Thursday, December 30, 2010


You've lost your beloved brother.
Whom you love and respect.
I hope you'll be strong and subtle.
To accept the fact that he's gone.

I believe, He's a great man.
I believe, He's a good son.
I believe, He's loved by everyone.
I believe, He's done his best in life.

He's gone.
Leaving us behind.
With lots of memories.

I want you to be strong.
Accept it with an open mind.

All we can do now is to pray for him.
Hoping that god will give him the best place.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bulan Mei

Mostly correct, but not all.

Keras hati & degil. (BETUL)
Kuat semangat & bermotivasi tinggi. (BETUL)Pemikiran yang tajam. (BETUL)Mudah marah apabila tidak dikawal. (BETUL)Pandai menarik hati & perhatian orang lain . (SALAH)Perasaan yang amat mendalam. (BETUL)Cantik dari segi mental & fizikal. (SALAH)Tidak perlu dimotivasikan.(BETUL)Tetap pendirian, tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain. (SALAH)
Mudah dipujuk. (SALAH)Bersikap sistematik (otak kiri).(BETUL)Suka berangan. (BETUL)Kuat daya firasat memahami apa yang terlintas di hati orang lain tanpa diberitahu. (BETUL)Bahagian telinga & leher mudah diserang penyakit.(BETUL)Daya khayalan yang tinggi.(BETUL)
Pandai berdebat.(BETUL)Fizikal yang baik.(SALAH)Kelemahan sistem pernafasan.(BETUL)Suka sastera, seni & muzik serta melancong.(BETUL)Tidak berapa suka duduk di rumah.(BETUL)Tidak boleh duduk diam.(BETUL)Tidak punya ramai anak.(TAKNAK TERUS BOLEH?)Rajin dan bersemangat tinggi.(BETUL)Agak boros(BETUL)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 months...

It's been 5 months.

I hope we'll be better.
I hope we grew stronger.
I hope we understand each other.
I hope you know that i just want to be together.

I've missed you at a point.
I've hated you at some point.
I've love you at a high point.
I've hope for you at that point.

I'm sorry.
For I've been such a mess.
With all my stupid attitude.
I guess, i was just being a woman.

Naturally complicated to understand.
Unpredictable feelings and attitude.
High expectation on the man I love.
Being so needy and clingy lately.

I just need you right now.
I'm going through a very tough process of my life.
Shits that i hate to admit that i'm really fucked up.
All i wanted is to be successful and shits happen.

5 months.
Happiness that we share.
Sorrow that we share.

Every single moment.
Every single routine.
Every single experience.
Every little thing.

That makes us.....US.
That Ace and Jack.
You're my Jack.
I'm your Ace.

I'm happy.
I'm honoured.
I'm pleased.

To be yours.
Just yours.
I'm yours.

Just sometimes,
I think you cross my limit.
You've cross that border.
That tested my patience.
and of course my love.

When i need you.... you're not there.
When i want to talk to you.... you're not interested.
When i try to make you understand..... we're just not on the same page.

I love you, Jack.
And I'm the kinda person who BELIEVES in love.
And i believe we're meant to be together, forever.
That's the reason why i accepted you 5 months ago.

What I hope in the future is,
For you to put some effort for me.
For you to show that you love me.
Not just a word or promises.

You're so stiff. 
Yes, you are.

I'm sorry to say,
That other man takes care of me better than you do.
That other man makes me feel comfortable to talk to.
That other man really make effort to show that they love me.

I'm not comparing.
I don't even want to compare.
Because they're nobody in my life.
Just some man trying to win my heart.

The thing is,
My heart belongs to you.
I just hope you could show me.
That you really TREASURE me as your girl.



Whatever it is,
Happy 5 months anniversary ;)

I love my Jack.

P/s: Please don't take this as a sad note. I'm just concluding the whole 5 months. What happen between us. Nothing sad right now. I'm fine and I'm perfectly happy right now.

Your Ace,
Tasha Leow

Tasha Leow is SO back!

Yes peeps. 
I am so back.
No hassle passle.
No more gloomy days.


Can you believe that this morning i dance to the tune of Basshunter, Pitbull, Usher, Taio Cruz and Black Eyed Peas for 2 straight hours? 

I am so feeling good bout myself.



and she's better than ever.

meet me on the dance floor next week peeps. 

We'll see who have the last dance!

I'm telling ya, i can dance for 7 straight hours.

Be prepared.


I'm back.

I'm back.

I'm back.

I'm back.

Tasha Leow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your Future Married Life

Check it out. I think most of the thing stated there are SO true!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am Tasha Leow.

I want to be her. 
I don't want to be Ace.

I want to be that Tasha who used to be happy.
I want to be that Tasha who used to be ignorance.
I want to be that Tasha who never care bout feelings.
I want to be that Tasha who love herself more than anything.

I want to stop bothering people's life.
I want to stop wondering bout others.
I want to stop being so gloomy everyday.
I want to stop being so predictable to others.

I think it's decision time.
I think i can go through this on my own.
I think Jack deserve to be free.
I think he can do better without me.

But how?
How do i do this?

I love him dearly.
I miss him dearly.

Maybe i'm being too clingy.
Maybe i'm being too weak.

Come on Tasha.
You can do this.
You've done it with Medo.
You can do it with Jack.

Stop bothering him.
Stop running to him.

You can solve your own stuff.
You can be yourself once again.
You can stand up like you used to be.
You can be the person i used to know.

Try your best Tasha.
For what it's worth.

Where is that Tasha Leow?
Who used to be so powerful.
Holding every single piece of her life.
Drawing every single path of her life.
Like there's no tomorrow.

P/s: Help me, being myself. Be that Tasha who didn't need a man in her life. That Tasha who just call her guy once a week. Giving him enough space to breath, and to live his own private life. GOOD LUCK Tasha.

I miss myself,
Tasha Leow

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I am Ace. You're Jack.

I'm done, calling you.
I'm done, looking for you.
I'm done, thinking bout you.
I'm done, trying to make things work.

From now on....

If you remember me, you call me.
If you need me, you look for me.
If you miss me, you'll think bout me.
If you LOVE me, you'll work things out.

For now, 
i've put all my cards on the table,
played my part of the game,
just waiting for your turn,
to flip your card.

I am Ace.
You're Jack.

No matter what we played,
I have nothing to lose.


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