Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 days of my life....

time: 11.22 p.m.
venue: home
mood: kah kah kah?
currently: just ate chicken burger!

i spent the whole day sleeping! lol. freakin tired. why? ok, i didnt update for about 4 days right? lemme just skim through the 4 days.

Friday, 17th July 2009
  • went to carrefour to buy groceries. it was jammed, because of the stupid match between MU and Malaysia. yes, my house it located in front of the stadium. oh ya, today is just the training session. who the heck pay RM60 just for training session?
  • went to Bandar Tasik Selatan to fetch Kak Miey.
  • went to Awan Besar for sate kajang, which doesnt fulfill my appetite.
  • went to mamak in Sri Petaling, the one i went everyday, for tea.
  • send Kak Miey to UPM. yeah, she's a resident there.
  • reach home at about 4. have to do some work.
Saturday, 18th July 2009
  • about 6, get ready to go to Maluri.
  • went to UPM to fetch Kak Miey, P and Nana
  • meet the rest in Maluri. as usual, janji melayu, tak pernah on time.
  • waited for this guy, waited for that guy.
  • finally, when i'm already fed up, we left Maluri at about 9.25 a.m. (suppose to be 8.30)
  • reach there, get our stuff, start walking up, to get a nice spot.
  • they started playing with the water, i'm still up there, taking nice photograph. err... nice? maybe. lol.
  • then, i start being retarded. lol. PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY til we're all hungry.
  • ate nasi lemak, kuih-kuih, bla bla bla, etc. now you know why i'm 70kg!
  • continue playing, arousing, bla bla bla.
  • dont remember when we went back. all i know is we went to a stall in Pandan Indah for some drinks. yeah, DRINKS KONON. all of us ordered food, except Faz. on diet? maybe.
  • sent Kak Miey to UPM.
  • reach home at about 6. thank god the game in the stadium is still on.
  • still, my house is surrounded by police, traffic and it looks like parking area now! they even invented triple parking!
  • anyway, it's a nice day out with all of them! i'm happy even though it's kinda exhausting.
  • for pic of Sungai Congkak, kindly visit FLICKR
Sunday, 19th July 2009
  • can't really recall where i've been the whole day, but what i know is i'm running around the whole day!
Monday, 20th July 2009
  • mom came to KL. argghhh... another stress level added.
  • woke up at 8, get ready, make sure i'm perfect, dress is pressed. yeah, she's kinda perfectionist when it comes to her daughter's appearance.
  • fetch her in Hilton PJ at about 10.30.
  • fetch my bro at his college, in Pandan Indah.
  • went to meet the suppliers. check out baju kurung for her shop.
  • went for brunch, nice malay stall there!
  • we bought like 5-6 design of high quality of baju kurung. spent about 20k there.
  • to avoid traffic, i speed to Oldtown Mentari at about 4. spent our tea time there.
  • went to Pyramid. walk around to kill time.
  • me and my bro ate mango ice-cream in Ice-Monster.
  • dad called, invited us to The Curve.
  • went back to PJ to fetch him. coz he's too lazy to drive! lazy ass!
  • waited for my mom to change, watch some tv, then we're off to Curve.
  • dad went to Ace Hardware (his fav place) to check out some stuff. bought some stuff there.
  • stuck at The Walk, deciding what to eat. finally, went to TGI coz mom wanna eat steak.
  • after so long, we took our photo together. i'll put it up next.
  • send my parents to Hilton, then headed home.
  • reach home at 12.30 a.m.
Tuesday, 21st July 2009
  • again, woke up early.
  • fetch mom in Hilton.
  • went to meet supplier, AGAIN. bought some other design.
  • then we headed to another place. to meet some other supplier. mom bought shawl this time.
  • dad called. he's done with work, at 2. lol. nice to have a job like his!
  • he came to us. went for lunch in KFC. since it's the nearest. my mom is sort of against it. she says it's fattening. lol. as if i care?
  • we went to buy some material for baju raya. i bought one nice piece of silk. not really expensive. i guess they were having sale. i bought mine for RM 335 after discount. i think that's the price they gave to my mom, coz she's buying wholesale. i'll put the picture later.
  • mom bought some lace material and some silk. for her customer.
  • mom and dad say bye bye.
  • they start their journey back to Penang.
  • i bet they stop in Ipoh for their fav dim sum restaurant! lol.
  • me and my bro, went back home and SLEEP like a pig!
Wednesday, 22nd July 2009
  • here i am, enjoying the lazy wednesday. doing basically nothing but sleeping. lol.
  • ate burger today. drank Kickapoo juice.
  • watching malay series.
  • updating this blog. lol.
ok, that's basically what i did this 4 days. exhausting? give it a try. tomorrow, B is having holiday. yay! means i'm gonna go out with him. chilling in our fav cafe, playing some arcade games, maybe going to play pool and eat at our fav restaurant! ok, i guess i dont wanna talk much. now, let me spill the picture!

Ok, referring to my entry - Beza Kau Dan Aku - i wanna show to that particular girl how TGI food look like. lol. hey bitch, this is proper food, compared to what you're showing off.

Nachos as starter.

Mom eating Nachos

Dad eating nachos

Bro eating nachos

Mom and Bro

The most complicated couple i've ever seen

New York Strip, well-done, with corn cob and fries for the sides.

the rest of the family picture eating their steak....err... i dont think i need to show more. lol. we ordered too much food. enough of putting us eating starter. anyway, speaking of food, i miss this bitch! lol. Yammmmm.... miss ya lotsss! remember this pic? lol. please come back to KL. lets spend time with Tiqah while she's here!

Taken in Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid

what did i miss the most with maryam? ermm.... FOOD! yes... ok some of the food i wanna enjoy with her are;

our fav hangout, Winter Warmers!

Burger, not from TGI, but from ABANG MAN'S stall!

oh ya, i miss this session too! please ignore the non-make up face!

for tomorrow, B, can we go for this. i really miss the tea and the cream caramel. can we go to Tarbush, Pyramid branch please!! or the one in Bukit Bintang!

Arabic Tea

Cream Caramel

last thing i wanna show is the material i bought for my baju kurung. the material is really colourful! brings out happiness in me! but... since it's too pretty, i feel like making a dress instead of baju kurung. what do you think?

the color might not look really nice since it's just taken by my N95. lol.

ok that's all for today. bye!




fazrin2211 said...

nak cream kek!!

fazrin2211 said...

aku suka pic yg ang pakai baju biru tak, non make up, but pic tu aku rasa paling cantik


just ate chicken burger? wah! wah! wah! baca chicken burger pkl 4am.. tros lapar. adess

Natasha said...

cream cake.. kah kah kah... jom la pi mkn besok... aku blanja...

ceh baju biru tu dgn muka tak mekap... dgn comot... dgn baru bangun tido.... kah kah kah... ang ni mmg terbukti rabun la faz!

akak wan... gi je beli... kedai burger bukak lagi tu!

Nur Maryam said...


Thai Thai.. makan nasi ngan segala side dishes at 11 pm.. kikiki..

Winter Warmers.. Arrgghhhh... kita slalu mengutuk sesiapa saja yg lalu kat situ... kikiki

Man's Burger.. mkn sebijik tu pun pueh hati den...

Oldtown Sunshine.. the funniest oldtown ever .. u know what imean .. hehe..

cream caramel.. kesedapannya smpi sorok bwk balik dalam beg..

hehe.. wae... nnt aku check klu aku leh lps skit aku p sana...

Natasha said...

i miss eating with u... lol... makan + mengumpat = satisfaction!


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