Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sex and the city...

..... Season 1 episode 7 - The Monogamist.

I can't sleep. 
I'm waiting for my Jack...
.... to wake up and call me.

He's still sick.
I don't want to disturb him resting.
Let him doze off those sickness.

So, i decided to watch this TV Series.
One of my favorite, may i say.
I've watched it more than 10 times.
and... i'm still laughing my ass out.
episode by episode.

I dont know why....
....but this series really reminds me of my girls.

the pattern is just the same.
hanging out on friday night.
ordering glorious food.
having nice drinks.

just talk bout anything.....
.......without being worried that my girls gonna spill it to someone else.

hell yeah, i trust them. 
i can tell them anything.
just anything.

ok back to the title.

there's one scene in this episode.
the girls were talking bout oral sex.
and it's so hilarious of how they discuss it. 
i think that the writer had made her research well.
this is exactly how girls discuss it, well at least for my bunch of friends.


and LOL.

and LOL.

and LOL again. 

damn it's funny.

that devil who misses her girls,

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