Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Answer every question fast – put down your first answer.

What is his name? Jack.
How old is he? 28.
Height? Definitely taller than me ;)
Eye Color? Black.
Hair Color? Black.
Is he  pretty? Nope.
Is he  cute? Nooooooo!
Is he  funny? YES!
Is he unique? One of a kind :)
How long have you been going out? 3 months.
Do you love him? Yes.
Who said I love you first? He did.
How long do you plan on being with him? Good question, but I never plan to leave him :)
Would you steal or lie for him? NO!
Would you stand up for him? Hell yeah.
Would you protect him even if they were at fault? Depends.
If some one touched him in the wrong way what would you do? Ah come on, he's a big boy :P
Do you trust him? Wow. Trust is always an issue for us. I'm gonna answer Yes!
Whats your favorite thing about him? He respects me :)
Whats his favorite music? Some malay song that I will never understand.
Whats his favorite food? Malay food? LOL.
Would you stop doing something for them? Already did.
Is he a jealous person? Oh yes. Back to "Fakta #1" entry!
How often do you think of them? As much as i blink my eyes ;)
Have you sang for them? NO! Never!
Would you let some one or something keep you from seeing him? Maybe.
Does he call you every day? Yes. Thanks Jack!
Do they smoke? Yes.
Name one thing you would change about him? His mindset.
Has he changed you? A lil bit.
When was the last time you saw him? 18.10.10 :(
Does he go to your school or work with you? No.
Would you love him no matter what? Unless if I see him happy with someone else.
What would make you break up with him? If he's not honest with me, about anything.
Have you seen him cry? Errrr....
Has he bitten you? WTF? Why do you care?
Does he hate you? WTF? If he hates me, WTF he calls me sayang for?
Does he trust you? YES!
Does he let you touch him? What a question. Hahahahahaha.
Is he dedicated to you? Yes.
Is he some one you want to be with for a long time? I think so.
How long have you known him? About a year.
Why did you choose him? He promise to love and care bout me. Actually, the main reason is, his SINCERITY.
What would be the perfect date with him? A nice dinner, followed by drinks, just us there.
Have you met his parents? Nope.
Has he met your parents? Yes.
Do your best friends like him? Yup.

P/s: Jack, I answered without thinking twice okay. The answer might not be as complete as it should be. 

Your Ace

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