Wednesday, October 06, 2010

That Week We Spent Together...

It's been beautiful.
You and me, together.
Just spending time with each other.
Updating on our life for the past one month.

I'm happy,
To see you happy.
To meet you everyday.
To talk just anything to you.

I knew that i could always rely on you.
I knew i could just share anything with you.
Because you're just the most understanding person ever.
You never say anything. Just listening religiously.

........and that's just the best thing ever.

I told you i miss my room, my stuff and everything.
But just when i reach home, worn-out, i think of you.
The first thing i did was calling you, just to tell that i'm home.
I felt relieve listening to your calm voice.
Knowing that you're actually waiting.
For me to give you a call.

Right now I really miss our moment together.
You know that i'm very bad in expressing myself. 
I dont speak much on feelings and things like that.
I'd rather sit and write it down.

During that one week,
I've learn quite a few things on you. 
I've develop new feelings towards you.
I've tackle few issue with you.
I've talk random stuff too.

I hope that you're not bored.
I hope i've given the best week for you.
I'm looking forward for our next meeting.
For it's been such a lovely experience.
You and me.

I miss you.


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