Saturday, June 20, 2009

God is giving me a hint?

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i dont know what is the real thing going on with my life now. yesterday i found out that Diana registered into LKW. Diana told me that Lila, former Georgian, wanted to join LKW as well. Farah Ang, another lucky friend, is flying to Queensland next month. her financial issue is solved. my brother is going to study in Cheras next week. So, what's the hint you're giving me, god? is this a click on my clueless mind? 

i just hope that this is not a false alarm. i dont want to be disappointed anymore.right now, i'm trying my best to put the little thing called HOPE far far away from me. i dont want to start hoping once again because when u did, you're just gonne ended up at the same crossroad once again. same old same old.

i'm going back to KL tomorrow. actually, i have lotsa plan ahead of me but i dont know which one to launch first. but one thing for sure, in college or not, my blog shop is gonna be up by this year. i've been postponing that shit for ages. right now i'm fighting the urges of postponing my trip to kl. omg. i'm such a lazy ass creature. as what my mom said, getting profit or not, is another long story. now, the most important thing is to try it out and get something out of it. 

i went to MARA office today and they told me to apply for LKW first, then apply for MARA. if my parent's salary is more than 70k per year then i can only get half of the loan. i dont mind. i just need them to settle my 19k per year fees. i might be able to skip 1st year. depending on the course i take. if i choose Creative Multimedia then i have higher chances that i could skip first year of degree. 

ok ok... no more thinking about degree.... think about your blog shop tash! 


do i have the honor of being a student,

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