R.I.P. Jerry.

P/s: to the person who killed Jerry, i wish you all the bad luck in your life. may your mom be raped, your father get sodomy. YES, i'm serious. i wish! SCREW YOU.

i'm sorry mom,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Desperate Houswifes Season 3

Nothing much, just downloading it. err... anyone have it? can i copy? instead of downloading and waiting like a mad lady!

neways, just realized that i forgot to update something bout the movie +annoying audience. err.... let's just forget bout it. kay?



right after i i click publish post, B message me on MSN.

B: babe u knw wat i feel i wanna eat
Tash: what
B: i feel i wanna eat Subway

frankly speaking, i was thinking of Subway too. and i'm about to upload this pic (refer below) but cancel my thoughts.

ermm... it's already 8.58pm

should we go?


Good Bye Yasmin Ahmad

Time: 4:05 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: kinda sad?
Currently: just found out that Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

again, i was blog-hopping, till i reach U-Jean's blog. Yasmin Ahmad passed away? quoting;

Yasmin Ahmad dies

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 —Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm last night.

Her death was confirmed by Media Prime Group Chief Operations Officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, who was at the Damansara Specialist Hospital, when contacted by Bernama.

Yasmin, 51, collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damnsara Specialists Hospital.

She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage - Bernama

    A brief background of Yasmin Ahmad, for those who don't know her.

    Yasmin Ahmad (1958 - 2009) was a critically-acclaimed multi-award winning film director, writer and scriptwriter from Malaysia and was also the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. Her television commercials and films are well-known in Malaysia for their humour, heart and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers, in particular her ads for Petronas, the national oil and gas company. Her works have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally.

    A graduate in arts majoring in politics and psychology[2] from a British university[3], she worked as a trainee banker in 1982 for two weeks. After that she worked for IBM as a marketing representative while moonlighting as a blues singer and pianist by night. Yasmin began her career in advertising as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather. In 1993 she moved to Leo Burnett as joint creative director with Ali Mohammed and eventually rising to executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur.

    Her first film was Rabun in 2002. Yasmin's films have won many international awards and praise from the critics and public alike. Most of her films have been screened at the Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and Cannes (film market) international film festivals. Her films were featured in a special retrospective[4] at the 19th Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2006. An April 2007 retrospective[5] of her feature films was sponsored by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawaii, and the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

    She suffered a stroke and was admitted to hospital. She was pronounced dead at 11.25 p.m, 25th July 2009.

    source: Wikipedia

    oh well, she went to my dream school. but she went to the Honolulu branch. i wanna go to San Francissco branch. anyway, i do respect her work. i'm not saying this because she's gone. but i said this because i studied her film. awesome lady.



    Ketam :(

    Time :12:13 a.m.
    Venue: home
    Mood: hurm... off.
    Currently: waiting for B to come back home.

    i was browsing the net when....... my phone vibrate, and shows a MMS received. i open it, and....

    yes, i've been wanting crab for so long. and this babi friend of mine sent me this? siap ang Faz. aku balik penang besok mmg ang kena! i'll surely kick your arse!

    crabby mode,

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Michael Buble - This Love (Maroon 5 cover)

    ok you guys know how much i love this guy, and how much i love Maroon 5. the best thing is, he sang this song, one of my fav from Maroon 5. you really gotta watch this. i "favorite" this video on YOUTUBE like 2 years ago, and i'm still loving it!

    especially, the part when he sing;

    i don't know any of the words to this damn song , So ill probably get them mostly wrong...

    you might wanna check out this one too;

    Michael Buble - I've Got The World On A String (LIVE)

    lol. Michael, i'm in love with your voice, AGAIN!

    P/s: he sold more than 15 million copies!


    Welcome to the new look!

    Time: 9.15 a.m.
    Venue: Home
    Mood: Happy!
    Currently: Still configuring this layout

    Do you like this layout? well, i like it because of the 3-column design, and the simplicity of it. i was having problem with my BLOG LIST widgets. yes, for those who follow this blog, you knew that i have a long list of blog. i tried to tweak the html, to save my widgets, but, failed. apparently, it can be done only to the HTML widget, not the BLOG LIST widget. so, people, TAKE NOTE.

    i was almost throwing my vaio when i found out that i lost 4 of the most important element here in my page;
    • ex-SGGS
    • Malay Blog
    • People I've Met Online and Offline
    • Politics
    i rarely CLICK follow on any blog, not even my fav blog, but i keep their updates by looking at my page! it's really disappointing to find out that i've lost them all. THANKFULLY, Faz came out with a solution. indeed, a brilliant one. lol. he asked if anybody haven't open my blog yet, since i last change the template. so, anybody who had view my blog earlier could view it again by working offline.

    suddenly, i remembered that i was using B's laptop to check my comment. i quickly ran to his laptop, hoping that he didnt open my blog for today. yes, he didn't! lol. THANK GOD he didn't. well, i did a painful job copying the link one by one. yes! it's really pain in the arse. anyway, thanks to Faz. i dont even think bout doing that. i'm just busy being panic and trying to restore everything all over again. i do download the Full Template before i did any changes, but it only copy the title, not the list!

    however, all the other widget, the one which is up now, are completely saved. so, i dont have any problem uploading them again. lol. but, after giving it a long thought, i decided to delete my PINGBOX, because too many people loves to be ANONYMOUS, messaging me and bugging me with stupid stuff. i really HATE the guessing game. whenever i ask them to introduce themselves, they'll be like "you guess" or "this is your friend lah" or "you forget bout me?". come on people, i have thousands of friend. i dont even know who read my blog and who doesnt. so, dont expect me to guess who are you. anyway, the PINGBOX is gone now. kiss goodbye to it! i think i'm happier without it. from now, if you guys wanna contact me, you gotta do it in the CBOX. yeah, i'll reply late, but that's the only option i have now. the PINGBOX is driving me crazy!

    if you notice, i made some changes to my widget. i added something new, deleted some stuff, etc. feel free to wonder around. oh ya, while you're at it, please VOTE for my POLL.

    GTG. Nature call. bye.




    update: ok... i will explain later what happen! lol... i was experimenting until now. so... i'm freaking tired, and i finally chose this layout because it's the simplest among others that i view. yes, i want a 3-column layout. give me ur comment/suggestion. for now, i already upload the necessary widget, and i'll continue others later on. ok? oh ya... ignore the overlapped for the pingbox and cbox... yes i realize it... im gonna fix it later too. bye!


    Friday, July 24, 2009


    time: 10.40 pm
    Venue: oldtown
    Mood: happy
    Currently: sipping my coffee.

    Again, chilling here with B. Lol, kinda crowd today. Oh well, it's friday. It's fun to do this again with B. I miss the old time, where we used to hang out a lot in sunway.

    Ok see you. I'll blog later, at home. Bye.

    When did Michael Jackson die, actually?

    time: 12:44 p.m.
    venue: Bukit Jalil
    mood: shocked?

    WTF? i found this piece of news while i'm blog-hopping just now. should we trust this? well, to be honest, i dont really care! lol. it seems that this is my first entry bout Jackson's death. yeah, been reading lots of entry bout his death, in almost everyone's blog, praising how talented he is, yada yada yada. ok, i get it, he's famous, and i love his song, and i grew up listening to his song. errr... well, not really. top it up with Nirvana, Scorpion, Gun N Roses, bla bla bla. why? my dad was once a rocker. lol. anyway, let's cut this short. what i wanna spill out in this entry is this.

    "Coroners have officially pronounced Michael Jackson dead. From what we can tell, he died between 18 and 20 years ago," forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said. "We are not certain, at this time, who—or what—has been standing trial in that Santa Maria courthouse."

    Ok this is quoted from THIS WEBSITE. The funny thing is, it was posted way back in March 16, 2005. WTF? ok, i suggest that you read more at their website. and.... another funny thing is, i sort of believe it. lol. what a corrupted mind i have. easily influenced by hollywood media. err... am i? maybe! lol. ok... that's all. need to continue my daily stuff. bye.

    P/s: I might cry if Joe Elliot die.






    2. FOOD - SUBWAY


    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    4 days of my life....

    time: 11.22 p.m.
    venue: home
    mood: kah kah kah?
    currently: just ate chicken burger!

    i spent the whole day sleeping! lol. freakin tired. why? ok, i didnt update for about 4 days right? lemme just skim through the 4 days.

    Friday, 17th July 2009
    • went to carrefour to buy groceries. it was jammed, because of the stupid match between MU and Malaysia. yes, my house it located in front of the stadium. oh ya, today is just the training session. who the heck pay RM60 just for training session?
    • went to Bandar Tasik Selatan to fetch Kak Miey.
    • went to Awan Besar for sate kajang, which doesnt fulfill my appetite.
    • went to mamak in Sri Petaling, the one i went everyday, for tea.
    • send Kak Miey to UPM. yeah, she's a resident there.
    • reach home at about 4. have to do some work.
    Saturday, 18th July 2009
    • about 6, get ready to go to Maluri.
    • went to UPM to fetch Kak Miey, P and Nana
    • meet the rest in Maluri. as usual, janji melayu, tak pernah on time.
    • waited for this guy, waited for that guy.
    • finally, when i'm already fed up, we left Maluri at about 9.25 a.m. (suppose to be 8.30)
    • reach there, get our stuff, start walking up, to get a nice spot.
    • they started playing with the water, i'm still up there, taking nice photograph. err... nice? maybe. lol.
    • then, i start being retarded. lol. PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY til we're all hungry.
    • ate nasi lemak, kuih-kuih, bla bla bla, etc. now you know why i'm 70kg!
    • continue playing, arousing, bla bla bla.
    • dont remember when we went back. all i know is we went to a stall in Pandan Indah for some drinks. yeah, DRINKS KONON. all of us ordered food, except Faz. on diet? maybe.
    • sent Kak Miey to UPM.
    • reach home at about 6. thank god the game in the stadium is still on.
    • still, my house is surrounded by police, traffic and it looks like parking area now! they even invented triple parking!
    • anyway, it's a nice day out with all of them! i'm happy even though it's kinda exhausting.
    • for pic of Sungai Congkak, kindly visit FLICKR
    Sunday, 19th July 2009
    • can't really recall where i've been the whole day, but what i know is i'm running around the whole day!
    Monday, 20th July 2009
    • mom came to KL. argghhh... another stress level added.
    • woke up at 8, get ready, make sure i'm perfect, dress is pressed. yeah, she's kinda perfectionist when it comes to her daughter's appearance.
    • fetch her in Hilton PJ at about 10.30.
    • fetch my bro at his college, in Pandan Indah.
    • went to meet the suppliers. check out baju kurung for her shop.
    • went for brunch, nice malay stall there!
    • we bought like 5-6 design of high quality of baju kurung. spent about 20k there.
    • to avoid traffic, i speed to Oldtown Mentari at about 4. spent our tea time there.
    • went to Pyramid. walk around to kill time.
    • me and my bro ate mango ice-cream in Ice-Monster.
    • dad called, invited us to The Curve.
    • went back to PJ to fetch him. coz he's too lazy to drive! lazy ass!
    • waited for my mom to change, watch some tv, then we're off to Curve.
    • dad went to Ace Hardware (his fav place) to check out some stuff. bought some stuff there.
    • stuck at The Walk, deciding what to eat. finally, went to TGI coz mom wanna eat steak.
    • after so long, we took our photo together. i'll put it up next.
    • send my parents to Hilton, then headed home.
    • reach home at 12.30 a.m.
    Tuesday, 21st July 2009
    • again, woke up early.
    • fetch mom in Hilton.
    • went to meet supplier, AGAIN. bought some other design.
    • then we headed to another place. to meet some other supplier. mom bought shawl this time.
    • dad called. he's done with work, at 2. lol. nice to have a job like his!
    • he came to us. went for lunch in KFC. since it's the nearest. my mom is sort of against it. she says it's fattening. lol. as if i care?
    • we went to buy some material for baju raya. i bought one nice piece of silk. not really expensive. i guess they were having sale. i bought mine for RM 335 after discount. i think that's the price they gave to my mom, coz she's buying wholesale. i'll put the picture later.
    • mom bought some lace material and some silk. for her customer.
    • mom and dad say bye bye.
    • they start their journey back to Penang.
    • i bet they stop in Ipoh for their fav dim sum restaurant! lol.
    • me and my bro, went back home and SLEEP like a pig!
    Wednesday, 22nd July 2009
    • here i am, enjoying the lazy wednesday. doing basically nothing but sleeping. lol.
    • ate burger today. drank Kickapoo juice.
    • watching malay series.
    • updating this blog. lol.
    ok, that's basically what i did this 4 days. exhausting? give it a try. tomorrow, B is having holiday. yay! means i'm gonna go out with him. chilling in our fav cafe, playing some arcade games, maybe going to play pool and eat at our fav restaurant! ok, i guess i dont wanna talk much. now, let me spill the picture!

    Ok, referring to my entry - Beza Kau Dan Aku - i wanna show to that particular girl how TGI food look like. lol. hey bitch, this is proper food, compared to what you're showing off.

    Nachos as starter.

    Mom eating Nachos

    Dad eating nachos

    Bro eating nachos

    Mom and Bro

    The most complicated couple i've ever seen

    New York Strip, well-done, with corn cob and fries for the sides.

    the rest of the family picture eating their steak....err... i dont think i need to show more. lol. we ordered too much food. enough of putting us eating starter. anyway, speaking of food, i miss this bitch! lol. Yammmmm.... miss ya lotsss! remember this pic? lol. please come back to KL. lets spend time with Tiqah while she's here!

    Taken in Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid

    what did i miss the most with maryam? ermm.... FOOD! yes... ok some of the food i wanna enjoy with her are;

    our fav hangout, Winter Warmers!

    Burger, not from TGI, but from ABANG MAN'S stall!

    oh ya, i miss this session too! please ignore the non-make up face!

    for tomorrow, B, can we go for this. i really miss the tea and the cream caramel. can we go to Tarbush, Pyramid branch please!! or the one in Bukit Bintang!

    Arabic Tea

    Cream Caramel

    last thing i wanna show is the material i bought for my baju kurung. the material is really colourful! brings out happiness in me! but... since it's too pretty, i feel like making a dress instead of baju kurung. what do you think?

    the color might not look really nice since it's just taken by my N95. lol.

    ok that's all for today. bye!



    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    some update.


    i went out with my family.
    too tired to blog now.
    i'm supposed to update on my trip to Sg. Congkak too.
    shit shit shit.
    maybe the day after tomorrow ok?
    coz tmr i'm still going out with my mom.

    ok bye. to exhausted to type more.

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    thank you.

    time: 1:45 a.m.
    venue: home
    mood: OUT of it!
    currently: arr... err... arr.... WTF?

    • I deleted at least 200 of my friend in Yahoo Messenger list.
    • i say fuck off to my cousin
    • i lost my temper and SHOUTED at B.
    • i send a nasty comment in someone's video on youtube.
    • i curse someone.
    • i didn't chat like i used to be.
    • i'm not cheerful.
    • i feel like i wanna eat this and that.
    • i wish that i'm beautiful.
    • my mood is out.
    • i'm totally not myself.
    • i'm down.
    • i eat too much, now i'm bloated.
    • etc
    • yada yada yada.
    • bla bla bla.
    Why? just because of the stupid pre-menstrual syndrome! arghhh bull shit. fucking out of my mood. can't do anything today. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. yeah, you can say that it's just an EXCUSE. well, it's just me having a system down. ok, bye. can't talk no more or someone's gonna get hurt!


    P/s: B, i'm sorry. pardon me. oh ya, the 4 color of FUCK is actually the color that i hate!

    i wish i'm a guy(no menstrual),

    Saturday, July 18, 2009









    Friday, July 17, 2009


    time: 3:13 p.m.
    venue: home
    mood: confused?
    currently: just finish reading an interesting entry.

    before i start my entry today, i would like to do a disclaimer. this entry is written from a liberalism point of view, no hatred towards anyone, nor being ANTI to pondan, and what not. i'm interested to write this entry because i think i do have an opinion on this issue. or to be exact, this entry is derived from a comment that i read from a blog.

    ok, today, as usual, i'm blog-hopping everywhere, all around the world, reading nonsense story of break up, kittens born, buying new car, getting new gadgets, getting married, a girl showing off her boyfriend, yada yada yada. so, i read THIS ENTRY from a blog that i occasionally read. i recommended you read this entry first before reading this entry. or you can be a lazy ass, just stay tune with this entry.

    i'm warning you, if you're over sensitive, not open-minded, hates me, too stupid to understand my purpose or writing, or just being a pain in the ass, please please please leave this blog immediately. i'm not here to entertain people who come here just to argue over something stupid, just to WIN the argument. we're not here to argue, we're here to share.

    ok... i took this PIECE OF COMMENT from the linked entry. i saw how proud this guy, nicknamed there, PONDANLAHANAT, spilling the truth about pondan on how educated they are, how classy they are, how smart they are and et cetera. yeah, i might not be as highly educated as they are. i might not be as rich as they are. i might not be in a strong position as they are. BUT. but, i had enough education to think about how nasty the world could be. i think i'm rich enough to be able to travel around the world, to see how this pondan are discriminated everywhere. why? we'll see later. AND, even though i'm just a plain graphic designer, with all due respect, people still do look high on me, just because i'm being myself.

    my point is, no matter what you do, how much you earn, who your parents is, how high is your education..... when it comes to ground zero, when human are all nude and judge by the one and only, WHERE DO YOU STAND?

    ah yes, another issue will come out from their mouth... are you god to judge us? who are you to implement such rules? and most famous word of all..... "kita semua ni makhluk ciptaan tuhan". honestly, it sounded funny to me. you asked me, who am i to talk bout all this shit? but... you are doing the same shit. implementing your own rules, modifying the laws of nature, THEN... blaming/giving excuse(is this the right term, blaming?maybe.) god for making you this way.

    oh shit, i'm crapping too much. let me spill the comment now.

    please note that GREEN is the comment and PURPLE is my comment for the comment. lol.

    #besar gile kepala ego blogger ni. mcm bagus. hahahhaa.

    #perasan yg all those bapok nak rogol n stim kat ko

    #so shallow.

    ok, yada yada yada, he's cursing. wow, he claims that the writer is shallow. how weird.


    #ur writings shows ur insecurities of ur self/sexuality n u love to brag. u need to tell ppl, and need ppl tell u, that ur macho gila baban over n over again.

    #and u need to kutuk other ppl's sexual preference again, to reaffirm urself(n to let other ppl know) again again that u are macho, and likes to have sex with female.

    what do you mean by insecure? in this entry, he's obviously showing that he's straight and he's not confused of what he is. maybe you need to re-read the entry. i think it's ok even if he wanna show off his macho-ness again and again. at least he's proud of what god had created him. not applying fake stuff to be someone else. so now, you tell me who's confused.


    #pakcik..ppl who are straight and secure with their sexual preference will not diss bout other ppl or becoming homophobic.they dont even bother to even discuss about it...

    #now dat ur r married. u become so paranoid koz u need to hide huge skeletons in ur closet by to dissing other ppl's sexuality to make urself feel better?

    i am straight and i am secure with my sexuality. not sexual preference, but sexuality. there's no such thing as sexual preference, because it's already written that i'm a girl. however, i think every straight human being on earth are not only homophobic, but they're also disgusted with your attitude. when i say your, i mean you, GENERALLY. personally, i dont give a damn about pondan. it just triggered me when you GUYS are so proud of it, and showing it off everywhere. WTF are you thinking? seriously! showing off your make out picture on internet? did you see any normal couple who did that? NO, i dont.


    #read more, socialise looks like u haf been living in a box.there are many ppl better,smarter,hotter,fitter,stronger,richer than you. the world doesnt rotate around you you know.

    #"im not a sugar daddy. i am an abang angkat". ur blog title just say it all.

    #stakat bapok,pondan yg korang duk nampak tu n kutuk2 tu, blom leh lawan lagi yg korang tkleh detect.hahahaa..

    #we are everywhere...and many of us are highly educated,the mover n shakers.the strong pillars in various institution, finance,medical,ecomical,education,entertainment,laws..u name it, we are there..

    read more? of what? gimme some revision. socialise more? where? PONDAN street? your club? socialise with who? give me. i wanna read and socialise more. i wanna be the guinea pig and see for myself. can i accept PONDAN after reading the material or the place/person you suggested. i've mix with at least 20 different nationality of people and they all dislike PONDAN. they even made fun of the name PONDAN.

    i also have lots of gay, lesbian, tomboy and pondan friends. yes, they're all human being, fun to be with and have their own fantastic career. but, whenever i went out with them, when we chill in Starbucks or any coffee house, i could see the look in people. i could read their eyes. they dont give a fuck what's your education level is. they dont care how high is your office floor. all they saw is... a bunch of human being, who's in denial of who they really are. that's all.

    why dont you and you and you, who claims to be highly educated with awesome job go to work this coming monday, make a small meeting with your colleague, and ask them to be honest, do they really feel comfortable with you? or they're just trying to ignore their feeling because they dont want you to be hurt. is that what you want in life? people surrounding you always being fake? and when you say to the writer " the world doesnt rotate around you", do you realize that you're implying that the world is rotating "AROUND" you? so now tell me, where does the world rotate? surrounding the laws that we made ourselves? oh ya, another note is, you GUYS are highly educated, but failed to understand simple basic laws of nature.


    #teruskan mengutuk n mengata.
    - yup, memang aku akan terus mengutuk dan mengata, sebab angpa semua pun akan terus mengutuk dan mengata. aku tau, lepas ni blog ni konpem kena kecam. kena kutuk mcm2. contoh-contohnya:

    • eh kau tu tuhan ke nak judge orang?
    • eh pukimak la perempuan ni, dia fikir dia bagus?
    • TASHA berani mampus..awasla kalau nampak muka buruk kau kat luar..aku lempang sampai tkleh crik jantan..ngaku je la ko sakit hati bf ko main pondan..atau pondan lebih elok dri kau..sume jantan yg ko taste sume dapek kat pondan kan?..siapa kau nk becakap agama..kalau rambut pun sepah2..bermulut lancang bagai?..dan jgn cakap ko masih dara ye..aku sontot pantat kau ngan kaki aku kang betina bodoh.. (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • Tasha, muka u buruk la. Cuba u pakai tudung, MAYBE bole hide kehodohan u....hhaha....suruh pakai tudung tak mao...pondan pon pakai tudung ...uhuhuhuhu....mak larey dulu nyah! (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • Tasha, u nie pompuan ataun pondan? sebab muka macam pondan tak siap....huhuhu (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • ALA TASHA OIII... setakat pompuan sejati tapi aurat tak tutup, tak jaga, tak elok jugak dek non oiii...
      Jangan sebok nak kutuk orang lain, diri sendiri, pegangan agama pun entah ke mana... KAU GI LA BALIK PAKAI TUDUNG DULU... pas tu kau masuk sini balik dgn gambar kau bertudung ok??? baru la komen2 HANJENG kau tu akan make sense more...
      (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • Tasha, pakai tudung dulu baru cakap pasal agama.....unless la you dapat special pass nak masuk syurga...oppsss.... (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • Tasha, next time kalau nak bagi syarahan agama, sila bersyarah kat diri sendiri supaya pakai tudung...kalau u betul2 nak nasihat dan insafkan pondan2 tu, sila tunjukkan yang u pun ada pegangan agama yang betul.... pakai tudung tu tutup aurat....unless la u suka nak buka2 kan? Haahahhaha. X yah nak cakap Nabi Luth ker, akhirat ker, neraka ker kalau u sendiri masuk neraka sebab tak tutup aurat. Kalau lepas nie tak tutup aurat jugak, baik u diam aja la..... (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
    • ko tu pun pakai skirt pendek, mekap tebal 1 inci, masuk kelab, klua dating dgn jantan, hisap rokok, sosial nak mampus, baju terdedah dan.... apa lagi? sila tambah.

    ok another comment that attracts me is this one.

    kalo sekadar nak berckp kat blog mcm babcul...aku x rasa perlu... aku xmenyokong sesaper... just nak tnya... perlu ker ko menghina makhluk Allah S.W.T yang lain??? Tuhan ker ko untuk judge orang...buruk baik orang bukan kita manusia yang tentukan...kalo ada kawan2 kita yang sesat..kita patut bimbing...bukan hina.... dalam Islam pun memcela orang yang menghina orang lain... sedangkan nasib ko kat "sana" pun xder sapa yang tahu... xperlu mengata or menghina... sebaliknya cermin dulu diri...aku x rasa ko orang yang layak nak judge mana2 manuasia.... Even aku sendiri pun x layak... berfikir sebelum ckap... aku hanya sekadar menegur... masa depan kita xder saper yang tau... mana tau kalo Allah S.W.T menguju ko satu hari nnt...??? Dikurniakan anak-anak yang "begitu"...?? What goes around comes around... Tuhan maha adil... Sedangkan Allah S.W.T pun boleh menerima golongan ne bila mereka ketanah suci..apa pulak hak ko nak bersuara lebih... So, macam akuh cakap tadik...kita manuasi x layak menghukum/judge other people... Slah mmg salah, tapi nak tegur kena dgn caranya... Sedangkan Rasullullah S.A.W pun x pernak menggunakan kekerasa... kan..???

    memang la kita takdak hak nak menghina. tp kalau nasihat cara elok dipandang sinis je. pastu kalau bab maki hamun plak bagi la kat depa. mmg terer. aku tau sebab aku kenai depa. kena nasihat cara baik lagi ke kalau dah sampai kongkek utk cari makan? sanggup jual diri. lagi baik kena hina kat atas muka bumi ni dari kena hina kat sana besok. bukan masalah Allah takdirkan ke ape. masalahnya, ni semua nafsu. ada ka Allah suruh depa pi pakai mekap dgn tonyoh silikon? takdak pun. Allah boleh terima depa bila di mekah? mmg bleh terima. Allah itu maha adil. tp... kalau ko takdak inisiatif nak insaf, kot mana yg dia nak ampunkan? mcm ang menghalalkan pulak kaum2 ni.

    ok.... i've talk enough. you guys are always welcome to COMMENT, CRITICIZE, CURSE, OR COMPLIMENTS, PERHAPS. oh ya, if you wanna do any of this 4C, make sure you dont use the EXAMPLE that i've given. Let's be creative and curse in a better vocabulary. let's widen our knowledge in the art of maki hamun. kah kah kah.

    P/s: to my dearest pondan friend, like Sha, BB, and etc, plz dont terasa2 with me. well u know me! lol. kalau u all nak kutuk gak kat sini.... with all my heart, dipersilakan :)

    just my 2 cents,

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    of Anniversary, Maru and Juliana...

    time: 7.13 p.m.
    venue: home
    mood: happy

    just a short note actually. i'm still looking for points to add to my last entry. lol. for those who cant read it, i'm sorry. it was intentionally written in Malay. anyways, lets jump to the topic. i dont have much time. gotta meet Sharon later. she wanna borrow my car.

    there's 3 reason why i post this entry. well, the title speaks for itself.


    • it's been a year and four months since we're together. Thank you for everything.
    • through good and bad, you're always my choice. no complaints.
    • i hope we last forever. because you're the best thing that ever happen to me.


    • i open up one of my fav blog, Ada Apa Dengan Chenta.
    • she was blogging about this girl named Juliana, who was killed!
    • i thought that you might wanna know.
    • for further info, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.
    • may she rest in peace.
    that's all i wanna say. maybe for now. lol. bye.

    P/s: B, the song, Lucky keep playing in my mind. "i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend".



    time: 7:31 a.m.
    venue: home
    mood: annoyed?
    currently: stealing some info from faz's blog. sorry faz. lol.

    ok i dont think i'm gonna post this entry in english. because i believe that i'm more sarcastic in malay (really?). lol. another reason is, i took this from Faz's blog. so, obviously it's copied in malay. Faz, dont charge me for copyright ok! i'll kick ur ass! ok lets start.


    kau pun terhegeh2 nak apply walaupun gaji ko tak sampai rm2000.
    Aku ade credit card pun tak pernah guna, sebab aku mampu lagi bayar cash. FYI, credit card is debt.

    pakwe kau nasib baikla tak kaya, kalo tak konpem ko berlagak kan? sedangkan hantaran biasa2 pun ko dah berlagak. sebenarnya ko bertunang tu nak berlagak ka? anyway, hantaran ko biasa2 aje. ntah2 tak lebih rm1000 kot. lol.
    Dalam hidup aku, tak pernah sekalipun terfikir nak dpt pakwe kaya, tp tuhan tetap nak letak aku dgn dia. tuhan saja yg tahu mcm mana susahnya bercinta dgn dia. further info, ask Yam.

    ko pun jakun nak mkn sama. bukan mkn sebab ko nak mkn, tp sebab ko nak menunjuk ko bagus. plak tu snap pic byk2 just utk menunjuk. caption kat pic plak mesti bubuh mcm ni: with my bf at Pizza ***/Sushi ****, Mac D*****. that's not luxurious food FYI.
    Aku tak pernah gemar makanan mcm ni. aku lagi suka makan Tarbush, TGI, Chillies, etc. yes, u can say anything, berlagak, etc. but itu lah life aku. better than ko. idiot.


    ok ni not applicable utk ko la kan. mungkin sebab ko tak mampu? lol.
    ok kebetulan plak laptop yg aku pakai mmc Vaio. aku pakai vaio bukan utk berlagak, tp sebab specification dia sesuai dgn keja yg aku buat. no time for showing off in cafe, etc.

    ko pun nak berlagak pakai kasut2 ni. padahal kasut2 ni takde la mahal mana pun. lain kali kalau nak berlagak dgn aku, make sure ko ada Ferragamo ataupun Aigner. baru aku tergamam. lagi satu, ko ingat ko cun ke pakai body shirt, jeans ketat dgn kasut sport? oh ya, bertudung plak tu! ko tau tak dress up ko tu sgt typical (how do we spell typical in malay, again, yam?)! mungkin ko patut belajar2 beli stilettos, pumps, ballerina, wegdes, bla bla bla. jgn satu pesen je. or maybe beli sport shoes sebab it matches everything and ko tak mampu nak beli 2-3 pasang sebulan? lol.
    aku pakai apa saja kasut, janji nampak cantik. tak payah berjenama pun. aku tgk kasut Aigner aku takda beza pun dgn kasut rm100. ok maybe quality lain la. tp janji aku suka. bukan beli utk menunjuk.

    ko tak dpt pun pakai kereta besar. stakat kereta ko mahal 2-3 ribu dr keta aku takyah la berlagak. pastu siap berlagak dgn aku nak pasang itu ini dgn keta ko. keta aku Viva yg murah pun, sampai jugak penang 4 kali dlm masa setahun ni. tak mati pun pakai Viva.
    mungking sekarang aku bermula dgn Viva. aku baru grad. dan aku akan climb up to higher level, eventually. ko akan tetap di tempat yg sama, sebab kerja ko paling tinggi naik pangkat pun, manager aje. tu pun lepas keja 20 tahun.

    ko pun nak ikut trend. konon2 nya ko up to date. up to date ke body shirt, jeans ketat dan tudung 4 segi? kalau ko dress up mcm budak2 kolej aku maybe aku boleh gelarkan ko up to date. (referring to Sunway University College, in case you needed guide in fashion)
    aku rasa aku lagi bergaya dari ko. make up aku lagi cun dari ko. yes aku perasan lawa. tp takpe. mmg aku lagi lawa dr ko pun. at least aku tau bezakan bila nak pakai sport shoes and bila nak pakai stilettos.

    aku konpem kalau ko beli jam ratus2, mesti ko sanggup online utk berlagak je kan?
    kalau aku beli jam yg sama, 1 yg tulen, 1 yg tiruan, ko tau ke nak bezakan? atau ko adalah cuma another "BRAND VICTIM"?

    ko pun nak gelarkan diri ko sebagai upper middle class. padahal, keje pun belom konpem! lepas tu ada hati pulak dtg sindir2 aku, konon2 aku tak mampu nak beli itu ini sebab aku gaji basic sikit aje. yela, kerja ko tu lagi bagus dr graphic designer kan? (synically said)
    FYI, upper middle class is people yg kerja director. that's upper middle class. ko belum sampai middle class pun kot? so, work hard to climb up. ahhh... mungkin agak sukar, sebab ko awal2 dah rancang nak bergantung pada pakwe.

    Entry ni dah di edit mengikut sedap rasa aku. soalan2 ditambah dgn dibuang mengikut kesesuaian. ni cuma contoh2 aje. kalau nak list lagi, mmg pjg. lagipun kalau aku list pjg2 pun dia reti ke nak berfikir? tolongla jgn jadi mcm minah di atas ni. dah ramai sgt yg mcm ni. it never bothers me, except for her la... aku terasa dihina aritu. konon2 she sgt high class. cakap jenis tak pandang bumi, melangit je. lain kali kalau nak berlagak pun, pilih la org lain. bukan aku. sebab aku lagi BAGUS dr ko. aku cuma layan je kerenah berlagak ko aritu. eh, boleh tak aku nak paste kan apa yg kita sembang kat sini? so that kawan2 aku boleh join gelakkan ko? lol. sangat fun. anyway, aku sangat happy dpt kawan mcm ko. sebab bila aku ada kawan mcm ko, membuatkan aku rasa yg aku ni sangat bagus. ok. i gtg. bye.

    Edited/Added on 9.12 a.m.

    ko pun nak ada blog. bukan ape, senang nak berlagak kan? another medium utk ko berlagak. kreatif gak ko ni. anyway, kenapa skarang tak update blog? dah takde benda yg ko nak show off ke? OMG PATHETIC nye ko ni!
    Aku punya blog sentiasa je meriah. sebab aku ada kawan2 yg baik hati yg suka visit blog aku ni. and aku tulis kebenaran dlm hidup aku. bukan fantasi hidup yg entah apa2. ya, not wrong to fantasies, but, you gotta see your limit. aku tau mmg ramai blogger yg syok sendiri, tulis pasal diri sendiri, which includes myself. peduli apa ada org nak baca ke tak? right everyone? tp TOLONG la jgn syok sendiri sampai terlebih2 pulak.

    P/s: Yam, you've got anything to add? tell me yah, i'm willing to EDIT this entry, for the sake of having fun! Faz, jgn marah, aku copy. lol.


    freaking annoyed with her attitude,


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