Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I found another one!

time: exactly 12 midnight.
venue: home
mood: err... happy?
currently: blog-hopping.

today something miracle happens. Tasha, the so-called make up addicted girl didnt wear her make up to her mom's shop. how pathetic! she looks damn ugly. pale. sick. 2 pimples coming out due to her overlapping period. she's in bad mood today. very low sales at the shop compared to yesterday. 

and YES, I'm talking about myself!

not some other bitchy Tasha or whatsoever. i have no time to bitch bout others today. too moody! why? blame god for it. he created PMS and human seems to blame everything on PMS. YES! esp guys. every time a girl is in a bad mood, he says "PMS" and the rest nodded, as if they're so concern bout it! hak tuiiii (spitting). ok, i should really stop typing now. or else, more hatred word will come out! sorry Endy. i'm just too shallow today! 

the reason why i type this out is because i found something during my blog-hopping session. wanna know what is it? 

Bila aku terjaga habit aku capai phone kokak aku thu. (2nd paragraph, 1st sentence)

yes, i found yet another sentence using the word kokak! lol. so exciting. yeah, you can call me lame. but the process of learning new stuff is just exciting. it's just so motivating to see others using the same word too! lol.

till then.... bye!



dekkai said...

hahahah..nnt aku post gak perkataan kokak!

ko cari sampai dpt tau :P

fazrin2211 said...


Natasha said...

dekkai... ko tau tak google blog ade option searh??? taip je la perkataan kokak tu.. kang klua la! hahaahaha...

si faz ni mengong kot... taip nama aku ja buat pa? mengong!


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