Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not Everyone Wants The Same Shit.

Phases of life in Malaysia:

  • Graduate high school, received SPM cert.
  • Get Diploma/A-Level/Pre-U/Matriculation/etc.
  • Pursue Degree.
  • Work your ass out.
  • Climb up career ladder, or in some cases, career remain static.

ok... what's next???? 

Your makcik, pakcik, kepoci neighbour, kawan-kawan stereotaip, penyibuk-penyibuk di FB, and etc expects you to

  • GET MARRIED!!!???!!!????????!!!!????!!!

ok, i understand, marriage is one phase of life that everyone, i mean, MOST of us, will go through. but please put in your mind that NOT EVERYONE WANTS THE SAME SHIT. ok, i'm not implying that getting married is a SHIT. just stressing out the point that we all wants different shit of things. 

whenever i made a statement, "i dont want to get married", everyone will go like, OMG. and i will receive comments like;

"kawin tu menyempurnakan kehidupan"
"kawin tu best"
"ko taknak kawin ke" (said with a shocking face)

u know, such a comment.

damn it people, what's wrong with u guys?

  • korang kawin awal, I NEVER SAY A WORD.
  • korang anak 2,3,4,5,6,7...... I NEVER SAY A WORD.
  • korang kawin laki org, I NEVER SAY A WORD.
  • korang call aku, gaduh dgn laki korang, i listen attentively, and, I NEVER SAY A WORD.
  • korang citer and bitch bout ur in laws, I NEVER SAY A WORD.

byk lagi la isu. but i think u got my point here.

so, with this, takyah la korang nak judge life aku. suka hati aku la nak kawin ke tak ke. the thing is, even my Jack never say a word bout it. he never complaints. why do you guys have to be so "CARING" all of the sudden? why? just to compare who's got the best husband? best wedding? best flawless ring? best wedding dresses? OMG. LAME, may i say. 

yes, most of you would want to get married. 

no, i dont want to get married. 

i'm not saying that this is my permanent decision FOREVER. just not now. what is the big fuss anyway? when i told you i dont have any plans on marriage, all of you act as if i'm an alien. HELLO people, worlds doesnt evolve just around you, you know?

how can you say that getting married is the best thing ever? i mean, back to what my dad said. he always tells me not to say something is THE BEST, unless you've experience it all. so, i'm asking you one question. how do you say, being married is the best life ever? how do you know being single is not the best life ever? HOW?


well, you can't, can you?

because happiness is a very subjective manner.

furthermore, everyone calls me materialistic for demanding a house and a Tiffany. WHO THE HECK are you to care? seriously? for heaven's sake, if i'm not getting any of that from the man that i love, i'll get it myself. i know i can afford that. what's your problem? seriously?


ok, lemme share my idea of a perfect life to you.
you might have a different perspective of life. 
that's what made this world so colorful anyway.
feel free to share it in my comment box.
it's open for all.

My idea of a perfect life:

  • Being an Art Director in a publishing company.
  • Own at least 3 business, running smoothly.
  • Get out from office the latest at 6.
  • Have drinks with my girls after work.
  • A great date with the person i love, that'll be dinner.
  • Go back home, do my personal stuff, such as, do my nails, reading my fav book, watching TV series, etc.
  • Go for short trip on weekends. 
  • Go to spa whenever i feel like it.
  • Own a town house, beach house and a service resident condo.

ok that's it. that's what i want to achieve in life. yeah, most of you will say, i'm dreaming too much. i'm being arrogant. bla bla bla. but this is a dream. my dream life. nobody have the right to condemn it. because everyone have their own preferences in life.

so, the point of this entry is.....



*by SINGLE, i mean, not married. I'm not single. I'm taken, by Jack*



P/s: even if i'm getting married, you're not invited. thank you.

Tasha Leow


Southern-Girl said...

same thing happen to me last year.

i was congratulating a friend for his wedding on my FB wall, then my so called 'friends' left their comments asking me dumb ass shit like

"Aik, mamat tu nak kawen? Kau pe cite??"

then sekor lagi

"Sapa nak kat dia, dia kan ayam pencen"

then menyambung kera yang first

"Haah kan, sapa nak ayam pencen, hamis...! Kena cuci dulu baru boleh makan"

pastu akhirnya aku reply pendek je..

"Aku tanak kawen, puas?"

kemudian ada seekor minah plak menyambung

"Tak kawen mana nak puas?"

disambung oleh kera yang pertama

"Dia puas main dengan timun je!"

Apa kau rasa bila kau kena macam tu?

Aku terus buang diorang. Perangai cam sial macam tu tak layak la nak berkawan dengan aku.

kalau setakat gurau depan-depan aku boleh accept, ini FB wall aku.. dah kira menghina and memalukan aku depan family dan orang lain yang kenal aku. cam sial je. Gi mampos golongan yang macam ni!!!

TSYA'Z (~_^) said...

hahaha....tu la kan...pasal kawen pon nk sebok2 hal org...ntah pape...ade gak mkcik2 kepoh ktkg aku tnya bila aku nak kawen..huh, memg aku buat muka selenga...lntak la nk ckp aku kuang ajar ke x...sebok sguh...hahah


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