Thursday, May 28, 2009

pissed off, AGAIN!

yes, AGAIN! why? one idiot actually made an effort to message me in Pingbox and refused to tell me his/her name and dare to admit that he/she is my friend. what's so confidential anyway? solutions? i told him/her, F*** OFF!
P/s: to whom it may concerned, i dont care who you are, but will it hurt just to introduce yourself? to others, DONT MESSAGE ME IN THIS FEW HOURS!
the end,


fazrin2211 said...

namo la marah2, namo camtu namo camtu

Natasha said...

mau aku tak hangen! cari pasaiiiiiiii...

Elly Rocker said...

kata tak nak mencarut dah?

Natasha said...

bila lak aku kata takmau carut? adeh... pandai2 ja ang! mengong!

dekkai said...

kiamat dunia tasha tak mencarut dah!!hahahaha..

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