Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Mr. Khairul Leow,

When i was 3, you bring me around with your white-blue RXZ.
When i was 4, you gave me Puffin Classic books to read accompanied with a dictionary.
When i was 5, you taught me how to play chess.
When i was 6, you sent me to that ridiculous mandarin kindergarten.
When i was 7, you wait outside of the class just to make sure i'm alright.
When i was 8, you were called to school, because i got second place in class, but i play too much in school. They advice you to keep an eye on me.
When i was 14, i ran to school public phone just to call you and inform you that i got into Penang State MSSPP Chess tournament.
When i was 17, you sat there with all of my teacher, while i nervously make a speech, graduating my Diploma from Cambridge.
When i was 18, you sent me to Sunway University College, starting my new journey.
When i was 20, i got my first D in my life. You went to see my head of school and give him a piece of your mind, as i got 4As and 1D that semester.
When i was 21, I argued with mom because i don't want to go to the graduation ceremony. You help me by telling her graduation ceremony is full of boring shit.
When i was 23, i told you i wanna pursue my studies. You asked me just one question; how much do you need.... without any hesitation.

Right now, being 25, i still dont know how the hell am i suppose to repay you. Without the mold you gave me, it is impossible i would reach here today. You are the most awesome man i have ever known in my life. I still remember every single moment that we have, and i am proud to admit that i am still that little girl needing your guidance, forever. I love you Abah.

Happy Father's Day.

Your one and only daughter,


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