Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm just in love with Terminator!

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i went to Queensbay Mall with my friend today. we were suppose to watch movie and i let him choose what movie to watch. he chose Terminator. so, i watch it for the third time. still, i love this movie. i dont get bored of it. just love John Connor. lol. wait. i think i like Marcus more than John! lol. 

my mom's worker got terminated this afternoon. lol. this is for real. not the movie. my mom gave her 24 hours letter. she's just being ignorant and rude. i told my mom to sack her. so, for the time being, i will be helping my mom while she's interviewing for new assistant. unfortunately, i'm leaving by the end of this month. or should i stay? i pity her. taking care of her business alone. but, i have to go back to KL. my life now is in KL, not Penang. i have job to be taken there. i have someone to meet there. someone important in my life. 

i have re-structured my plans. yes, that fast? hahah... this is from a person who says that she's not gonna plan her life anymore??? YES! unfortunately, i cant live my life without a 10 years target. what is my long-term shot? what is my short term shot? what kinda obligation i'm willing to have? this shit keep spinning in my head in this few months. i was really close to giving up. i really thought that i'm just gonna ended up being a pathetic 9 to 5 worker. ok, no offense to any of you out there. it's just that, for a person like me, i mean, a diploma graduate from multimedia course, i surely expect more than that. live should be as colorful as i expected. or maybe more. i dont want to be a worker. i want to work for my self. i wanna do field work. i wanna do lots of stuff. 

so, first plan is to finish my neverending blog project. i was planning to open a blog shop. that's for my part time income. you know, just for fun. getting new experience from the other side of the world. i was chatting with Melita earlier. i asked her if she could help me out in the designing phase of the blog. she's very creative and i like to work with her. YES! i like to choose a team base on a person that i like! i cant deal with a person that i dont like. yeah... i know, a handful of people will actually come and make an effort to advice me that life is not only about what you like. sometimes you have to deal with someone that you dont like. bla bla bla bla... huarghhh... zzzzzz (sleeping). for me, i choose to be like this. i wanna work with people i'm comfortable with. i disagree with that point that people have to work with someone they dont like. ok, what am i vagging about? stop stop stop, Tasha! 

so, we decided to meet up once i got back to KL. i already have the capital now. now, the most important thing is choosing items to be put on the blog and the blog design. my mother suggested that i sell shawl. some of my friend suggested that i sell dresses. some say, sell both. the other minority said, "up to you". yea... typical answer! i dont think they even give it a thought before answering "up to you". lol. the thing that worried me the most is the structure of the blog. another important thing is the accessibility of it. this is very important because i dont want any frustrated customer, unable to find stuff that fit their criteria. i'm even thinking about a slideshow. maybe that'll be good too. i'll see about it. 

plan about studies? well, i do gave it a thought. i was chatting with my old friend, Diana. she told me she's gonna apply for MARA loan through Lim Kok Wing. i'm sure it's gonna be a tough luck case. yea... it's really hard to get it. well, since she's gonna apply, let me give it a try. so, by the end of this month, i'm going to apply for Lim Kok Wing and try out the loan thing. if not, just wait until next January to pursue my degree. honestly, i dont have faith in it at all. now, the most important thing is my blog. i want it to be successful. i'm trying very hard to get a decent job too. i hope i can get it. maybe gonna find a job nearby my house, despite the salary of it. 

can i continue next time about this? i start to feel sleepy. it's already 3 in the morning. i'm really tired. i have to wake up by 11. gotta go to the shop by 12. i'll see you next time k. bye!



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sibuk ja budak ni... i know lah! ang nya pendapat takyah mai susah2 type kat blog ni... aku call ja! hahaha... wei aku dok plan dgn Melita! minah tu nak join aku!


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