Sunday, July 24, 2011

A new life ahead!

Yes people! I would like to scream to the whole world. After 3 years of waiting, and working compulsively in a ridiculous field, I am finally stepping my feet into a campus once again.

(photo randomly taken from google)

Well, it's gonna be a 3 years of BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design course in Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Trust me, I fall in love the first time i went there! Ok, this is just a graphical picture, but i promise to upload real picture taken from my DSLR! lets just hope I still know how to use a camera. lol.

I'll be driving down to Sunway later and I haven't pack a thing. LOL silly me. Will start packing after typing this entry. As promised, i will start writing on this blog once again. I've been on hiatus for too long already.Frankly speaking, I am so excited to start a new life ahead, holding up the the same title i once had, a student. However, i do need to brush up on my sketching and drawings. I hope i'll do just fine. please pray for me!

I do have one issue with nicknames though. I'm sort of in a dilemma.... either to make people still call me Tash or just Ace. lots of people been calling me Ace now. So, what do you think?

Till then, GOOD LUCK to me.

Lots of love,


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yes it is a long hiatus for me. Didnt really go anywhere. just got fedup of writing i guess? everytime i try to start writing, i just froze. i guess i'm no more a writer? lol.

anyways, it's great to be here. feels like home. a place that i can say out loud just anything that i want. i miss u guys so much. i miss my reader. i miss my blogger friend. thanks for supporting me all this while. thanks for sharing all my dumb story, my silliness, my sadness, my happiness over something stupid and my undeniable deep emotional feelings.

i think i will start writing here. it wont be as good as before, as i'm starting over as a writer. i will try my best.

p/s: Endy, im sorry for abandoning you dear :(
lots of love.

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