Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bye Penang, Hello KL, Hello again.

time: 03.11 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happy and sad
currently: watching malay comedy

i'm going back later in the afternoon. i felt so weird this time. as if something is telling me something. should i go back today or not? i bet he already depart from his hometown. god knows how much i miss him. can't wait to see him.

the thing is, i felt like i have incomplete task here in penang. another thing is, i start to feel the homesick. i'm gonna miss home. i know it's unfair for me to say that. he came back all the way abroad and i'm here nagging about how i'm gonna miss home.

sometimes i just hate KL. it is so fake. full of fake people. it's the place where i learn to be fake. it's also the place where i met all of those fake spoiled-brat kids. yeah, they do get onto my nerves sometimes, when they actually does complaint bout life. WTF are they thinking? they should consider themselves lucky. ok, enough on them. sick of it. i can go on and on coz i have too much story on them.

the most important thing now is, i have a big mission. two big mission actually. i have to try my best to get this degree. meanwhile, i have to complete my shop's planning. i have to launch it by this year. too much of postponing. if i get myself into LKW, means i have to juggle between work and studies. bigger responsibility means bigger commitment and less time for fun.

ok. let me stop crapping here. the real reason why i type this entry is because i want to ease my mind. and i wanna tell everyone of you to help me pray for this opportunity. i really need this degree. and i think i've earn enough to get it. i do deserve this. a 4.0 is my promise to my mom, my dad, everyone and most importantly, to myself.

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