Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thanks Zee Avi

Time: 8:41 a.m.
Venue: Heaven?

Currently: Listening to Honey Bee, Zee's song, again and again!

i guess today is my lucky day. lol. or is it just me who's over excited? i was just clicking on some random youtube link in some blog. if i'm not mistaken, it was a make up tutorial blog. then, i saw the RED mail alert on the right side of my browser. at first, i was about to ignore it. ahhh... you know, typical Youtuber. sometimes they just send me some junk message or just to criticize the way i comment in any random video. YES, quarter of my life are spent in Youtube! and YES, i do comment a lot!

so, cut it out... i was saying, what the heck, just one mail, lemme j
ust open it. the title of the mail is RE: Impressed!. yes, that was the title i gave when i type the message to Zee Avi. i gave her 2 paragraph of message wishing her all the best, bla bla bla. you know, the typical fans stuff. but in my own way of course. not the REAL typical fans kinda mushi word. i was just telling her honestly that i'm into her music. simple, yet catchy. you won't get sick of listening to her song.

ok ok... i dont wanna crap too much. lets be honest. i came here to show off that Zee actually replied my message. it shows that she care bout her fans! this is what i call true musician. not just plain singer trying to be notice by everyone! you're great Zee. stay as whom you are. ok, i know, i'm over-reacting. well, who cares, this is my blog anyway!

ok enough of me crapping. why dont you guys just check her out, yourself. i assure you that you'll only find soothing voice, beautiful melody and creative lyrics! My personal fav is Honey Bee! for Malaysians, you should check out Kantoi too. noticed that i post an entry bout Kantoi before.

and yes, it's not hard to please a fan. it's not easy for me to like a music either. mind you that i'm a big fan of Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Infant Sorrow, Jason Mraz, etc. Such complicated taste i have! lol. yeah, Zee have lots to learn, but i do believe she's gonna be great one day! I support you, Zee! you're very talented!

ok, till then. bye!


Zee's fan,
Tasha Leow


dekkai said...

tasha!aku dengki dgn ang! sbb zee rep msg ang!wow :O wow!wow!wow!

sbb balasan/ganjaran ang li kan aku album ori dia :P

thanx to faz gak.. :* abg faz

fazrin2211 said...

adei, klu ada lagu baru dia, jgn lupe gitau aku.

tq dekkai cik adik dekkai gak :-*


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