Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Budak kecik kena denggi!

wakakaka... tu la aritu aku ckp ang takmau percaya!

kan betui ang kena denggi!

ok nak chow.

nak siap2 pi umah Aiza.

P/s: apa jd dgn blog aku skarang ni? semakin malas nak update! mayeb sebab terlalu byk hati utk dijaga!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I found out that....

...the one and only gorgeous malay guy i've ever known, is attached with this girl, who's not even half as pretty as i am(ok call me perasan).

kinda shocked because high school girls used to be go hay-wire over him!

but hey, maybe she's nice.

P/s: yea, gotta admit, i've never met any malay guy like him! smart, charismatic, and just perfect. we always call him the mat salleh celup. got that mat salleh kinda attitude and wear the high-street kinda stuff. yet he's not showing off at all. he drove CRV when he was 17, and hell yeah it's a big deal from where i came from. lol. really relax kinda dude! every girl would envy his girlfriend! oh ya, to spice it up, he's LOYAL! damn!

P/s/s: nonetheless, i still love my sayang :P

Monday, December 14, 2009

Garry Kasparov, my idol.

remember those time when i used to adore Kasparov moves. i used to be crazy over his game. dreaming every night to be like him, but FAILED. lol. i'm not as genius as this amazing guy. omg, i still remember his first book my dad bought me when i was 9-year-old. i was so excited and all.

today, as i'm playing with one of my good friend, i remember how much i love chess. i really do. i enjoy playing chess when i was lil girl. i still remember our school team. Sandra Teh, Cheah Mei Ling, Ooi Kerrey and Goh Sue Zien. we went to the state tournament and all we did is check out guys! lol. omg. this does bring back memories. we had Sue Zien who had lots of gossip bout the guys there. we had Kerrey who's the Miss-know-everyone-in-the-tournament. we had Mei Ling who loves to "bang" the chess clock loudly. yeah Mei Ling, we knew you're stress-out and you dont only scare your opponent, but us too! lol. of course, we had Sandra, my besties in chess. still remember our very first game together in SGGS Chess Club.

girls, i do miss all of you. how i wish i could turn back the time. still remember when we used to bring digital camera to the tournament and zoom-in to the cute guys there. lol. it was really fun. i had a great time. oh ya, thanks for supporting me as the Vice President of Chess Club. i know it's a tough politic in there, but we manage to get through it. i'm happy for all of us :)

so conclusion here is, thank you Garry Kasparov for making me love chess. oh yes, i'm never gonna be near your chess point. mine is just 1958 points. lol. but i do love chess because of you. you're such a genius. and it was really sad to see you lose to Vladimir Kramnik in October 2000. but still, you're my idol.

P/s: for those who still have no clue of Garry Kasparov, CLICK HERE!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Aiza punya pasal....

...aku cari alternatif lain.



arghhh adam.... you drive me crazy. your voice is just awesome.

you're piece of art yourself.

stay cool!

P/s: pic googled!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random things #03

# Call me Mrs. Buble
# I'm addicted to photoshop once again. damn.
# Aiza punya pasai, i'm back in love with Buble.
# December is suck!
# suppose to design bag for my mom, but too intimidated to do it. lol.
# miss my girls.
# miss him.
# listening to Kellie Pickler right now.
# i'm still obsessed over Logan. he's just the perfect character. dream on girls!
# thinking of making a private blog, only for my girls to read. instead of closing down this blog. poor Endy.
# my passion over graphic design is back. no more i-think-i'm-changing-my-career thingy.
# i miss being a student.
# the girls a back. we're trying our best to survive December!
# still, december sucks!
# why the hell do people read my blog anyway??

Aiza, sorry for your lost.

rujuk : Aiza J Rahman

i'm always here.

the least i could do is listen.

at least.

stay strong.

and please dont curi2 my micheal buble. that's my guy!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


time:3:02 a.m.
venue: my room
mood: so freaking calm
currently: tv series mood turn ON!

i was totally stress yesterday. freaked out a little. mood was off. bla bla bla. yada yada yada.

today, after coming back from work, i went to the supermarket to buy myself all of my fav food.

and right now,

i'm watching my fav series, eating my fav yogurt, having my fav peel-off mask on my face & i'm planning to finish up season 5 of the tv series!

just a night all alone.

it's REFRESHING you know.

just to stay relax, do nothing but pamper yourself with your fav stuff.

well, basically, just being LAZY.

but what the heck. i love it.

loving this moment.

just dropping by to say hello to you Endy.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

kenapa macam ni?

honestly, ada banyak benda aku nak tulis kat sini. tapi terlalu banyak hati yang nak dijaga. aku benci blog ni. sebab ramai dah tahu blog ni. i just cant be myself anymore here.

i'm really sad right now.

might consider closing down Davidoff Smoke in the Air...


Monday, November 30, 2009


i'm going to:

1- fix the sauna in my room
2- use mask and scrub for my face
3- put lotion onto my DRY skin


i'm damn tired, yet i have to force myself to do this shit. how the hell do girls have all the time to be pretty?

p/s: went toiletries shopping with mom today, and she paid for everything. that's just refreshing, dont u think? lol.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facebook Games

anybody who plays mafia wars, age of castles, castle age, farmville, barn buddy, and bla bla bla...

please add me in facebook.

oh ya, dont bother saying hi to me there.

'coz i just log in to play games.

i dont bother checking my wall even.


add me: katetasha@yahoo.com

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya


nak makan rendang? lol... i'm eating it while typing this to you.

and to those fellow friends who's abroad, jgn risau, i tolong makan for u guys!

esp Tiqah! lol... Bangalore ada lemang tak hari ni?

Farah, Brisbane ada rendang tak??

for those yg kat UK, i know for those yg kat UK tu... byk student malaysia kat sana, so mmg ada jamuan raya kat malaysian hall kan? tp tak sesedap mcm kat malaysia!


to my best best best friend in the world, cik yam....

....org gila pun balik cuti raya woi... ang keja pa! balik la penang! tak ingat umah ka?? satgi aku nak pi umah ang! makan mee kari bapak ang! wakaka....

to those who happen to be in Langkawi, please pegi visit pompuan ni kat Tanjung Rhu Resort, tgk dia idup ka tak lagi!

cik aiza, satgi ptg kalau aku rajin aku pi umah ang.

cik diana, dok tunggu renovation apa lagi. jom kluaq!

cik hasnas, TAK DAPAT DIKESAN.

cik qhasidah, dok gedik ajak aku kluaq, ni aku kat penang sekoq pun tak telefon!!!! cis! janji melayu sungguh!

cik Ain, ang jgn buat2 lupa kawan.

cik juwita, jom pi nari lagi? wakakaka...

Jabir, Amir, Hamzah, Ridz, MJ, Zee Shan, and bla bla bla (APIIT student that i cant recall everyone!) enjoy your Raya in Malaysia. it's a bless here during raya. lots of food!


ak ah... mmg kawan2 aku yg muslim tak ramai... berapa kerat ja.. harap kawan2 skolah ja la.. salah aku gak.. dulu juai mahai takmau kawan dgn melayu. cari budak2 Dalat saja... wakakkaak...




last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to B, dont worry i know u want kerisik ayam! i will buy for u ok! ish... tekak melayu plak! wakakaka... and... i miss u...

P/s: this is basically my raya card to everyone. lol.

pakai baju kurung pink hari ni,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Facebook request

i got this in 5 hours period.

now, can anyone tell me how to approve it without hassle?

oh god, it's all gift request for my Castle Age and Age of Castle game.

i guess having too much army is not a good idea either.


anyway, thanks for the gift.

it'll take me some time to finish approving them, ONE-BY-ONE!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I feel guilty...

.... and sorry for my skin!

i've been in KL for a week. and since then, i've been abandoning my skin regime. well, not that i have a perfect skin, but, i do care bout it. i'm trying my best to reach that flawless level. it sounds ridiculous but i think i can do it, with the help of Clinique of course.

the thing is, i'm so lazy this week that i hardly apply moisturizer and sunblock to my skin. since it's so used of having serum, moisturizer and SPF 40 sunblock, it got angry at me for not spoiling it anymore, at least not for this week. my skin became dull and harsh.

today, i got PANIC!

looking at the mirror, and, gosh, who the hell is that ugly girl?

i then, quickly look over the shelf and took the apricot clay mask.


- i clean my face.
- apply clay mask.
- waited for about 20 mins, clean it up.
- use gentle scrub. yes, i only use gentle scrub. it wont irritate my skin.
- lastly, the Clinique 3-step, or in my case, 8-step. lol.

finally, my skin is soft again. no more dullness.

argghhh... dont be lazy next time!


that's all!


p/s: sorry Aiza, still no picture of me. coz i'm still in KL. i promise, i'll get my arse back to penang tmr! done deal!


Friday, November 20, 2009


just a quick update.

i will upload the picture when i reach penang.

1- i went to pavilion today, with B.
2- ate my forever fav. chicken kebab with coleslaw and old fashion chips at nando's.
3- suppose to watch movie, 2012, but it was crowded. ticket is sold out.
4- decided to watch tomorrow at Pyramid.
5- went to Coffee Bean to fulfill my cravings over coffee. (actually i want starbucks but B love Coffee Bean more).
6- sit there for about 2 hours and talk our heart out. lol.
7- Sharon pick us up at 12.30 a.m. THANK YOU DEAR :)


i'm suppose to....

1- sleep right now
2- pack my bag!


all i did was...

1- playing games

tomorrow i'm leaving this place :(

one thing for sure, i'll miss the crowd here. every night is a night out! every cafe are packed today!!! love it. this is my place! for sure.


for now, i have to go back.

oh yeah, i'm suppose to sleep by now. Sharon gonna pick me up later at 8.30 a.m.! shit! havent pack anything yet! i have to go to Sunway to get my Diploma certificate. i dont feel like getting it anyway, but, when to think of it, yeah, i should get it. 2 years and 4 months of working on that stupid shit of paper. lol.

see ya!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is what i call a great wedding photographer!

Time: 9.23 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: excited?
Currently: blog-hopping.

i was reading one of my newly discovered blogger, Jasmin, whom i quickly love the writings. oh well, her blog is about her soon-to-be-big-day! first of all, of course, congrats Jasmine!

i saw one of her entry, about a photographer. being an addict to photography, of course, i did check out the link she provide.

and yes.

i was mesmerized.

creative artwork!

yeah, he might not be Martin Evening or Scott Kelby, but i think he's talented!

so, here is the link.

--- ART! ---


and tell me what do you think.

Aiza, you have to comment! lol...


i suddenly love my name,
(hey, my nickname is still tash, so dont start yelling natasha in public!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bobby Pins!

Time: 6:48 p.m.
Venue: B's house
Mood: anxious?
currently: watching youtube videos!

again, my obsession over Youtube! lol. this time i'm looking for simple hairstyle. i would love to cut my hair short but B said it'll look hideous on me. lol. so, i look for alternative. i found four amazing tutorial on youtube that are easy to follow. i'm so loving it!! check it out!

kudos to those girls who made effort to educate people like me who are dumb in this particular thing. lol. i'm so gonna try em all! just thought that i should share this with others too. i'm just bored of seeing girls doing free-hair everywhere, incl me. wanna get some volume and style for myself.

ahhhh the wonders of Youtube!

got to go.

gonna try style number 1 now.

oh ya, i'm going to AC later to play pool. B want a rematch i guess! lol.

so anybody wanna join, just gimme a call!

sape kalah belanja me takoyaki kat AC ok!



I'm a designer....

baca link kat bawah and tell me what do you think??

1- aku rasa semua yg dia ckp tu sgt true!
2- aku penah pegi interview job web designer and diorang offer gaji rm1100!
3- buat diploma rm29,000. agak2 bila boleh habis bayar balik everything? (nasib baik parents yg bayarkan!)
4- keja mcm org gila tp gaji ttp sama. tak boleh claim apa2! damn!

baik aku concentrate bisnes online aku. goyang kaki pun duit masuk. fuh...

P/s: this is so typical!

Girls, babes, besties....

aku balik penang Jumaat ni... jom jumpa!

need u all a lot lately :)

trying to be strong!

sorry for abandoning you! i'll start blogging again next week~

for now, i'm OUT~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Obsession....

...with earring!
Endy,i went to meet some supplier with my mom 2 days ago.... and guess what i found!!

Earring anyone?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do i look hot? hahahahaha...

i just love the way i look in this pic!
cool huh!
ok yeah.. i'm perasan... deal with it :)

Going to kl tomorrow

yeah, just dropping by to tell you this. i'm going there tomorrow. might nto be back till next weekend. so take care endy!

in case you'll miss me...

here's my pic! lol.

P/s: ambik gambaq ni atas jejantas gelugor... gila punya Hasnas... ajak aku pi cari Takaful sampai 3 tempat.. pastu dgn heels and pencil skirt aku panjat jejantas! on the way balik ambik gambaq atas jejantas. WTF? oh ya.. note that over-weight me? lol.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

A great night out with Ain, Juwita and Romey!

time: 5.12 a.m.
venue: home
mood: excited!

heyya Endy,
first of all, yeah im back in blogging world. sorry for abandoning you. i miss u!

i met my old old old friend, Ain. i was bored so i text her. she said she is going out! cool! because i needed to blow off some steam! lol. first, we went up to batu ferringi for dinner. we plan to go to Hard Rock. well, us being us, always have a change of plan, we headed back to gurney. went to G Hotel. there's a club named G-Spot. lol. i love the name! wakakaka... dont be tempted with the name coz the place is kinda dull! well, maybe for me.

we then head down to town. wandering around looking for a nice cafe to chill, we ended up in Rain. crowd was ok ok... music is good. and yeah, we were there till they close. lol. i had fun tonight. dancing and floitering. lol.

the reason why i write this entry... is because i wanna tell the whole world how much i miss hanging out with GIRLS! i've been hanging out with guys too much! lol...

so, any girls wanna go out??

you know where to find me!


P/s: i miss Ain so much, she's the coolest!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sharon & Suba

I miss this bitch

and this bitch

hope to see you girls soon! damn it! really miss to hangout and go crazy! lol.

P/s: sorry ar... i curi ur pic in FB..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day with the guys

time: 7.35 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy?
currently: missing someone badly!

ok, i'm kinda exhausted. so im not gonna talk much. ok ok... i know i need to apologize for abandoning you! im suppose to write daily, that was our deal. im sorry my dear Endy.

ok, just a brief thing of what i did today. or should i say yesterday? lol. my world are so mixed up.

1- went out with aiza.
2- call fariz, he told me that he's going to SS Juru with some peeps.
3- agreed, and make a deal that we're gonna meet them there at 12.30 since we came from island and they're in mainland.
4- waited for about one hour thirty minutes, finally they said they're gonna cancel the plan.
5- WTF!
6- went to see them. all 5 of them. they still wanna hang out.
7- someone suggested Rock World since it's open til morning.
8- ok, we're going there!
9- FARIZ TAKTAU JALAN! WTF! oh yes, i have to put this here!
10- i was laughing histerically.
11- reach there, just have some fun. DO I NEED TO ELABORATE? it's Rock World for heaven's sake.
12- suppose to go for supper, but most of them are flat!
13- went for a drink and went back home.


i have so much fun!

love u guys lotsss!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back in penang.... for good!

few things i wanna stress-out here:

1- back in penang.
2- gonna work here in penang.
3- i have facebook account, AGAIN. dont ask why. add me up katetasha@yahoo.com.
4- i miss him.
5- I HAVE ONE HELL OF A WEEK IN KL AND MELAKA! fun, tiring and crazy ADVENTURE with the girls and beautiful moment with someone i really adore~~

ok... gtg harvest my farm!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going back to KL!

time: 4.47 a.m.
venue: home.
mood: happy!
currently: err...

i'm going back to kl later at 11. i'm so happy to go back. because i need to settle up stuff there. i'm trying my best to coup with everything. most important thing of all, is to meet him. i wanna explain everything to him.

i'm going for breakfast with Has at 8. yet, i haven't pack my stuff. so lazy to do so. i need to arrange some meeting with friends too. i miss them lots! ok, this is just a quick update. i will write more, soon.

Bye Endy.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blog Budak Pipi Kembong dah private?

Yup... td aku pi tgk... dia dah private kan. takut ka oi??? awat.. mak bapak ang tak bagi main blog ka? atau pun ang dah tau ang tu salah? celaka punya pompuan! hahaha... stakat mai sound dlm blog pastu penakut buat pa? mai jumpa aku! aku betui2 mau jumpa ang! dah chow!

P/s: yes aku mmg pompuan penang yg kojaq. mau tau la!


Friday, October 09, 2009

Aku Cantik, aku hot, aku best dan aku budak penang! Mai la jumpa aku!

mmg btul kate kwn2 n mereka2 yg
pnh bkawan ngn org penang ni..kbanyakkan bdk2 pompuan penang ni poyo n blagak
bagus..tp aku skit pon xheran ngan mereka2 tu..haha..aihh..aku ni ngumpat lak
bulan2 pose ni.. 'sory "belen2 penang"aku sngaja kutuk korang'...haha.. aku mmg
F**K ngn name aiza jeniza & myra edora..cm SIAL..

amacam, statement kat atas ada buat angpa angin dak? kojaq tak kojaq pompuan ni? disebabkan statement diatas la, aku terus rasa nak post entry kali ni

Sebelum aku taip entry hari ni, aku nak ingatkan semua orang yang aku ni BUKAN racist, bersifat perkauman, dengki, dan jijik pada orang hodoh. Sebelum tu aku nak mintak maaf kat besties aku, which is EX minah ni. aku terpanggil nak tulis entry kali ni sebab aku siyes tak boleh blah dgn pompuan2 yg bajet best, bajet bandar, bajet otai, bajet CUN, bajet bf depa hot, bajet pakai eyeliner tu kira abeh hot!

yes, entry kali ni mmg ada kena mengena dengan satu minah ni yg cukup gedik and terhegeh2. tak sedaq diri buruk, nak mengata kat orang. FYI, dia ni mmg typical pompuan yg dok try so hard utk mempopularkan diri sendiri kat Myspace. lol.


Dear pompuan pipi kembong tak sedaq diri tu gemok and buruk,
sebenaqnya aku tak amik port pun pasai ang. tp sebabkan ang dah melampau2 burukkan nama kawan aku, so aku rasa ang kira layak la masuk blog aku ni. kira kategori HALL OF SHAME. masa mula2 besties aku ckp dia kapel dgn ang, aku just diam ja la. coz terkejut sebenaqnya. taste dia tak seburuk ni. aku rasa ang ni pompuan paling buruk yg penah dia kapel. ntah2 dia tu saja ja kot... kesian kat ang.

aku tak paham pasaipa dlm ayat tu ang kata budak penang ni poyo and blagak bagus? mungkin betui kot. mmg aku blagak bagus. sebabnya, obviously aku lagi bagus dari ang. ang cuba pandang diri ang dlm cermin tu dalam2. ang akan nampak satu lembaga yg menggelikan top to toe! seriously. aku geli nak tgk muka ang. laki mana yg nak kawin dgn ang tu mesti ang dah butakan mata dia kan? omg! wujud lagi ka pompuan sehodoh ni? even with make up, tak boleh nak tutup keburukan muka ang ni! euww...

ni aku nak tanya, budak kelantan bagus ka? aku tak penah skali pun kutuk budak kelantan walaupun aku kenai ramai yg perangai mcm haram jadah. sebab apa? sebab aku respek kawan2 aku yg lain. tp sebabkan ang, aku kena tanya soalan ni. bagus sgt ka negeri ang tu? awat semua budak ang lari kluaq? banyak plak ada kat penang. ang pun sama. awat yg mai study kat penang ni. tak malu ka?

kami budak2 penang mmg suka perasan bagus. sebab kami mmg bagus. kami mmg hot. kami mmg cun. kalau aku mau, aku boleh ambik bf ang tu bila2 masa ja. tak payah nak tunggu2. tp masalahnya kami takmau. sebab tak lalu dgn bf ang tu! awat yg ang nak jeles sangat kalau kami hot? sebab ang tak dpt nak tekel satu jantan pun ka? apa kata ang mai cari aku. aku boleh sedekahkan salah satu jantan2 kat ang. mau ka? eh silap tanya soalan plak. mesti la ang mau kan? masalahnya jantan tu pun mesti mintak ampon awai2... tgk2 ja muka ang, teruih depa rasa mcm nak kena heart attack.


sorry for rambling in this entry. i just hate it when some bitch try so hard to make herself out shine while she's none other than piece of shit. i dont give a fuck bout her but she's too much. oh maybe i should forgive her since she's so KAMPUNG! i bet her kampung dont even have broadband yet. or maybe in her kampung, all they know is to find a guy and get married. this is why she's desperately looking for a guy before she's called TAK LAKU! lol.

Pompuan gedik pipi kembong,
kat dlm ni, bersaksikan semua readers aku.... aku nak cabar ang. aku nak jumpa dgn ang. face to face. aku nak tgk betapa bagusnya kelantan ang tu. and aku akan tunjuk jugak betapa bagusnya penang aku ni! berani ka pompuan kembung? aku budak penang yg perasan cantik. aku budak penang yg perasan bagus. aku budak penang yg ang cari2 tu kot? ang ckp aiza budak hingusan? mai sini jumpa aku tgk aku ni hingusan ka tak.



P/s: sapa budak2 penang mau join aku jumpa pompuan anak haram cibai pukimak ni boleh drop comment and sebut "Pipi Kembong Tak Laku"!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random things in my head # 02

  1. nak pegi concert beyonce this 25th october! anyone?
  2. nak beli that coach wristlet, has... remind me to go to Coach nanti ok?
  3. miss him :(
  4. i need a new foundation! period! apparently, my skin color is 1 tone lighter now. oh god, why? i wanna be tan! anyways, sapa yg rasa2 skin dia sama kaler dgn skin aku, boleh mai amik foundation aku. i have
  • Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Brightening GelCreme in 09 Cool Camel color
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals - W03 Apricot Sand (hardly use this, still banyak!)
  • Revlon Mineral foundation - Medium color ( not sure, maybe i can still use this?)
  • Maybelline Dream Matte® Mousse Makeup - Creamy Natural - Light 05 color (use it halfway then i fall in love with that mineral foundation).
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - NW25 (check mac website for the color!)

ok... i think my mom want that Estee lauder. not sure. will ask her tmr. anyway, did u see how sad i was when i type that list? i have to let go that much? i've been going to the beach for the past few days, still my skin wont budge! damn! maybe it's time to buy fake tan cream! lol. ok let me go on rambling.

  1. going back to kl on 12th, but still havent pack my stuff yet!
  2. ohhhh... just remembered... i forgot to tell u guys that i went jogging 2 days ago. MIRACLE? hahah... 15 rounds of jog in 30 mins.. kinda bad record. should've finish it in 17-20 mins. nvm. i'm trying!
  3. i miss my car!
  4. i'm still torn between staying in penang or kl.. WHAT DO YOU THINK? help!
  5. i miss kl, surprisingly.
  6. i miss AC, i miss playing pool, i miss playing poker!
  7. i think i still want to buy N900 or N97 Mini, even though i love my E71! argghh...
  8. i bought a new dress today. background is white, design is purple and maroon. oh ya, Has bought the exact same dress too, only in different color. so now, we have 2 identical dress. lol.
  9. i'm jealous of every single one of my friend who's studying degree right now.
  10. i feel so down, because i cant continue my degree.
  11. Vish is back in Malaysia. i miss that bugger! also miss Su Weng and Raymond. the 3 buggers! lol.
  12. i miss Azuan and Aaron, the partner in crime.
  13. i'm definitely not going to graduation, but i'm going to make a party for my classmate. everyone of them is pursuing degree now!
  14. i'm currently angry with my bro, he deleted my pictures from my N95! fuck you!
  15. i'm bored.
  16. i feel hungry right now.
  17. i listen to Lenka at least 20 times today. and The Show is currently my message tone.
  18. i miss camwhoring with the girls.
  19. i miss Tiqah. how are you in Bangalore? she went back to India with lots of stuff! dont they have malls there? (the 1 million dollar question i popped to her!)
  20. i miss Mayam. she's in Langkawi and she's busy i guess. i dont want to disturb her. let her adapt first.
  21. i'm still picky in jobs. thank god i have my business to cover me while i'm not working. oh ya... mom is being a darling too. she gave me pocket money. haha...
  22. ok this blog is freaking boring. i wonder who read this bull shit?
  23. ok for those who manage to read this far... drop me a comment so i know u did read this bullshit! lol.
  24. BYE~

frankly bored?


Monday, October 05, 2009

My Obsession with Wristlet







pic from: IWANTBAGS

Cosmetics Price List


Anna Sui
1. Eyebrow Powder - RM85
2. Eye Color - RM75

Bobbi Brown - Isetan (KLCC), Jusco (1 Utama), Jusco (Midvalley)
1. Shimmer Eye Wash - RM60
2. Gel eyeliner - RM68
3. Lip Pencil - RM55
4. Lip Shine SPF15 - RM65
5. Lipstick - RM62
6. Eyeshadow Duo - RM80
7. Cream Blush Stick - RM90
9. Blush Brush - RM150
10. Shimmer Cream Shadow - RM70
11. Foundation Stick - RM125

Beaute de Kose
1. Rouge Fantasist Plump Shine Lip Color - RM70
2. Blusher - RM120
3. Liquid Eyeliner - RM 85

1. White Detox Makeup Base - RM125
2. Acnopur Emergency Anti-marks Concealer - RM80

Body & Soul
1. Eternal Lips - RM68
2. Eyeshadow - RM67
3. Cream Rouge - RM110
4. Beauty Makeup(liquid foundation) - RM142
5. Glitz Moisturizer - RM142

By Terry
1. Loose Powder - RM163
2. Replenishing Hydrafirming Lipstick SPF15 - RM227
3. Multicare Concealer - RM80
4. Color Skin Enhancer - RM271

1. Hydrasoleil Sheer Lipstick - RM63
2. Silky Bronzing Powder - RM135
3. Blush Brush - RM95
4. Perfect Brows - RM175
5. Glossimer - RM60
6. Radiance Powder Compact - RM137
7. Correcteur Eclat - RM78
8. Double Perfection Fluide - RM105
9. Brilliance Lumiere - RM106
10. Hydrabase Creme Lipstick - RM66

1. So Cheek Natural Cheek Glow - RM95
2. Dior Addict Lipstick - RM68
3. Dior Snow Mascara - RM80
4. Skinflash(The Radiance Booster Pen) - RM110
5. Girly Ready-to-Wear Summer Makeup(palette) - RM150

1. Pure Curl Mascara - RM72
2. Liquid Eyeliner - RM70
3. Extra Firming Liquid Foundation - RM125
4. Hydrating Liquid Foundation - RM98
5. Summer Accents Pencil Box - RM118
1. Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick - RM55

1. Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 - RM148

Elizabeth Arden
1. Cheekcolor - RM108

Estee Lauder
1. So Ingenious Compact - RM165
2. Double Wear Liquid Foundation - RM110
3. Magnascopic Maximum Volume Mascara - RM78
4. Illusionist Maximum Curling Mascara - RM80
5. Pure Colour Crystal Gloss - RM65
6. Animated Eyes Duo Eyeshadow - RM65
7. Whitelight EX Extra Brightening Foundation - RM155
8. Pure Fantasy Illuminating Facepowder - RM140
9. Ellectric Intense Lip Creme - RM70
10. Equalizer Liquid Foundation - RM129
11. Blushing Natural Cheekcolor - RM90
12. PC Lip Vinyl - RM70

1. Souffle Cheek Color - RM55
2. Lipstick - RM55
3. Lipgloss - RM55
4. Day Amulet Powder SPF7 - RM126
5. Acne Clear Base - RM71 (WM)/ RM75 (EM)
6. Acne Concealer - RM51 (WM)/ RM54 (EM)
7. Acne Clear Powder - RM78 (WM)/ RM82 (EM)
8. Oil Free Pact - RM77 (WM)/ RM81 (EM)
9. Oil Free Aqua Liquid - RM92 (WM)/ RM97 (EM)
10. Whitening Pact - RM77 (WM)/ RM81 (EM)
11. Base Control Yellow - RM67 (WM)/ RM70 (EM)
12. Eye Zone Control - RM51 (WM)/ RM54 (EM)
13. Base Smoother - RM61 (WM)/ RM64 (EM)
14. Face Powder - RM51 (WM)/ RM54 (EM)
15. Whitening Concealer - RM51 (WM)/ RM54 (EM)

1. Definition Fluid Eyeliner - RM66
2. Concealer - RM67

1. Juicy Tube - RM63
2. Amplicil Mascara - RM 89
3. Eternicils Waterproof Mascara - RM88
4. Adaptive Continuos Skin Balancing Makeup - RM115
5. Color Dose - RM59
6. UV Expert Protective Makeup Base - RM95
7. Lip Dimension - RM59
8. Flextencils - RM80
9. Magicils Lenthening Colour Mascara - RM83
10. Sheer Radiance Highlighter - RM95
11. Color Focus - RM68
12. Juicy Rouge - RM68
13. Artliner - RM83
14. Pallete Mix(concealer) - RM95
15. Photogenic Ultra Naturel Light-Reflecting Makeup - RM115
16. Blanc Expert XWII Extra Whitening Compact Foundation -
17. Blush Subtil Shimmer - RM95
MAC - Isetan (Lot 10), Midvalley, KLCC
1. Lipstick - RM60
2. Eyeshadow Pot- RM55, Pan - RM40
3. Lipglass - RM55
4. Pro Lash Mascara - RM45
5. Eye kohl - RM54
6. Powerpoint - RM55
7. 4 pan empty palette - RM15
8. 15 pan empty palette - RM55
9. Pigments - RM80
10. Powder Blush Pot - RM70, Pan - RM60
11. Holldiazzle Pigment Set - RM120
12. Hyper Real Foundation - RM98
13. Select Sheer Loose Powder - RM80
14. Splashproof Lash Mascara - RM55
15. Bronzing Powder - RM67
16. Cheekhue - RM78
17. Tinted Lip Conditioner - RM55
18. Iridescent Powder - RM80
19. Full Coverage Foundation - RM105

Makeup Forever - KLCC and U Parkson (1 Utama)
1. Star Powder - RM55
2. Glitter - RM28
3. Metalizer - RM49
4. Waterproof Eyebrow Kit - RM98
5. Blush Creme - RM57

1. Underwear for Lids - RM54
2. Full Story Lush-lash Mascara - RM58
3. Silk Screen Refining Powder Makeup - RM95

Pied Nus
1. Forming Pearl for Eyes - RM69
2. Fresh Color Veil for Cheeks - RM93
3. Deep Lash Mascara - RM89
4. Eye Color Select - RM40
5. Prismalise Mascara- RM78

1. Quick Pick Eyeshadow Singles - RM48
2. Magic Liquid Powder - RM155

Shiseido The Makeup
1. Blush Brush - RM150
2. Lip Gloss - RM70
3. Creamy Blush Creme - RM101
4. Corrector Pencil - RM64
5. Cream Foundation - RM108

Shu Uemura - Metro (Midvalley), 1 Utama, Lot 10, Isetan (KLCC)
1. Pressed Eyeshadow - RM65
2. Lipstick - RM68
3. Lipgloss - RM65
4. Glow On Blusher - RM75
5. UV Liquid Foundation - RM125
6. Sweet Lipgloss - RM65
7. Foundation Base Control - RM70
8. Mascara Brush - RM20
9. Eyelash Curler - RM48
10. Pro Spots Concealer - RM80
11. Luminizer - RM75
12. Face Powder(S) - RM120
13. Liquid Foundation Fluid N - RM125
14. Waterproof Mascara - RM85
15. Liquid Eyeliner - RM95

1. Power Signs Treatment Foundation - RM245 [refill: RM180]

Stila - Parkson Grand (Suria KLCC) and U Parkson (1 Utama)
1. Convertible color for Lips - RM92
2. Lipglaze - RM92
3. Illuminating powder fdn - RM105
4. All over shimmer - RM110
5. Eye shadow and blusher- RM60 for pot, RM52 for pan
6. Lip shine- RM53
7. Pocket palette - RM145
8. #15 duo ended brush for e/s - RM120
9. Metal 4 pan = RM50
10. Metal 6 pan = RM100
11. Metal 8 pan = RM160
12. Eye concealer = RM68
13. Brow set = RM60 for pot, RM52 for pan
14. Jade blossom & cream bouquet edt = RM180
15. Perfume body lotion in Pink Lilac, Green tea, Cucumber -
16. Perfumed shimmery body powder in puff - RM140
17. Travel side brush set consist of 5 brushes - RM315
18. Angel Light powder foundation casing - RM46
19. Angel Light powder foundation refill - RM110
20. Color Push Up - RM78
21. Lipglaze doubles - RM110
22. Eye and cheek confections palette - RM148
23. Eye confections - RM145
24. Holiday JB/CB fragrance set - RM190
25. Deluxe assortment - RM245
26. Convertible Lash & Line - RM80
27. Twinset - RM85
28. brow polish - RM45
29. brow set - RM60
30. Brow brush #18 - RM105
31. Refillable eyebrow pencil (refill + casing) - RM102
32. bouquet du jour body mousse - RM155
33. bouquet du jour shower gel - RM115
34. Convertible Eye Color - RM105
35. Eye Glaze - RM85
36. Illuminating Liquid Foundation - RM135
37. Smudge Pots - RM65
1. Loose Powder - RM159
2. Hydrating Fluid Foundation - RM125

1. Rouge Gloss - RM56
2. Essence Pure Rouge Lipstick - RM80
3. Framing Rouge Liner - RM48
4. Color Cheeks - RM59

The Body Shop
1. Cheek Color - RM39
2. Trio Bronzing Powder - RM69.90
3. Liquid Lip Color - RM35
4. Concealer - RM29.90
5. All-in-one Face Base - RM65
6. Brow & Lash Tint - RM33.50
7. Pressed Face Powder - RM 50
8. Lipstick - RM35
9. Liquid Eyeliner - RM31.50
10. Liquid Foundation - RM52
11. Loose Powder - RM50
12. Shimmer Eyeshadow - RM31.50
13. Mascara - RM35

1. Divinyls Lip Gloss - RM45

Yves Saint Laurent
1. Complexion Highlighter - RM115
2. Intense Lenghtening Mascara - RM85
3. Smoothing Lip Gloss - RM74
4. Eyeshadow Duo - RM114
5. Matt Tinted Moisturiser - RM105
6. Touche Blush - RM123
7. Rouge Personnel Multi-finish Lipstick - RM65

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Random things in my head...

- Mayam is leaving to Langkawi today :(
- What is it with you guys that you always thought that every malay girl from Penang is anak mami??? everytime aku ckp aku from Penang, cepat2 ja depa ni dok ckp aku anak mami... WTF? my mom is from Perak, my dad is from Penang. yup... my dad yg from penang. so where the hell does the mami blood come from? my father is purely chinese! takda mami-mami ni! period!
- i'm so bored that i actually ajak every single contact in my phone list to lepak mamak in bayan baru. ok now i miss kl. because in kl, anyone is free at any time to teman me lepak.
- Why the hell am i typing rojak language in my blog now? i thought it used to be english base? shit!
- i really wanna go out!
- i love myspace, but i hate all the malay guys in there. so TYPICAL. boleh tak kreatif skit? jgn msg aku dgn soalan2 yg predictable! no wonder malay girls chose to have foreign boyfriend!
- lepak sorang best ke? mcm nak try!
- seriously tgh fikir nak ajak sapa kluaq ni!
- ok im out of here. lepak aje la mana2. bye!

Right now...

I'm staring at my phone...

wondering if you will ever call me again...

but then again...

i'm phobia...

because the last phone call ended up with an argument...


we're not suppose to be like this...

we're not suppose to argue like this...

because we knew each other too well...

we're the best thing ever...


I miss you...

my dearest, my buddy, my one and only...


Friday, October 02, 2009

Budak kecik Aiza tag aku pulak!

time: 5.00 a.m.
Venue: penang
Mood: Sad?
Currently: err... dunno!
this is a tag from aiza!
1.Anda rasa anda hot?
Soalan kejadah apa nya ni? ak ah... mmg aku bajet aku hot... pasaipa? dengki? mampoih pi kat aku la! kah kah kah.

Upload gambar kesayangan anda...

3.Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
Sebab gambar ni gambar kenangan... sweet memory...

4.Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
Few months back, dgn B... order delivery then buat TV series marathon!

5.Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Lenka - The Show

6.Apakah yang anda buat sambil selesaikan tag ini?
Chat dgn Faz, P, Clon... dok ushar tutorial Joomla... aku dah lupa byk menatang tu!

7.Selain dari nama anda sendiri, anda suka dipanggil apa?
Tash! i miss that name!

8.Tagged lagi 6 orang tanpa rasa kekesalan...

9.Siapa No.1 kepada anda?
boleh dikatakan best buddy kat YM kot... kenai kat YM dah berkurun baru kami ada can nak jumpa kat Pyramid. aku suka minah ni sebab dia satu kepala dgn aku!
10.Bagaimana pula dengan yg no.3?
kenai dia melalui blog. kira blog buddy la ni. what i love bout her is... she's addicted to makeup, just like me! tak sempat jumpa lagi. maybe one day. surely akan sembang ber jam2 bout makeup! lol.

11.Pendapat anda pada no.4?
another one yg addicted make up mcm aku! haha. sgt2 baik hati and paling penting dia dgn aku gila nasik ayam Chee Meng kat Old Klang Road. oh ya, not to forget the kerabu mangga. nyum2... dia ni tak boleh kalau tak berkepit dgn BF dia, Apis, which is a nice nice nice guy. syok lepak dgn depa ni. sembang sampai pagi pun takpa kot.

12.Kata sesuatu tentang org no.2?
do i need to say more? the best best best friend ever... im warning you, don't mess with her! lol. i love her a lot, because she's always there for me and dia la satu2 nya kawan yg boleh fire aku depan2. hahaha... tarak ckp2 belakang punya. tak puas hati, face it la! anyway, she's leaving to Langkawi for good. gonna miss her!

13.Pendapat pasal minah no.5?
Dia ni sorang lagi special friend aku... dah lama tak jumpa because aku dah lama tak balik penang. ni aku ada kat penang dia plak busy... org tgh study degree la katakan! hahaha... she's strong and dedicated to her work and studies. thats what i know. yet, she still have the time to be bitchy... hahahah... jgn marah Ain.

14.Pendapat pasal orang no.6?
Looking forward to meet her. another blogger yg aku suka sgt2. dia ni gila beli brg2 online, and gila buat review. peminat dia pun boleh tahan ramai, termasuk aku. hahahahaha. suka dia sebab blog dia mainly about beauty and make up. and she knows where to get it CHEAP! thats the best part of it!


ok Aiza, puas hati? tag tah hapa2 merepek. ni wei, tag aku bagi ang aritu ang belum buat kan? sila buat ok... jgn nak utang tag lama2... mcm siye! hahaha....


on a random note, ni Clon suruh aku upload ar Faz... aku cuma menjalankan perintah. kah kah kah. jgn marah aku. pi marah Clon.

Click image to enlarge!

Thursday, October 01, 2009



Twice per day:

1. Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.
2. Take the day off cleansing milk.
3. Liquid facial soap - oily skin formula.
4. Clarifying lotion 2.
5. Repairwear - Intensive eye cream.
6. Turnaround concentrated serum.
7. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion.
8. Super City Block - 40 SPF Ultra protection.

yes.. very mafan!


after a week of DISCIPLINE... (which means i actually follow the 8 step!):

1. Radiance!
2. Smaller pores.
3. Smooth skin.
4. No more panda eyes. (my fav part)
5. My mom is jealous of me and she's buying a set today! lol.

Anyways, this is not a promotion for Clinique. just sharing some useful info. i finally made myself use all the 8 step of Clinique and get the result.

for Penang customer, you are encourage to go to Jusco Queensbay for this product because the beauty consultant, Mei Ping, is very very friendly and helpful. for those in Klang Valley, i'd suggest the one in One Utama Parkson. if i'm not mistaken, her name is Christine. sorry i went there few months back so i kinda forgotten her name. lol.

oh ya, starting today, Jusco will have promotion due to their Jusco Fiesta or something like that. so every customer who buy more than rm400 will be getting a 6-piece free gift, which is really good! i didnt get it because i bought it earlier. lol. too bad then.

oh ya... i even influence all my girls to buy this product. hahaha...

ok, enough of today's adv! bye!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i lost...

time: 4:29 a.m.
venue: home
mood: sad!
currently: eating mix-berries yogurt..

pardon me for being so lame nowadays. cant help it. just being plain sad. a lil bit down. too much pain swallowed. wish there were pain killer for this.

to be honest...

i lost a friend.

i lost a soulmate.

i lost my besties.

i lost my pool partner.

i lost my movie-marathon partner.

i lost my tv series partner.


i lost my soul.

thank you god.

thanks a lot.


Monday, September 28, 2009

to be honest...

i miss u...

really i do...

god knows what's happening right here... right now...

ya allah, kuatkan hatiku... tabahkan jiwaku...

kalau betul aku yg salah, maafkan aku...

walaupun aku taktahu apa salah aku...

really... i dont know...

i just miss u...

and i care bout u...

-ur girl-

Sunday, September 27, 2009



dont do this to me...
i cant accept this...
give me a chance...
coz im your little girl...

if i told u that it hurts, will u come back to me?
if i told u im crying, will u wipe my tears away?


just answer my call..
or call me...

coz i need u...

i really do...

im sorry for everything...

~your little girl~

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm making this blog private!


what do you think?

P/s: anyone who still want to follow my blog, please drop your email in the comment box!


Thursday, September 24, 2009


ada satu barua ni sibuk sgt pasal hal aku pasaipa? saja nak bagi aku dgn B bertekak. cibai kan? FAK U!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

...maaf zahir batin.

aku tak jadi beli N900, beli E71. ada apa2 cadangan software yg best??

P/s: aku sengaja tulis blog dlm bhs melayu. nanti aku ceritakan sebabnya!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadhan itu bulan penuh dugaan...

"brapa harga baju ni"

"RM180 lepas less"

"tak boleh kurang lagi ke?"

"tak boleh kak, ni kain songket and baju dia kerawang. mahal ni"

"boleh try?"


after trying...

"RM170, nah"
.....sambil bagi RM50 empat keping.

"RM180 abang"

"tak boleh kurang ke?"

"ni mmg dah diskaun"

"nah ambik la duit, takmau duit ke?"
.....sambil baling duit empat keping td atas meja.

"abang, bagi je la RM180 tu"
...wife dia ckp

"ok lah RM180 pun takpe. boleh bayar. takde masalah"
.....nada kurang ajar.

"terima kasih"
....sambil ambik duit tu and bagi balik duit RM20 dia.


-mau kena pukoi ramai2 baru dia tau. barua siye. mcm aku heran sgt duit ang. haktuih!
-kalau mak aku takda depan tu, mmg aku akan ckp,"ambik balik duit ang, aku takmau! sekarang boleh berambus!"
-mcm ni ka cara nak bagi org rezeki? do you think that i'm just another sales girl? WRONG!

menyampah+sakit hati,


Tag From Addy

Time: 4.15 a.m.
Venue: Home, Penang!
Mood: chill.
Currently: Blog-hopping, while listening to Lenka!

i've got a tag from Addy. ok, i've been facing this problem since last week. i can't edit my entry, from the bar itself, and from the html code. what the hell is happening here? so, this explains all of my crappy unedited entry. if u notice, my entry are always justified, Small Trebuchet fonts, and paragraph properly. that's my format of writing. but blogger doesnt make sense recently, and i'm too lazy to find out why! so, i'll fix it all when i'm having my own laptop! **problem solved

ok back to the tag, Addy had tag me with something that make me dig-dig-dig my travelling makeup case. lol. speaking of which, i bought a new mini makeup bag for me to carry to my mom's shop. bought it with Aiza. we bought the same pattern *wink wink*.

ok, i dont really remember the details bout the product, but i will try my best to describe it, lol.

Shampoo: Herbal Essence-the blue bottle
(i used to be a loyal user of Vidal Sassoon, but it got discontinued in malaysia)
Conditioner: i dont wear conditioner but i do own this great hair cream and for god's sake i don't know the name. it's from Japan and i have not learn how to read Japan kanji! lol.
Styling products: Loreal (pink bottle), gatsby spray (silver bottle), and one red bottle hair-spray that i left in kl, and cant remember the brand!
Shower Gel: Dettol. lol. i like the smell!
Body moisturiser: St. Ives Vitamin E (after using it for 2 weeks, my friend notice that my skin is clear and smooth!!!)
Deodorant: Rexona Teens (blue cap) and Nike Woman.
Fake Tan: not applicable! lol. dont really need it anyway.
Cleanser: Vitamin E (yes the brand is Vitamin E, bought it from pharmacy), Clinique 'take the day off' makeup remover, Clinique liquid facial soap, Nivea deep pore control.
Exfoliator: St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Freshman Apricot scrub, Aspirin!!
Primer: Revlon Beyond Natural
(don't really use it anyway, because i usually start my makeup right after moisturizer!)
Foundation brush: MAC 190, MAC 195, one brush from pharmacy
(i dont really use brush for foundation except for mineral).
Concealer: NYX Concealer Stick - Porcelene, NYX Concealer Stick - Beige, Elianto
(forget what shade, but i bought the darkest).
Powder: Estee Lauder two-way cake (so far the best ever!), Maybelline Angel-fit ( i dont feel guilty buying it!)
Blusher: Estee Lauder, Elianto (there's this one shade of shimmer light brown eyeshadow that i use as blusher, lol), Clinique Most-Wanted Colour Limited Edition (rarely use this), Revlon Beyond Natural,Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush, Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush and bla bla bla.
Bronzer: Dream Mousse Bronzer
Highlighter: M.A.C Beauty Powder in Natural Flare(bought this online from a makeup artist and i rarely use it. lol)
Eyeshadow base: i usually use light cream shadow and it works well :)
Eyeshadows: ok, i'm not gonna list down one by one, just the brand (a girl will never have too much eyeshadow, right Addy?? ;) lol) MAC, Kate, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, NYX, SilkyGirl (the color doesnt stay long!), and some other brand that i bought from everywhere. lol.
Eyeliner: Estee Lauder, In2It, Elianto, Revlon, Kate, maybelline
Curler: bought it from Guardian RM30++ forgot which brand! lol.
Mascara: ok, for some reason, i only love Maybelline mascara. i have all Maybelline waterproof mascara! lol. two estee lauder mascara still waiting to be use
(got it when i bought the blockbuster set)
Lipstick: Estee Lauder!!! Revlon Matte lipstick (been buying this color again and again!), MAC, Maybelline
(only because i love the orange shades!)
Lipgloss: Estee Lauder(cant remember the exact item), MAC clear lipglass, Bobbi Brown Pink Beige
Nail Colour: OPI, Elianto, Skinfood, SilkyGirl
and i would like to add something to this list, FOUNDATION! lol.

Foundation: Estee Lauder two-way cake, Maybelline Mousse, Revlon liquid, Maybelline Mineral foundation, Revlon Mineral foundation, MAC Liquid foundation.

ok for this entry i would like to tag Aiza, Leeds, Fa, Mayam and Eta. would love to know what are you using! :)

P/s: i just realize that Opera browser is the reason why my blogger is acting up. now i'm using Explorer. lol. means i can edit my entry now! yay...
P/s/s: my mom gonna belanja me makeup after raya. lol. eyeing on Bobbi Brown this time! yayyy..
tq for the tag Addy,

Friday, September 11, 2009


WTF this blog is freaking boring. Why the fuck am i here?

i'm outta here. shit!


gonna sleep now, bye!

Februari + Mei = ??

ok, tatau pasaipa aku buat benda ni. tatau nak update apa. so dok buat gatai update pasai birthday aku dgn B. ahh post saja lah!

Februari (B)

* Berfikiran abstrak. (yaka?)
* Sukakan benda yang realiti dan abstrak. (realiti, maybe. abstrak, not yet discovered kot)
* Bijak dan pintar (agree)
* Berpewatakan yang mudah berubah. (tak tak! B tak mcm tu!
* Mudah menawan orang lain. (mmg pandai pun)
* Agak pendiam. (pendiam? tipu!)
* Pemalu dan rendah diri. (ceh, tak betui!)
* Jujur dan setia pada segalanya. (agree!!)
* Keras hati untuk mencapai matlamat. (hah... sampai aku dah menyampah!)
* Tidak suka dikongkong. (elok je aku kongkong dia. kah kah kah)
* Mudah memberontak apabila dikongkong. (kadang2)
* Suka kegiatan yang lasak. (swimming dgn futsal kira lasak ka?)
* Emosinya mudah terluka dan sangat sensitif. (huh, tell me about it!)
* Mudah mempamerkan marahnya. (dgn aku takde pun marah2. org lain ada kot)
* Tidak suka benda yang remeh-temeh. (yup, agree!)
* Suka berkawan tapi kurang mempamerkannya. (suka berkawan, tp slalu tak jwb call kawan2)
* Sangat berani dan suka memberontak. (berontak dgn aku? silap org la!)
* Bercita-cita tinggi, suka berangan-angan dan ada harapan untuk merealisasikan impiannya. (yup, mmg cita2 tinggi. jgn melangit sgt sudah!)
* Pemerhatian yang tajam. (betui2.. aku gemok skit ja dia dah pasan. cilaka!)
* Suka hiburan dan sukan. (the 2 things that make our day!)
* Suka benda yang bersifat seni. (he don't have sense of seni ok!)
* Sangat romantik pada dalaman tetapi tidak pada luaran. (depan kawan2, cool je la)
* Berkecenderungan pada benda yang tahyul. (dia ni tah suka sgt percaya jin)
* Amat mudah dan boleh menjadi terlalu boros. (dia ni jimat lah)
* Belajar untuk mempamerkan emosi (yeah right!)

Mei (Tash)

* Keras hati & degil. (kah kah kah, kena batang idung sendiri)
* Kuat semangat & bermotivasi tinggi. (betui betui betui. designer kalau tak highly moivated mampoih keja tak jalan!)
* Pemikiran yang tajam. (yaka? haha)
* Mudah marah apabila tidak dikawal. (tau takpa!)
* Pandai menarik hati & perhatian orang lain . (taktau... tak sedaq pun)
* Perasaan yang amat mendalam. (mendalam????)
* Cantik dari segi mental & fizikal. (cantik.. kah kah kah... buruk gila aku rasa)
* Tidak perlu dimotivasikan. (true shit!)
* Tetap pendirian, tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain. (aku tak mudah kena pengaruh ok!)
* Mudah dipujuk. (tak tak.. tanya B kalau tak caya!)
* Bersikap sistematik (otak kiri). (betui betui betui)
* Suka berangan. (kah kah kah, betui kan yam!)
* Kuat daya firasat memahami apa yang terlintas di hati orang lain tanpa diberitahu. (yup, tanya la kawan2 aku! esp mayam! dia tak boleh lari punya!)
* Bahagian telinga & leher mudah diserang penyakit. (tak pun)
* Daya khayalan yang tinggi. (ni mmg 100% agree)
* Pandai berdebat. (i'm a state debater, lol)
* Fizikal yang baik. (in what sense?)
* Kelemahan sistem pernafasan. (mmg aku ada asma pun)
* Suka sastera, seni & muzik serta melancong. ( oh yesssss, saya budak seni!)
* Tidak berapa suka duduk di rumah. (mmg pun, rumah itu utk check-in-out ja!)
* Tidak boleh duduk diam. (betui2)
* Tidak punya ramai anak. (thank god!)
* Rajin dan bersemangat tinggi. (rajin? workaholic kat opis ja kot. kat umah malas!)
* Agak boros (errrr... i'm a girl, need i say more?)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A poem way back then...

Time: 7.55
venue: home
mood: errr...
currently: reading my old entry

i was feeling bored so i browse through my old entries. i found this poem i wrote long time ago. back in 2007 i guess. cant really recall. anyway, here it is,

If you still have things called humanity,
Please remember me for eternity.
If you’re no longer in love with me,
At least give me the chance to live with memory.
If you hate me,
Don’t you ever think I’ll be abhorrence.
Even if you’re now happy,
I’ll keep waiting for thee.
If you falls on the ground,
My soul will cry with lack of sound.
If you’re not willing to have me,
I won’t be eager to go after thee.
If you already doesn’t care about me,
I’ll go away with no vacillate.
Even if you never love me,
I’ll always yearn for thee.
I’ll always love you,
Till the end of my existence.

and now, it's dedicated to B. thank you.


Went out with Aiza...

time: 00.41 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy...
currently: chatting and listening to songs

as the title says, i went out with Aiza, planned to go shopping in Queensbay. surprisingly Qb is only full of tshirt and jeans. i'm looking for casual dress.

so i went to BJ with her, and we basically went from ground floor to 3rd floor. i found 2 dresses and a shirt that catch my attention. i quickly bought them and head back to my mom's shop. aiza went back home herself.

i'm gonna buy more tomorrow. going to gurney or prangin tomorrow.

note: penang don't have any nice shoes/heels/stilettos to buy! shit! makes me miss kl!


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