Friday, June 26, 2009

A present for my brother!

time: 10.36 a.m.
venue: Bukit Jalil
mood: excited for him
currently: thinking of nice words to write to him

My family reach this afternoon in KL. they're sending my bro to study in Cheras. for heaven's sake i cant remember the name of the college. i'll tell you later when i find out on it. i went to Carrefour before i meet them. bought groceries. then, i was thinking, what will i get for my bro? i mean, as a welcome gift for him. a gift that will symbolize student life, a creative multimedia student life.

YES. he took the exact same course that i had 2 years back. reason? honestly, cant think of any. what i know of him, he likes 3D animation. so, i guess after this diploma, he's gonna continue on 3D. as for me, i'm more to graphic. i love illustrator. ok, stop talking bout me. this entry is dedicated to Nazrul. i knew he's excited to start his new life. being a student is the best thing ever in life.

for while, i stunt. i really dont know what to give. let's face it, i'm not close to any of my bro. so, i dont know what's their favourite stuff. finally, i grab a set of colourful pen. yeah, might sounded lame but i think this is a good gift. a gift that he could use and cherish at the same time. he loves to draw. he could use it for drawing or taking notes or making mind map. and the colour symbolize a student life. FULL OF COLOUR. fun. insane. but still, juggling between work and play. that's for sure.

so, tomorrow i'm going to hand this pen set to him with a piece of paper written;

Bro, honestly i dont know what to get you. however, i think this is an appropriate gift for you. a colourful pen set just to start your first day of college. the colour shows how student life is like. you're a creative person. i bet you could use the most of it and come out with an excellent piece. WELCOME TO STUDENT LIFE. the best life of your lifetime. entering the college is a victory, but the best had yet to come. this is just the starting. work hard and dont forget to play hard. GOOD LUCK.

your sis,


fazrin2211 said...

klu saya adik kamu, tentunya saya sgt suka

Natasha said...

lol... tq faz :P
hopefully dia suka la kan...
nothing much pun!


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