Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...she's in the toilet!

Ring ring ring.... (calling)

after quite a while....

Exhibit A: Hello...
Tash: err... is this "Exhibit B" number?
Exhibit A: err... wait ar.

(silent for about 10 secs)

Exhibit A: "Exhibit B" in the toilet.
Tash: ha? ok ok... could you please tell "Exhibit B" that Natasha called? (holding up giggles)
Exhibit A: (nervous voice detected) ok ok.
Tash: Thank you. Bye.

Tasha's Wild Guess:
Exhibit A - the ex? yes, i knew this couple for quit a long time, sort of remember the voice.
Exhibit B - close friend. one of the most innocent person i know. dont even know what's dildo!

.... (thinking) are they....... errr.... ok, sorry for interrupting.

P/s: if you're reading this and want it to be deleted, call me! oh ya, the reason i call is because i want to ask your help for my blog shop layout. S.O.S.


KITA SUDAH ADA PEMENANG! (bukan competition pun.)

**Nama masih dirahsiakan... atas sebab2 aku takmau kena penampaq dr tuan punya nama. kah kah kah.

** Ary Arx adalah Maryam.

Ary Arx: kikikiiki
Ary Arx: sapa exhibit b and a
Ary Arx: hahahaha
natasha: teka
natasha: dia baru msg aku 1 minit yg lalu
Ary Arx: E***?
Ary Arx: A***?
natasha: wtf?
Ary Arx: hhahaahah
natasha: INNOCENT!
natasha: think think
natasha: eh kamon laaa... brapa sgt yg innocent la ni
natasha: J lo join triathlon
natasha: gila ahhhh
natasha: bila artis malaysia boleh buat?
Ary Arx: M?
natasha: no way
Ary Arx: hahahahaha
natasha: M nampak ja innocent
natasha: buat2 innocent
Ary Arx: *****? [ni jawapan betui]
natasha: ting ting ting ting
natasha: JACKPOT
natasha: nanti balik aku blanja cendoi

**Maryam dgn aku mmg soul mate kalau bab2 ni. kah kah kah. Mmg terbukti dia best pren aku!



Nur Maryam said...

waaa.... nk taw exhibit2 tu... kikiki..

Nur Maryam said...

yeye... aku btoi...

Natasha said...

kah kah kah...

first comment, adrenalin went up, heart beat increased. WHY? just because of that freaking curiousity.

2nd comment, heart rate tends go faster. WHY? too happy and relieved you've got the answer. kah kah kah!

dekkai said...

nak tau gak :(


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