Friday, July 17, 2009


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currently: just finish reading an interesting entry.

before i start my entry today, i would like to do a disclaimer. this entry is written from a liberalism point of view, no hatred towards anyone, nor being ANTI to pondan, and what not. i'm interested to write this entry because i think i do have an opinion on this issue. or to be exact, this entry is derived from a comment that i read from a blog.

ok, today, as usual, i'm blog-hopping everywhere, all around the world, reading nonsense story of break up, kittens born, buying new car, getting new gadgets, getting married, a girl showing off her boyfriend, yada yada yada. so, i read THIS ENTRY from a blog that i occasionally read. i recommended you read this entry first before reading this entry. or you can be a lazy ass, just stay tune with this entry.

i'm warning you, if you're over sensitive, not open-minded, hates me, too stupid to understand my purpose or writing, or just being a pain in the ass, please please please leave this blog immediately. i'm not here to entertain people who come here just to argue over something stupid, just to WIN the argument. we're not here to argue, we're here to share.

ok... i took this PIECE OF COMMENT from the linked entry. i saw how proud this guy, nicknamed there, PONDANLAHANAT, spilling the truth about pondan on how educated they are, how classy they are, how smart they are and et cetera. yeah, i might not be as highly educated as they are. i might not be as rich as they are. i might not be in a strong position as they are. BUT. but, i had enough education to think about how nasty the world could be. i think i'm rich enough to be able to travel around the world, to see how this pondan are discriminated everywhere. why? we'll see later. AND, even though i'm just a plain graphic designer, with all due respect, people still do look high on me, just because i'm being myself.

my point is, no matter what you do, how much you earn, who your parents is, how high is your education..... when it comes to ground zero, when human are all nude and judge by the one and only, WHERE DO YOU STAND?

ah yes, another issue will come out from their mouth... are you god to judge us? who are you to implement such rules? and most famous word of all..... "kita semua ni makhluk ciptaan tuhan". honestly, it sounded funny to me. you asked me, who am i to talk bout all this shit? but... you are doing the same shit. implementing your own rules, modifying the laws of nature, THEN... blaming/giving excuse(is this the right term, blaming?maybe.) god for making you this way.

oh shit, i'm crapping too much. let me spill the comment now.

please note that GREEN is the comment and PURPLE is my comment for the comment. lol.

#besar gile kepala ego blogger ni. mcm bagus. hahahhaa.

#perasan yg all those bapok nak rogol n stim kat ko

#so shallow.

ok, yada yada yada, he's cursing. wow, he claims that the writer is shallow. how weird.


#ur writings shows ur insecurities of ur self/sexuality n u love to brag. u need to tell ppl, and need ppl tell u, that ur macho gila baban over n over again.

#and u need to kutuk other ppl's sexual preference again, to reaffirm urself(n to let other ppl know) again again that u are macho, and likes to have sex with female.

what do you mean by insecure? in this entry, he's obviously showing that he's straight and he's not confused of what he is. maybe you need to re-read the entry. i think it's ok even if he wanna show off his macho-ness again and again. at least he's proud of what god had created him. not applying fake stuff to be someone else. so now, you tell me who's confused.


#pakcik..ppl who are straight and secure with their sexual preference will not diss bout other ppl or becoming homophobic.they dont even bother to even discuss about it...

#now dat ur r married. u become so paranoid koz u need to hide huge skeletons in ur closet by to dissing other ppl's sexuality to make urself feel better?

i am straight and i am secure with my sexuality. not sexual preference, but sexuality. there's no such thing as sexual preference, because it's already written that i'm a girl. however, i think every straight human being on earth are not only homophobic, but they're also disgusted with your attitude. when i say your, i mean you, GENERALLY. personally, i dont give a damn about pondan. it just triggered me when you GUYS are so proud of it, and showing it off everywhere. WTF are you thinking? seriously! showing off your make out picture on internet? did you see any normal couple who did that? NO, i dont.


#read more, socialise looks like u haf been living in a box.there are many ppl better,smarter,hotter,fitter,stronger,richer than you. the world doesnt rotate around you you know.

#"im not a sugar daddy. i am an abang angkat". ur blog title just say it all.

#stakat bapok,pondan yg korang duk nampak tu n kutuk2 tu, blom leh lawan lagi yg korang tkleh detect.hahahaa..

#we are everywhere...and many of us are highly educated,the mover n shakers.the strong pillars in various institution, finance,medical,ecomical,education,entertainment,laws..u name it, we are there..

read more? of what? gimme some revision. socialise more? where? PONDAN street? your club? socialise with who? give me. i wanna read and socialise more. i wanna be the guinea pig and see for myself. can i accept PONDAN after reading the material or the place/person you suggested. i've mix with at least 20 different nationality of people and they all dislike PONDAN. they even made fun of the name PONDAN.

i also have lots of gay, lesbian, tomboy and pondan friends. yes, they're all human being, fun to be with and have their own fantastic career. but, whenever i went out with them, when we chill in Starbucks or any coffee house, i could see the look in people. i could read their eyes. they dont give a fuck what's your education level is. they dont care how high is your office floor. all they saw is... a bunch of human being, who's in denial of who they really are. that's all.

why dont you and you and you, who claims to be highly educated with awesome job go to work this coming monday, make a small meeting with your colleague, and ask them to be honest, do they really feel comfortable with you? or they're just trying to ignore their feeling because they dont want you to be hurt. is that what you want in life? people surrounding you always being fake? and when you say to the writer " the world doesnt rotate around you", do you realize that you're implying that the world is rotating "AROUND" you? so now tell me, where does the world rotate? surrounding the laws that we made ourselves? oh ya, another note is, you GUYS are highly educated, but failed to understand simple basic laws of nature.


#teruskan mengutuk n mengata.
- yup, memang aku akan terus mengutuk dan mengata, sebab angpa semua pun akan terus mengutuk dan mengata. aku tau, lepas ni blog ni konpem kena kecam. kena kutuk mcm2. contoh-contohnya:

  • eh kau tu tuhan ke nak judge orang?
  • eh pukimak la perempuan ni, dia fikir dia bagus?
  • TASHA berani mampus..awasla kalau nampak muka buruk kau kat luar..aku lempang sampai tkleh crik jantan..ngaku je la ko sakit hati bf ko main pondan..atau pondan lebih elok dri kau..sume jantan yg ko taste sume dapek kat pondan kan?..siapa kau nk becakap agama..kalau rambut pun sepah2..bermulut lancang bagai?..dan jgn cakap ko masih dara ye..aku sontot pantat kau ngan kaki aku kang betina bodoh.. (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • Tasha, muka u buruk la. Cuba u pakai tudung, MAYBE bole hide kehodohan u....hhaha....suruh pakai tudung tak mao...pondan pon pakai tudung ...uhuhuhuhu....mak larey dulu nyah! (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • Tasha, u nie pompuan ataun pondan? sebab muka macam pondan tak siap....huhuhu (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • ALA TASHA OIII... setakat pompuan sejati tapi aurat tak tutup, tak jaga, tak elok jugak dek non oiii...
    Jangan sebok nak kutuk orang lain, diri sendiri, pegangan agama pun entah ke mana... KAU GI LA BALIK PAKAI TUDUNG DULU... pas tu kau masuk sini balik dgn gambar kau bertudung ok??? baru la komen2 HANJENG kau tu akan make sense more...
    (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • Tasha, pakai tudung dulu baru cakap pasal agama.....unless la you dapat special pass nak masuk syurga...oppsss.... (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • Tasha, next time kalau nak bagi syarahan agama, sila bersyarah kat diri sendiri supaya pakai tudung...kalau u betul2 nak nasihat dan insafkan pondan2 tu, sila tunjukkan yang u pun ada pegangan agama yang betul.... pakai tudung tu tutup aurat....unless la u suka nak buka2 kan? Haahahhaha. X yah nak cakap Nabi Luth ker, akhirat ker, neraka ker kalau u sendiri masuk neraka sebab tak tutup aurat. Kalau lepas nie tak tutup aurat jugak, baik u diam aja la..... (amik dr salah satu komen di sana, nama ditukar)
  • ko tu pun pakai skirt pendek, mekap tebal 1 inci, masuk kelab, klua dating dgn jantan, hisap rokok, sosial nak mampus, baju terdedah dan.... apa lagi? sila tambah.

ok another comment that attracts me is this one.

kalo sekadar nak berckp kat blog mcm babcul...aku x rasa perlu... aku xmenyokong sesaper... just nak tnya... perlu ker ko menghina makhluk Allah S.W.T yang lain??? Tuhan ker ko untuk judge orang...buruk baik orang bukan kita manusia yang tentukan...kalo ada kawan2 kita yang sesat..kita patut bimbing...bukan hina.... dalam Islam pun memcela orang yang menghina orang lain... sedangkan nasib ko kat "sana" pun xder sapa yang tahu... xperlu mengata or menghina... sebaliknya cermin dulu diri...aku x rasa ko orang yang layak nak judge mana2 manuasia.... Even aku sendiri pun x layak... berfikir sebelum ckap... aku hanya sekadar menegur... masa depan kita xder saper yang tau... mana tau kalo Allah S.W.T menguju ko satu hari nnt...??? Dikurniakan anak-anak yang "begitu"...?? What goes around comes around... Tuhan maha adil... Sedangkan Allah S.W.T pun boleh menerima golongan ne bila mereka ketanah suci..apa pulak hak ko nak bersuara lebih... So, macam akuh cakap tadik...kita manuasi x layak menghukum/judge other people... Slah mmg salah, tapi nak tegur kena dgn caranya... Sedangkan Rasullullah S.A.W pun x pernak menggunakan kekerasa... kan..???

memang la kita takdak hak nak menghina. tp kalau nasihat cara elok dipandang sinis je. pastu kalau bab maki hamun plak bagi la kat depa. mmg terer. aku tau sebab aku kenai depa. kena nasihat cara baik lagi ke kalau dah sampai kongkek utk cari makan? sanggup jual diri. lagi baik kena hina kat atas muka bumi ni dari kena hina kat sana besok. bukan masalah Allah takdirkan ke ape. masalahnya, ni semua nafsu. ada ka Allah suruh depa pi pakai mekap dgn tonyoh silikon? takdak pun. Allah boleh terima depa bila di mekah? mmg bleh terima. Allah itu maha adil. tp... kalau ko takdak inisiatif nak insaf, kot mana yg dia nak ampunkan? mcm ang menghalalkan pulak kaum2 ni.

ok.... i've talk enough. you guys are always welcome to COMMENT, CRITICIZE, CURSE, OR COMPLIMENTS, PERHAPS. oh ya, if you wanna do any of this 4C, make sure you dont use the EXAMPLE that i've given. Let's be creative and curse in a better vocabulary. let's widen our knowledge in the art of maki hamun. kah kah kah.

P/s: to my dearest pondan friend, like Sha, BB, and etc, plz dont terasa2 with me. well u know me! lol. kalau u all nak kutuk gak kat sini.... with all my heart, dipersilakan :)

just my 2 cents,


dekkai said...


lau diorg tak nyusahkan idup kita watpe kita nak sibuk2 dgn hidup diorg?dosa pahala sendiri2 ar tangung!leanla diorg yg duk nyontot buntot laki kita..bodoh!


nilah akibatnye bila NAFSU DAH MENGUASAI DIRI SGT..takira cara mane halal haram mesti nak je keje..NAK NAK NAK..takyah ckp sesape..takyah kata bapok2 ke abg askar ke..semua org pun sama je..


diorg pun 1 (golongan bapok).. dah tau diorg tuh dah beralih arah ke jalan yg salah takyahla nak duk bangga2 diri sgt..duk diam2 sudah! kita bukan nak kritik or nilah hakikatnye..lg2 bila kat kedai mkn,budget hot budget cun, gelak kuat2 tak beragak nak tarik perhatian lelaki len..


camnila tasha, golongan diorg pun dah makin ramai makin besar..mesti depa duk besaq kepala bangga diri habis2 yg post psl diorg pun tak beragak nk post..dah tau golongan tuh sensitif lg nak cari masalah..

senang cite,ko tngu jela bumi kita neyh dilandar banjir besar aka kiamat dunia :) tak lama lg pun..duk argue ke duk ckp pa ke duk nasihat2 ke pun tak guna dah..kita dgn idup kita dah! :D

jom sg tekala sok!hahahahah..


i read the whole entry and comments at bro's blog. best. gelak sampai senak perut. hahahahahaha

Pakcik Din said...

pakcik nak komen nih....tak kirooo.....ekau nih pakcik tengokkk muko....lawaaaa....cumo agak ganas jugak beliau nih yo....tapi takpo...respek jugak kek beliau sobab banyak laptop buruk...apo apo pon kesimpulannyo...pakcik totap hensem....kih kih kih

Natasha said...

oi oi oi dekkai... buat karangan pe kat blog aku ni? adeh... dah boleh buat satu entry tu... kah kah kah... takde bukan aku nak kepoh2 pasal diorang dekkai... aku just terpanggil nak baut entry ni coz aku rasa apa yg writer tu tulis mmg betul pun... well, he wrote it in an angry forms lah kan.... still, i think whatever maki hamun they got here is better than kat akhirat nun.... yes, they will say whatever they want, yg mcm aku list dlm example tu.... but i guess, i made my point!

kah kah kah... last part komen sempat lagi ajak di sg. tekala. aku dgn budak2 tu gi sg. congkak la... ape la ko dekkai!

akak wan, hehe, tasha masuk sana pun ikut link kak wan la! hehehe.... blog akak byk link best!

cewah pakcik din dah pandai main blog skarang! kah kah kah! siap komen2 ni... nanti tasha link pakcik yer!

Hazrey said...

Tash: Hahahaha.. I can only laugh. They have fallen in love with me. lols lols. And I got to ask them to take a number. lols lols lols. Nah, I aint tall dark and ensem.

And i realised that my head is big. lols lols. Pondan will always be pondan. lols.

Natasha said...

lol Hazrey... this is an old post, and i'm surprise to receive a comment after months.... lol...

anyway, i'm sort of concern with this issue anyway. i have 2 younger brother and i dont want any of this thing happen to them!


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