Monday, October 25, 2010

Mas Kahwin :)

nothing much.
small talk kat FB.
thought of sharing it here.
baca kalau rajin :)
komen kalau rasa perlu.

P/s: For those who don't know.... Ace Heart tu aku. Don't get confused which one is me, aite? :)

P/s/s: click utk besarkan pic. don't worry, angpa tak rabun lagi. mmg gambaq ni kecik. wakakaka.

1 comment:

Southern-Girl said...

GOSH! Thank God he's not my boyfriend! or else I might end up dumping him on the side of the road and bitch slap him before I go!

Totally agree with u. It's stated that WALAU. If you can't understand simple word such as WALAU, than you're an ass!

Kalau that person mampu belikan more than just cincin besi, apa salah beli yang mampu tu? Kalau belikan cincin besi juga, CONFIRM TAIK IDUNG MASIN OK! Baik tinggalkan saje!

Enough said.


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