Friday, October 29, 2010

Guess who?

Tadi aku rasa tak sedap hati.
Ntah feeling insecure.
or maybe it's just my hormone.
i PM one of my friend.
because i know he would tell me the truth.
even if it'll crush my head.

and, he came out with a very convincing words.
something that calm me straightaway.
seriously, he's so direct.
well, that's why we're best friend.

wakakakakak tak bagi aku copy tu. too bad. i just have to share this. kawan aku puji aku ok! i have to share this. thanks!

obviously, this is just part of the conversation.
and obviously i scratch all names, except mine.
i dont have to tell the world what's my issue.

so, let the game begin.
whoever can guess correctly,
i belanja you makan.


P/s: Sometimes i just miss being Tasha Leow, instead of Ace Heart. Jack, can i be single for a day? LOL.

Tasha Leow

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