Monday, November 30, 2009


i'm going to:

1- fix the sauna in my room
2- use mask and scrub for my face
3- put lotion onto my DRY skin


i'm damn tired, yet i have to force myself to do this shit. how the hell do girls have all the time to be pretty?

p/s: went toiletries shopping with mom today, and she paid for everything. that's just refreshing, dont u think? lol.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Facebook Games

anybody who plays mafia wars, age of castles, castle age, farmville, barn buddy, and bla bla bla...

please add me in facebook.

oh ya, dont bother saying hi to me there.

'coz i just log in to play games.

i dont bother checking my wall even.


add me:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya


nak makan rendang? lol... i'm eating it while typing this to you.

and to those fellow friends who's abroad, jgn risau, i tolong makan for u guys!

esp Tiqah! lol... Bangalore ada lemang tak hari ni?

Farah, Brisbane ada rendang tak??

for those yg kat UK, i know for those yg kat UK tu... byk student malaysia kat sana, so mmg ada jamuan raya kat malaysian hall kan? tp tak sesedap mcm kat malaysia!


to my best best best friend in the world, cik yam.... gila pun balik cuti raya woi... ang keja pa! balik la penang! tak ingat umah ka?? satgi aku nak pi umah ang! makan mee kari bapak ang! wakaka....

to those who happen to be in Langkawi, please pegi visit pompuan ni kat Tanjung Rhu Resort, tgk dia idup ka tak lagi!

cik aiza, satgi ptg kalau aku rajin aku pi umah ang.

cik diana, dok tunggu renovation apa lagi. jom kluaq!

cik hasnas, TAK DAPAT DIKESAN.

cik qhasidah, dok gedik ajak aku kluaq, ni aku kat penang sekoq pun tak telefon!!!! cis! janji melayu sungguh!

cik Ain, ang jgn buat2 lupa kawan.

cik juwita, jom pi nari lagi? wakakaka...

Jabir, Amir, Hamzah, Ridz, MJ, Zee Shan, and bla bla bla (APIIT student that i cant recall everyone!) enjoy your Raya in Malaysia. it's a bless here during raya. lots of food!


ak ah... mmg kawan2 aku yg muslim tak ramai... berapa kerat ja.. harap kawan2 skolah ja la.. salah aku gak.. dulu juai mahai takmau kawan dgn melayu. cari budak2 Dalat saja... wakakkaak...




last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to B, dont worry i know u want kerisik ayam! i will buy for u ok! ish... tekak melayu plak! wakakaka... and... i miss u...

P/s: this is basically my raya card to everyone. lol.

pakai baju kurung pink hari ni,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Facebook request

i got this in 5 hours period.

now, can anyone tell me how to approve it without hassle?

oh god, it's all gift request for my Castle Age and Age of Castle game.

i guess having too much army is not a good idea either.


anyway, thanks for the gift.

it'll take me some time to finish approving them, ONE-BY-ONE!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I feel guilty...

.... and sorry for my skin!

i've been in KL for a week. and since then, i've been abandoning my skin regime. well, not that i have a perfect skin, but, i do care bout it. i'm trying my best to reach that flawless level. it sounds ridiculous but i think i can do it, with the help of Clinique of course.

the thing is, i'm so lazy this week that i hardly apply moisturizer and sunblock to my skin. since it's so used of having serum, moisturizer and SPF 40 sunblock, it got angry at me for not spoiling it anymore, at least not for this week. my skin became dull and harsh.

today, i got PANIC!

looking at the mirror, and, gosh, who the hell is that ugly girl?

i then, quickly look over the shelf and took the apricot clay mask.


- i clean my face.
- apply clay mask.
- waited for about 20 mins, clean it up.
- use gentle scrub. yes, i only use gentle scrub. it wont irritate my skin.
- lastly, the Clinique 3-step, or in my case, 8-step. lol.

finally, my skin is soft again. no more dullness.

argghhh... dont be lazy next time!


that's all!


p/s: sorry Aiza, still no picture of me. coz i'm still in KL. i promise, i'll get my arse back to penang tmr! done deal!


Friday, November 20, 2009


just a quick update.

i will upload the picture when i reach penang.

1- i went to pavilion today, with B.
2- ate my forever fav. chicken kebab with coleslaw and old fashion chips at nando's.
3- suppose to watch movie, 2012, but it was crowded. ticket is sold out.
4- decided to watch tomorrow at Pyramid.
5- went to Coffee Bean to fulfill my cravings over coffee. (actually i want starbucks but B love Coffee Bean more).
6- sit there for about 2 hours and talk our heart out. lol.
7- Sharon pick us up at 12.30 a.m. THANK YOU DEAR :)


i'm suppose to....

1- sleep right now
2- pack my bag!


all i did was...

1- playing games

tomorrow i'm leaving this place :(

one thing for sure, i'll miss the crowd here. every night is a night out! every cafe are packed today!!! love it. this is my place! for sure.


for now, i have to go back.

oh yeah, i'm suppose to sleep by now. Sharon gonna pick me up later at 8.30 a.m.! shit! havent pack anything yet! i have to go to Sunway to get my Diploma certificate. i dont feel like getting it anyway, but, when to think of it, yeah, i should get it. 2 years and 4 months of working on that stupid shit of paper. lol.

see ya!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is what i call a great wedding photographer!

Time: 9.23 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: excited?
Currently: blog-hopping.

i was reading one of my newly discovered blogger, Jasmin, whom i quickly love the writings. oh well, her blog is about her soon-to-be-big-day! first of all, of course, congrats Jasmine!

i saw one of her entry, about a photographer. being an addict to photography, of course, i did check out the link she provide.

and yes.

i was mesmerized.

creative artwork!

yeah, he might not be Martin Evening or Scott Kelby, but i think he's talented!

so, here is the link.

--- ART! ---


and tell me what do you think.

Aiza, you have to comment! lol...


i suddenly love my name,
(hey, my nickname is still tash, so dont start yelling natasha in public!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bobby Pins!

Time: 6:48 p.m.
Venue: B's house
Mood: anxious?
currently: watching youtube videos!

again, my obsession over Youtube! lol. this time i'm looking for simple hairstyle. i would love to cut my hair short but B said it'll look hideous on me. lol. so, i look for alternative. i found four amazing tutorial on youtube that are easy to follow. i'm so loving it!! check it out!

kudos to those girls who made effort to educate people like me who are dumb in this particular thing. lol. i'm so gonna try em all! just thought that i should share this with others too. i'm just bored of seeing girls doing free-hair everywhere, incl me. wanna get some volume and style for myself.

ahhhh the wonders of Youtube!

got to go.

gonna try style number 1 now.

oh ya, i'm going to AC later to play pool. B want a rematch i guess! lol.

so anybody wanna join, just gimme a call!

sape kalah belanja me takoyaki kat AC ok!



I'm a designer....

baca link kat bawah and tell me what do you think??

1- aku rasa semua yg dia ckp tu sgt true!
2- aku penah pegi interview job web designer and diorang offer gaji rm1100!
3- buat diploma rm29,000. agak2 bila boleh habis bayar balik everything? (nasib baik parents yg bayarkan!)
4- keja mcm org gila tp gaji ttp sama. tak boleh claim apa2! damn!

baik aku concentrate bisnes online aku. goyang kaki pun duit masuk. fuh...

P/s: this is so typical!

Girls, babes, besties....

aku balik penang Jumaat ni... jom jumpa!

need u all a lot lately :)

trying to be strong!

sorry for abandoning you! i'll start blogging again next week~

for now, i'm OUT~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Obsession....

...with earring!
Endy,i went to meet some supplier with my mom 2 days ago.... and guess what i found!!

Earring anyone?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do i look hot? hahahahaha...

i just love the way i look in this pic!
cool huh!
ok yeah.. i'm perasan... deal with it :)

Going to kl tomorrow

yeah, just dropping by to tell you this. i'm going there tomorrow. might nto be back till next weekend. so take care endy!

in case you'll miss me...

here's my pic! lol.

P/s: ambik gambaq ni atas jejantas gelugor... gila punya Hasnas... ajak aku pi cari Takaful sampai 3 tempat.. pastu dgn heels and pencil skirt aku panjat jejantas! on the way balik ambik gambaq atas jejantas. WTF? oh ya.. note that over-weight me? lol.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

A great night out with Ain, Juwita and Romey!

time: 5.12 a.m.
venue: home
mood: excited!

heyya Endy,
first of all, yeah im back in blogging world. sorry for abandoning you. i miss u!

i met my old old old friend, Ain. i was bored so i text her. she said she is going out! cool! because i needed to blow off some steam! lol. first, we went up to batu ferringi for dinner. we plan to go to Hard Rock. well, us being us, always have a change of plan, we headed back to gurney. went to G Hotel. there's a club named G-Spot. lol. i love the name! wakakaka... dont be tempted with the name coz the place is kinda dull! well, maybe for me.

we then head down to town. wandering around looking for a nice cafe to chill, we ended up in Rain. crowd was ok ok... music is good. and yeah, we were there till they close. lol. i had fun tonight. dancing and floitering. lol.

the reason why i write this entry... is because i wanna tell the whole world how much i miss hanging out with GIRLS! i've been hanging out with guys too much! lol...

so, any girls wanna go out??

you know where to find me!


P/s: i miss Ain so much, she's the coolest!
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