Sunday, October 17, 2010


Guys, do you still remember my ENTRY on BMI.

in that entry, i said, i will only remove that BMI shit on the left of my blog, when i lost 15kg.

i tried the widget today and this is what i've got.

I am considered NORMAL

How cool is that?


i used to be OVER-WEIGHT.

ok, i am still fat. need to lose another 8kg. 

Yes Tasha. 

Just 8 more.

and 8 is my lucky number.

wish me luck everyone!

P/s: i need to look gorgeous on christmas party, New Year Eve, 9 Weddings (yes, most of my friend gave up being single), and most important of all, i need to look gorgeous when i step into Lim Kok Wing!

Getting there,

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Nur Maryam said...

let's achieve it to together!!!


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