Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jibrail came...

time: once upon a time.....
venue: exam hall.
mood: sleepy.
currently: having exam.

the lecturer is passing out exam papers. class are silent. at the end of the corner, a teenage boy was sitting anxiously. when he got the paper.... he sleep!

the lecturer woke him up.

Lecturer: wake up, do your paper!
Student: ....

while in sleepy mode, he just randomly read the paper. the lecturer is still keeping an eye for him. he seems to be busy. jotting down answer here and there. writing really really fast. the lecturer feels awkward. a lazy student could answer the paper???

he's curious. maybe the student is copying? is there any notes that he sneak in?

he walk to the student's table. with full interest to find out, he asked;

Lecturer: how come you could answer the question?
Student: Jibrail came!
Lecturer: ....
The classmate: Hahahaahhahahahahhaha...

*the truth is... he's just copying the question, writing the exact word of it. lol.

P/s: B told me this story. lol.


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