Thursday, June 04, 2009

Climbed automatic gates, wearing knee-length dress...

time:00.25 a.m.
venue: my house
mood: exhilarated!
currently: just learned a new word!

today, is my first time ever, climbing my own gate, wearing my dress! what a wonderful thing to do. thanks to forever useless bro! he left the house without telling me. so, me and my mom ended up being lock outside our own house! why? because i dont have the damn remote! ok, this shit just add up my pro-cons list on technology! why dont we just have the typical gate??? 

ok. enough bout that. i'm a little occupied tonight. so, cant really crap a lot. today i've learn new word. kudos to Fazrin! lol. he translated the word for me. ok, it's a malay word, originally from Johor (that's what he claims) called "kokaq". how did i actually came across this word? i read some comment on Faz's blog and someone mention that word. so i asked him and he explains;

kokaq tu bahasa johor aku rasa
sebab masa aku kecik2 dulu slau guna bahasa tu
kokaq tu slalu budak2 sebut
kete kokaq
kokaq= buruk, lama
janji leh pakai je la

ok i know most of my reader dont understand malay. it's ok. just a malay word. i type this out just as reminder to myself. lol. ok i'm busy. ttys. bye!


fazrin2211 said...

kokaq @ kokak , yes, word form johor.

contoh ayat: tasha have kokak car @ tasha ada kereta kokak.

Natasha said...

juboq ang la faz.... buat contoh nama aku pasaipa??? sekeh baru tau!


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