Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ma bro is registering today!

time: 7:13 a.m.
venue: home
mood: happyyyyy
currently: woke up one hour ago, been online since then!

today is a very exciting day for someone. someone that i love. yes, i love my bro, even though it's not visible. i really cant believe it. he's in college now. he's gonna be the man now. how interesting. i'm happy for him. he finally got to taste life on his own perspective.

it seems like yesterday i feed him food when he was little. it feels like yesterday when i send him to day care. it really seems like yesterday when we watched Dragon Ball cartoon on TV2 in Saturday morning. eating Koko Crunch, drinking chocolate flavoured milk (his favourite) and waiting for our parents to be awake. bro, i didnt realize that you're growing up. i was just too busy with my fucked up life. honestly, i miss our childhood. the life full of fun.

anyways, history is history. can't be repeat. can't be undo. the most important thing now is to look forward to our future and have a successful life. i'll always wish for the best. i know you can do this. whatever problems that our family have, just tossed it aside. life is just beginning for you. cherish this moment before it ends. i'm really glad that you made it to college. i'm glad that you don't have to be like me. the loser of the family. hope's on you, bro.

yesterday, i went to Guardian pharmacy, to buy lots of stuff for myself. i knew Guardian is having their 42nd anniversary sales. so, i bought face mask, shampoo, razor, hygiene wash, shaving gel, acne cream(very important) and a liquid foundation. yes, i bought that liquid foundation because i wanna try it out. it's new from Maybelline. lol. i wear mix product of make up. but the usual thing i buy is Estee Lauder(everything), Maybelline(foundation and mascara), Shu Eumura (only their eye shadow) and Elianto (their eyeliner is cool!). ok ok... WTF am i listing this shit for. my point just now is to tell you how much i spent for the item. i spent only RM100.55 for all that 7 items. cheap huh? really cheap.

actually, it has been my habit to buy my stuff during promotions. this is where we can save money. i'm just a student. i dont have much money to spend on luxurious branding items. so, SALES is my best buddy. i have yet to buy my day and night dream. it's finishing. esp my day cream. this shows that i'm always lazy to put on my night cream after i wash my face! lol. usually, i will wash it, then apply toner, then i'm gonna be browsing the net! totally forgotten the cream part! or sometimes i'm just too lazy to put it on. lol. that is how you can sometimes see my skin is having one or two acne. agrrhhhh i hate that word. acne. go away from me!

ok, i've crap too much. time to get ready. i need to stop a cab to Hilton PJ. why? too lazy to drive. since my dad is here, why not hop on to his MPV. dont you think? lol.

See you next time Endy. love ya!



fazrin2211 said...

semangat ang noh tasha,hehe

Natasha said...

hehe... Happy maa adik aku masuk college. Kalau ang, ang tak happy ka?

dekkai said...

hepi la wei adik masuk college! comel pe pensil color2 ko bg lau aku mesti suka giler dowh!

Natasha said...

aha... ko dekkai mesti paham perasaan aku... adik yg dr kecik kita jaga.... tgk2 dah masuk college... hehehe... nanti ko tgk la time azeem masuk college....

wei... bukan pencil colour2... pen set... adeh... yg dak2 graphic pakai utk illustration tu... pencil color plak dia ckp... sekeh kang...

dekkai said...

erk salah taip! pen color2 :D

fazrin2211 said...

dia nak suruh adik dia wat grafik cam dia gak la tu..alalala

Natasha said...

cait... apa plak... budak tu buat 3D...


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