Friday, July 10, 2009

Farah is flying to Australia

time: 2.50 a.m.
venue: i wish.. Academy of Arts!
mood: gloomy.
currently: jealous?

one of my good friend from SGGS is flying to Aussie tomorrow morning. honestly, of course, i'm happy for her. i wish her all the best in life and studies. there's some people who's just lucky in life. and there's some dumb ass like me, who's a failure in life. every single of my best friend is abroad. well, except for Maryam. yeah, thank god she's here. i needed her.

i wonder why? why? why? why does life suck this much? why can't i have my degree by the age of 22? why can't i get it like everyone? why must my family suck so bad that we have this kinda stupid problem? why can't my father be just a father? why am i born this way? why why why?

ok Tash, stop being pathetic. nobody is here to see you being disgusting. Bye!

NOTE: Tiqah's flight is on 22nd. miss you babe! or should i call, Dr.? lol.

P/s: Farah dont get this wrong. i'm always happy for you and Hakim. go get it, babe! at least i'm happy that all of my friend is successful!

emosional tonight,


fazrin2211 said...

sabar2, nanti u pegi plak ok

Nur Maryam said...

hehe.. aku nk p luaq?? hihi.. susah susah...

fazrin2211 said...

klu u pegi, jgn lupa bawa ym, conference, mic, webcam...wakakkakakaa

Natasha said...

yam... samalahh... jgn kata nak pi luaq... nak buat degree pun tah bila la kan...


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