Tuesday, July 07, 2009

J.Co coffee need to be fix!

time: 9.20 pm
Venue: J.Co Sunway
Mood: spoiled.
Currently: having coffee here and it sucks!

Yes yes i logged in here through my phone, with all the hassle, just to tell you that the coffee sucks. Omg i've never drink a bad caramel coffee in my life. Maybe it's just not my taste. I miss Dome! But no doubt that i like their donuts. Lol. haaaa... another thing, i like their tissue... good marketing strategy.

Ok endy, i'm going to the arcade centre now. Wanna play time crisis 3. See you later at home. Bye.

P/s: Oh ya, blogging using N95 sucks.

Lil bit of editing done: i just can't stand seeing my paragraph not justified, pictures not centered and fonts not changed! so, i did a minor changes, and i'm happy with it now!


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