Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Sem

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here i am, online once again. well, i cant talk much in my previous blog. dont ask me why. few reasons. too busy. no idea. no mood. mixed up feelings. well, you know me. i can be very self-confidence sometimes and at the other point, my misery life will show up. haha.. what a fool i am! frankly, i miss you. i miss talking to your for hours. i miss playing basketball with you. i miss crying in your arms. i wish i'm 10 once again. Endy Richter, i'll always miss you! the best friend i've ever have! ok, lets stop this drama! hehehe...

so, i've start my new semester. havent buy any book yet. my timetable sucks! 3 days of 8.30 class, one 9.30 class and one 10.30 class. however, i have 2 interesting lecturers for this semester. remember ms. kwong? i talk bout her before, did i? ok, whatever... eheheh.. i cant recall. she's a good lecturer. even though a bit slow. maybe it's because of the big class. or maybe it's just me. you know, i'm a very fast learner. the good thing is, she never notice that i slept in her class most of the time even though i sat in the first row! hehe.. well, what can i say botu Linux is... the more i learn the command, the more i realize i love Windows! haha... maybe i'll install Linux soon.. i mean, for educational purpose. i'm not gonna use it no matter what people say! hehe...

mr. dharmin is good too. i like his knowledge for computer. he eat and sleep with computer. well, as usual, girls always been underestimated in technical class. girls are so helpless. girls doesnt know how to different-shape between screwdriver and test pen. come on people, wake up! you're in the 20th century. we girls are not like the 60's anymore! what's so hard bout PC? yeah, i admit i'm not good in PC. but you can bet with me for kithen appliances. i bet most of the guys doesnt even know how to troubleshoot a fridge! well, i love mr. dharmin's class, except for those long lecture! hehe.. whatever it's... he's being understanding.. he always gave us 10 minutes break(even though we always tried to make it 15 minutes).

for ms. mohana's class, yeah, it's seriously boring. totally theory paper! and she elaborate too much too! i got assignment for this subject. it's a 100% coursework. i have to compile a multimedia implementation report as if i'm doing the real one. she ask us to form a group of minimum 2 maximum 4. well, i chooses to have less group member. this time, it's me and Choo Yen. you know her? she's my senior. she's in semester 6 now. again, we've been chuck into the same class just like semester 2. ms mohana had done the task breakdown and minimum requirement for her assignment. well, i'm being so organized and hardworking by dividing all the 9 task with Choo Yen while we're only required to pass up 1 and 2 next Friday. this is a good sign anyway. i'm showing interest in studies. well, not to condemn of praise anybody, but Choo Yen is an excellent student. i've seen her work. she's doing great. the most important thing of all is she does all of her responsibility. i'm happy to work with such person. at least i know i'm not the only one who are worried bout the assignment.

so, for this semester i'm targeting at least 2A and 1B. well, what's the B subject? PC Technical Support! it has exam! my biggest weakness! too many information to memorize! 50% exam. the other 50% is actually practical test. assembling PC. that's easy. i dont have to worry bout that. i'm worried bout the exam! what??? ok-ok!!!!!! dont show me such faces Endy. ok, i'll change my target. 3As for this sem. satisfied??? hehehe... i'll get it Endy. remember my new year resolution? i want to get at least 7As this year. i'll only have another 8 subject. so there's no space for any error! hehehe...

well, last semester i got 4As and 1D. surprisingly, right? yeah... i dont believe it either. i've send
an appeal letter to the director of examination with a support document from miss sophia. man, i love her! she gave me a great testimonial! oh ya... that D is for that Animation for Designer. well, you know her. Jaya hates me to the max! i dont know what's her problem. i really hate her too. she sucks! i've expected things will mess up between us. but i dont know it's gonna be this way. i know my project was good. i'll fight for it. what kinda designer am i if i cant even fight for my design?? i know i did all of my work. i deserve at least a B! but of course i want an A for that bitch's subject! i deserve 5As! i studied hard for E-Commerce and MySQL just to make my result looks nicer, and this fucked up easy subject is giving me a D? what the hell is going on? what's wrong with her?? have she lost her pussy? i really hate her! opps... sorry for cursing right here!

well... i tried a few company just now for my internship. i got a few feedback, which is a good feedback. they asked me to meet them with a proper resume and sample of my artwork. actually, my dream internship is Kid Chan Studio! he's a great photographer! but it's kinda impossible to get that right? i dont even major in photography. how is he gonna trust me? hehehe... another one is Blu Inc Media. well, this is more on graphic design. well, this is my major but i really love photography! Blu Inc is another big name. phew... i wish i could get that. you dont know what's Blu Inc? well, you know Female magazine? or Seventeen? it's from Blu Inc. i really loves the interface of the magazine. so creative! i'd love to learn from the designer!

i think i should stop now. i wanna get some sleep. i wanna go to Subang Parade tomorrow. MPH sms me that there's a promotion for books there. wanna check out some books that i can buy. hehe... you know my passion towards book will never stop! i'll type to you again very soon. dont miss me too much ok? lova ya, pal!



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