Friday, July 31, 2009

Listen to the rain on the roof

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ok, for those who watch Desperate Housewives, you'll quickly notice that the title of this entry is actually the title of Season 3 episode 1 of that tv show. i'm just watching this and i just need to share it with everyone.

here's the script of it. you might not find it funny here, but you can google up that particular scene. lol.
Bree's Bedroom
Bree sits up quickly and gasps.
    Bree: "Ah. Oh, no!" Orson: "What? You didn't just crack that veneer again, did you?" Bree: "I have to go." Orson: "Go? Go where?"
Doctor's Office
A female doctor is examining Bree.
    Bree: "And then it was like something inside ruptured. Well, not so much a rupture as a spasm. Waves of this hot, clutching. I might have had a small stroke!" Doctor: "How severe were the pains?" Bree: "Well, that's the odd thing. I mean there was no pain, per se, in fact, it wasn't entirely unpleasant." Doctor: "What were you doing at the time?" Bree: "I was, ah, with my fiancé. We were lying down, resting." Doctor: "I'm gonna take a wild swing here. Were you having sex?" Bree: "Sort of." Doctor: "Ms. Van de Kamp, I think you may have had an orgasm." Bree: "No, no, no. I've had orgasms before." Doctor: "Hm. How would you describe them?" Bree: "Oh you know, that warm sensation, that tingling feeling of relief when it's over. No, no, this was much..." Doctor: "Better?" Bree: "Yes," Doctor: "That's 'cause it was an orgasm." Bree: "Oh. Well, I'll be darned."
lol. bye. gonna continue now!

P/s: i took the script from HERE. this series really rocks! lol.



Anonymous said...

teeheee..this is seriuosly hilarious!

Natasha said...

lol. u gotta watch the episode itself. look at her confused face!

Nur Maryam said...

kikiki.. she cannot differentiate it..hihihi... unbelieveable..


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