Monday, June 15, 2009

Penang-KL this weekend, anyone?

time: 10.33 a.m.
venue: home
mood: stressed-out.
currently: worried bout something. writing this out, trying to ease my mind!

sometimes it's kinda funny when people actually commented my post. it became even more hilarious when they comment a post that i considered as one of the shortest post i've ever type. not even considered as post. just a note. random note. 

to be honest, i dont have anything interesting to share today. i woke up kinda early today. about 5.30 a.m. yeah, that's what you get when you sleep at 10 p.m. ahaa... just remembered to tell you that i'm going back this weekend to KL.cant wait to go back there. not because of anything, just him. yeah, he's coming back too. gonna fetch him in airport. hopefully his flight doesnt stop that long in Dubai. 

oh, before i forget, Happy Belated Birthday to MILLYMIN, my crazy senior in SGGS. lol.

ok, i have to stop typing. bye!

p/s: Yam, did you realize that your comment link is off? it's killing me softly! you know how much i love to comment after reading blog!!!!! aiyah, fix it!




ehehehe bukan x nak komen yg lain2 entry tapi malas :D

Natasha said...

adeh... hahaha.. ampeh je zuha ni... amacam tmpt keje skang? bz lagi ke?


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