Monday, August 31, 2009

The purpose of blogging...

... is not to show off.

Time: 5:20 a.m.

Venue: Home, Penang.

Mood: annoyed? maybe, lol.

Currently: blog-hopping, chatting with B and Aiza.


i found out that lots of girl use blog as one of their medium of showing off. example? do i need to make them feel ashamed? hurm... i dont know. 

i dont get the point of them showing off. in my opinion, after browsing more than 50 blog of the same kind, top 3 things they like to show off in their blog are;

  1. Their so-called Mr. Right
  2. Things that they shop - mostly things that Malaysian-made-it-as-high-end-brand
  3. Their contacts, a.k.a. "a friend of mine is ___ working in ____"

well, you fill in the blanks. why i'm called to write this? hell no idea. just a reminder for myself to stop reading this blog! omg. i better start reading something useful instead of wasting my time checking out people that are trying so hard to please others. what did you get anyway? 

i've learn millions of thing from blogging. i think blogging open my other side of world. so, i just want to stop wasting my time and start filling my time with something useful. 




P/s: i'm a person who loves to study characteristic. i observe people from my own perspective. however, i don't judge anyone unfairly. it's just me being me. loves to study human nature.



Friday, August 28, 2009


time: 7.08 a.m.
venue: home, duhhh.
mood: relaxed
currently: listening to Lenka
others might love "The Show" sang by her, but i'm so addicted to "Trouble is a Friend". i dont know why. the music is just beautiful and relaxing. i paste the Youtube url to B. as expected, he criticize her. lol. i know that's not his cup of tea. 
she's adorable anyway. every guy would love to date her!
ok will update later. chiowww.

Do we look alike?

Time: 4.05 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: errr... bloated?
Currently: too full, due to over-excessed food consumption!
nothing much for today. just came online to check my mails. yeah, have to answer customer's question and i'm not gonna keep them waiting! anyways... check this out!

i dont think that we look alike. but lots of people claims so. so, leave me a comment. tell me what do you think bout us? in my opinion, HELL NO! 
need some thoughts,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Madam Hana Make Up Class

Quoted from Hana:
 hye there. im going to conduct a makeup class and will give away a 120 @ 88 color eyeshadow shimmer palette. hurry singup, only few spot left.
Fees : RM200 per person

Venue : Madam Hana Studio 

1st class - 4 September ( Jumaat )
2nd class - 5 September ( Sabtu)
3rd class - 11 September (Jumaat)
4rd class - 12 September (Sabtu)

Time : 8.30 p.m. till late.

Only 4 classes available this year. Every class is only limited to 5 person. Goodie bag are different from class to another. First come first serve.
**ok start dari sini aku(tasha) dah malas nak translate pegi English. refer to your dictionary, lol.
What will you learn there?
Kursus Makeup : Teknik memilih bedak asas & concealer yang betul

Teknik meng-apply makeup dgn betul - step-by-step

Teknik meng-apply eyeshadow (jenis mata yang sesuai dgn cara bagaimana)

Teknik contouring (shading) yang betul 

Teknik mengenal kosmetik tiruan & original (especially by MAC & Bobbi Brown)

Pengenalan kepada alat2 makeup (kegunaan..brand.. etc)

Teknik 2 cara meng-style rambut & tudung 

Free : Goodie Bag !!!!(eyeshadow palette, makeup remover, sponge and many more)

Syarat-syarat : sila bawa peralatan makeup sendiri & model ( kalau nak terus tgk demo ler.. kalau tak bwk pun takpe)

**Terms and Condition applied.

Cepat..jgn lepaskan peluang ini. Lepas ni saya susah dah nak buat class. Ni jer la masa lapang yg saya ada. Deposit RM50 required utk book tempat ya.

ok, i'm just promoting this classes. any question you can directly contact her. visit her blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sony Vaio dilemma




difference? just the RAM. one with 4gb SDRAM and another one with 6gb SDRAM. what do you think? check out the comparison HERE.

UPDATE: ok what about The Studio XPS 16 

help me,


Monday, August 24, 2009

A Note For B...

i want the following TV Series;
this is all nice series. i bet you'll love it. i link every title to wikipedia so you can check it out!
you dont really need to download all... just choose which one you want to download!

*showing my pity face*
*wink wink*
if you can't find the link, tell me ok! i'm the Queen of GOOGLING for links! lol.
P/s: i tried to call you, because i can finally come online. but, you didnt answer :(
P/s/s: Thanks for Desperate Housewives, Weeds and Sex and the City TV series! love ya!


time: 4.15 a.m.

venue: home sweet home, Penang.

mood: errr... grumpy?

currently: cautiously typing and hoping that this computer wont freeze before i press PUBLISH POST.


yeah, i'm back in penang and i do apologize for the lack of post. first of all, of course i'm freaking busy selling baju raya. yeah. sounds awkward right? lol. that's me. motivation? MONEY.

anyways, everybody are welcome to 


in level 2. in case you got lost, call our business line, 0124839293. nothing much to say right now. i will update more within this week. i promise. my friend is coming here tmr to fix this damn computer. i suspected that it's due of overheating. ok, chow!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

A lil bit update on my blog shop

Time: 4.02 a.m.
venue: bukit jalil

ok, i'm awfully tired and cant really type much today. too much thing in my head right now. going back to penang on friday, yet, havent pack anything! expect this to be short since i'm off to bed soon.

i'm really happy because my first batch of product are sold out. i met the supplier today, who's very friendly and polite. i enjoy working with her since she's flexible. i bought double the amount i bought before. more variety anyway. i think i will only be able to upload it on Monday. this weekend gonna be a hectic one. lemme give you a brief;

  • go out as early as 8, means have to be ready by 7. ok i need to buy redbull!
  • go to Hilton to pick my mom up.
  • meet supplier here and there.
  • buy new stock for our shop.
  • send make up sample to my bro, his friend wanna check it out.
  • pack my stuff to go back to penang, and when i say STUFF, i mean STUFFSSSSSS!
  • again, buy stock for the shop. trust me this is tiring. lots of walking done!
  • head back to penang.
  • reach home, unpack. get myself comfortable.
  • note that it take me at least 3 days to get used to new environment!
  • Go to my mom's shop
  • arrange and press the stock
  • yes, arranging took 1 whole day!
  • oh ya, almost forgot! Aiza is coming to kepochi. lol.
  • maybe a little time here to photograph my new item for the blog.
  • meet some potential buyer.
  • lepak kassim mustafa sampai pagi, minum teh tarik and makan mee goreng mamak!
  • upload the new product picture to my blog.
  • check my mail! yes people, dont stop emailing me! i'll still answer your questions!
  • meet Yam, perhaps.
so, i think you'll get it if you dont get any update till Tuesday! lol. oh ya... my supplier is sending more item on Monday, so it should reach me by Tuesday! lol, more unpacking to do! sorry Endy. i'm kinda tight-up here! take care!


Friday, August 07, 2009

Rapidshare Premium Account

time: 4:09 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy?
currently: downloading season 3

i'm so freaking happy today! finally i've got my rapidshare account and i'm downloading! my previous seller went missing, so i have to find another seller. i search high and low for him. i sent message to 5 of them and finally one answered. he gave me a good price. so, anybody want to buy? just leave it in the comment and i'll give you his contact.

ok, i'm gonna stop here. can't spend too much time blogging for now. and maybe, for the next 2 months! sorry guys! ok wait, WTF am i saying sorry for? it's my freaking blog! lol. chow!

busy bee,

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Sort of busy this week. planning on my new blog shop. eventually, this blog will be launch first before my other blog shop. it's such a last minute stuff. i just thought bout it. lol. so, bare with me while i'm busy. meaning, not much update from me!




Monday, August 03, 2009

My Travelling kit...

...including travelling in kl. lol. this shit just gotta be in my car. (provided that my car is not park under the sun, AT ALL!).

i start having problem when i move to Sunway years back. i always have problem in packing my make up. i ended up bringing all of it with me. now, i actually take my time to sort my most needed make up only. so, this is a RUBBISH entry, i wrote for myself. to REMIND myself that i dont need to bring back the whole drawer for raya this year!

oh ya, this entry is also dedicated to those who send me "annoying-tak-puas-hati-menyampah-ntah-apa-apa-lagi" email saying that i wear wayyy too much make up and i'm choosy in buying make up. that person also "accuse" that i bought only expensive make up, just to show off to my friend. FYI, i do have cheap make up. i wear any makeup that i like. not depending on the price. anyway, i know who you are. sekian terima kasih.


(ok sorry termaki sekejap)

ok, this is my face without make up, and hell yeah i'm ugly. due to that, i became addicted to put make up. day by day, since i was 15, my make up addiction can't be deny anymore. i have to put make up, even just for coffee. so, as all of my friend know, i love natural and nude make up. however, i have lots of eye shadow pallete, still, when i'm on vacation, this is all i brought with me. errr... i really have to work on my LIGHT-luggage packing.

i look freaking ugly and sleepy and *&^%$% (insert whatever word u wanna curse me here)

Left: noticed that this is the only color i love. the dark one for night make up.
Right: my cream shadow, 3 of my fav color. the rest, put it in my drawer. dont really need it!

From left: Mango color, light purple, nude, purple, pink, lightttt pink, brown, plum, and lip liner.

Left: fav blusher! yes, i rarely use the rest when i have this 4 color.
Right: most important of all!!!! the base! that makes my skin look fresh and flawless(err... almost flawless). lol.

Left: the love of my life. concealer. every girl must-have thing in their purse. lol.
Right: Eyeliner, ranging from liquid, pencil, cream, powder and crayon. my fav is the one from middle east. super black!

all of that make up above, fits perfectly in this little tiny box. yay!

Left: lower deck
Right: Upper Deck

P/s: click picture for extra large view. lol. oh ya, if u want me to take picture for my makeup drawer, dream bout it, coz i'm freaking lazy to open it one by one, sorting the makeup and snap it with few failure attempts before getting a good one. so, for now, just enjoy the Travelling Kit i have here. lol.



time: 6:20 a.m.
venue: home
mood: relieved?
currently: just woke up, 4 minutes ago.

few hours ago, when i posted my previous entry, i wanted to write bout my hangout with B today. yeah, we've been spending time together lately. maybe because i'm going back to Penang, real soon. in a week period. we're supposed to go to Carrefour to buy some groceries. him being spontaneous,"hey let's go to Midvalley" and i said, "sure".

we walk around, hunting for food, for about an hour. don't know what to eat. we check out every restaurant and cafe. B wanted to eat Italian, but him being fussy, nothing seems to attract his appetite. finally, i told him, lets go to food court. yea, he looked at me, giving the weird look. lol. yes, i wanna go to food court. i know it's kinda weird for me to say that. he knows i hate food court on weekends. at first he refused, then i urge him to go! lol. sorry B. i know you just want to have a decent meal with me. anyway, you do like your order, right?

ok, i choose to eat curry yong tau foo. this is the most unbelievable thing ever for today. i take a few type of the food, and they charge me rm19.95! i was like, WTF? it's just so unreasonable! honestly, i think they conned me. but, i'm just in a good mood with B, i don't want to ruin it. he's even happy today with our hangout. i took the picture of the receipt (for proove purpose), but it doesnt turn out that nice. maybe because i'm angry?

anyways, lets forget bout that bullshit. let me concentrate on the happy part. after the lunch/dinner (dunno what to call it), we walk all over Midvalley. my feet ache real bad! B bought me Alucid. it's suppose to relief gastric pain, hyperacidity, flatulence and heartburn. nowadays, i seems to get heartburn and hyperacidity (my guess). Thanks for being concern. lol.

next thing, i went in to Sasa, since i remembered that my eyelash glue-fix-or-whatever-you-call-it already dried up. i bought one clear eyelash fix. it's kinda cheap. rm9.50! i bought it because it's clear color. the rest are black. next, i went to Guardian, for Maybelline. surprisingly, only Maybelline mascara seems to be loved by me. i bought the black one, replacing the one which almost dried up. so now, i have both brown and black Volume Express Hypercurl (err... the name is something like that, too lazy to dig my make up box).

Girls, if you ever wanna buy make up, from the middle range price, this is the time! so freaking cheap. i'm so tempted to buy lots of eyeshadow. lol. but thinking that i'm gonna buy the professional pallete soon, i stop myself from buying it. anyway, i always adore small pallete. really convenient for travelling.

oh ya, what did i consume yesterday that will surely add up point to be fat! lol. after the lunch/dinner, we went to Dome for coffee. as usual, my fav Honeycomb Crunch. share it with him, since both of us are on diet. lol. ordered one coffee and one drinking water. chayokkk... lol. ok let me show the picture now. for some reason, my camera skill seems to be lousy today! lol. i have to take several shots before i get right, err, well, almost right. lol. i'm not scott kelby, mind you.

This have to be my fav picture of the day! lol. guess what setting did i use for this! (except for yam! tak aci, aku dah ckp awal2 kat dia)

Colour is kinda dull, but i'm too lazy to fix it :)

and i sort of fall in love with this HSBC brochure design. applause to the designer! great job

ok i have to stop now. it took me quite a while to finish this entry. because i was cleaning my stuff while typing this. and i manage to go down to mamak for 2 roti telur. haha. bye!

P/s: i'm still annoyed with one assistant in Guardian that desperately trying to impress me with her make up knowledge. talk about pride, huh! oh ya, this post was suppose to by posted yesterday, but i'm just to exhausted to type.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rough idea of what i'm gonna do!

1st week
  • Meet Tiqah
  • Spend time with B, if he's not busy :(
  • meet supplier
  • service and wash my car
  • wax the car (i do it myself ok! i know it's hard to believe)
2nd week
  • meet supplier with mom
  • re-stock baju kurung
  • go back to Penang

3rd week
  • prepare stock for ramadhan
  • meet up friends: Maryam, Aiza(ni hutang aku nasik kandaq) , Fariz, Vatos (dia hutang aku 1 movie), Emily, Win, Hasnas(if she's in Penang), bla bla bla. -this list will be update if needed.
  • meet Penang Group member
  • discuss business with Maryam

4th week
  • busy with mom's shop
  • continue designing layout for my blog shop
  • do more and more research on price and type of dress
  • make my baju raya. planning of making 5. lol.

1st week
  • still busy at the shop
  • attending buka puasa event
  • meeting friends for buka puasa that i owe them. lol
  • sew beads on my baju raya. (yes my baju raya are compulsory to have them. i love glam!)

2nd week
  • extra busy with the shop, raya coming.
  • spend some time with mom.
  • bake some cake and cookies. (yes i know baking, and sewing. dont be surprise)
  • buy heels
  • buy new make up
  • buy new dress (wajib, even though raya pakai baju kurung)
  • ajar orang tu mekap (you know yourself)

3rd week
  • paling busy! still working in the shop.
  • again, meet more friends. too lazy to list.
  • bake more cookies. oh, muffin too.
  • go for random shopping. buy anything i like. lol.
  • paint my room.

4th week (should be raya week, right?)
  • dont know either staying in penang or going back to Perak. which ever.
  • fulfill open house invitation
  • go here and there
  • the ULTIMATE shopping with mom (we dont have time for shopping during ramadhan ok!)
  • spend time with my family (go for vacation)

1st week
  • get my ass back to KL, the paradise of bullshit people
  • meet B, after 1 month
  • meet friends

2nd week
  • start buying my stock
  • upload my items on the net
  • launch my blog shop (thinking of 21/10)
  • start promoting my blog shop

3rd week
  • still buying new stock
  • start planning for next product buying
  • buy a digicam

4th week
  • research on next thing to buy for my blog
  • ______(fill in the blanks)
that's all for now. bye.

p/s: suppose to post this yesterday. but i forgot. lol.



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