Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basic Photography Workshop (3 days)

This is just an advertisement for my friend. A good friend of mine is having a Basic Photography Workshop on 24th, 25th and 26th of June. it's a small group workshop, so learning experience is enhanced and interaction between tutor is absolutely better. ok, i dont want to nag too much on this. why dont you just read the info below. PLEASE NOTE THAT I'M NOT INVOLVED IN THIS WORKSHOP. anything that you need, contact ZaminOmar himself. i just can assure you that he's a good person. he don't bite. lol. oh ya... the ad is in Malay. Enjoy.

edited info from Zamin:
This class consist of 3 important elements, which is:
1-marketing photography
2-basic editing photography
3-basic camera photography

P/s: i will update bout myself later at night. got few stuff to tell ya. bye!

came back from Lowyat,


fazrin2211 said...

dasyat depa lani

Aiza Jeniza said...

dia buat kat mana?

Natasha said...

Faz... kejadah haram apa nya dasyat... ang dr semalam lagi guna perkataan tu! adeh.... aku tolong pomot ja... bukan kelas aku pun...

ni aiza... tarak nampak ka aku bubuh situ... further info pi tepon si Zam. tp aku rasa dia buat kat banglo dia kat balik pulau. pi la tepon dia. ckp ang jumpa ad tu kat blog aku. suruh kasi discount skit.


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