Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update from KL

time: 1.12 am
venue: Bukit Jalil, KL
mood: cheerful
currently: waiting for Faz to finish his business in the toilet, gonna Skype soon. lol.

i reached KL yesterday and i was too tired to fix my laptop. i slept the whole day. it was really tiring. driving alone to KL. on Saturday, i cant sleep much. so Sunday morning, i became an early bird. i dont sleep, does that consider as early bird too? lol. IDK.

i started packing my luggage at 8.30 a.m. while frying fries. at 9 a.m. i took a bath and ate my fries while watching Desperate Housewife season 2. put on a simple + lazy make up (foundation-eyeliner-mascara-blusher-lipbalm) and start exporting my luggage to my car. next, i go upstairs to tell my mom that i'm leaving. she was still sleeping when i woke her up. mom gave me some money for the journey ( thank you mom!). i left the house at exactly 10 a.m.

it was kinda sad. i love my home. even though we're not as same as other family, and not as close as others, that's for sure, we're still family. we're still surviving from a cronic problems. we can still smile and pretend that we're happy family. i do appreciate that, mom, dad. anyways, my life now is in KL. i cant stand staying in Penang. they just wont accept my lifestyle. they cant accept my thinking. at least when i'm here, i'm surrounded by international students. some dude who can actually talk with open mind is here.

ok, the reason why i post this blog is to share my expenses from Penang to KL. just some info for others to share. my good friend, Faz, did post the same thing, his expenses from KL to Kedah. visit his blog for further info.

here is the sum for mine:

Car type: Perodua Viva 1.0 EX (auto)
Distance between Penang-KL : approximately 430km + 13.5km of Penang bridge
Fuel : i filled RM40 (my car still have 2 bar of petrol, so assuming RM10 per bar, means now it's 6 bar)
Toll : reloaded Touch N Go RM50, balance RM7, so it's about RM43
Speed : i was driving between 130-150km/hour.
Duration: 10 a.m. - 1.20 p.m. (yeah kinda hard to believe!)

when i reach Bukit Jalil, my car still have 2 bar of petrol. so, about RM40 for petrol. so total up will ber as follow;

RM40 + RM43 = RM83

that's all i wanna share. oh ya, another thing, Viva can't turn 45degrees with the speed above 130km/hour. so, please dont do it. lol. i almost crash myself. ok, see ya next time Endy.

back in town,


fazrin2211 said...

take care, jgn laju2 k, tau la bosan balik sorang.ingat org tersayang

Natasha said...

haha... kat jelapang paling takut skali!! nasib baik la aku balik elok selamat... hhehehehe.,...

dekkai said...

bagus ang tasha!

aku baru nak g penang next month :P

so aku naek neo budget tol and minyak g balik nak dekat 2rat gak ar :|

Natasha said...

ko nyer neo brapa cc?? kalau 1.3, aku rasa dlm 160-180 camtu la... ikut la ko driving cemane... kalau ko rajin tekan break... minyak tak save sgt la... hehehe...


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