Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chilling with B!

time: 7 p.m.
Venue: oldtown
Mood: chilled.

Today, i finally come to oldtown with B after a long long time. Man, i miss this place. We used to hang out here for hours, everyday, when i was still a student.

So, what's my must order item here? I love their garlic bread, hot lemon tea and hazelnut white coffee. So, that's what i basically order just now, on top of fries, their new item here. Lol. It's fun to do this again with B.

Oh ya, i snap some pic. I thought of sharing it with you. Oh ya, i did some lame thing with the pic, just to try out the phone editing software. Yeah, absolutely nothing compared to the ultimate Photoshop. Anyways, enjoy.

(edited: i throw away the tune picture, it's just hideous! lol.)

Gtg, gonna order another drink now. Bye.


fazrin2211 said...

sedap depa makan, saye makan nasi lauk kacang panjang je..

Natasha said...

abeh tu tgh hari td bukan ka aku mkn dgn ang nasik lauk kacang pjg tu... hak tui nya faz! hahahahaha....

fazrin2211 said...

eh ye ka? aku lupa la...


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