Friday, October 08, 2010

It's just beautiful....

...when both of us try our best to come online just to see each other.

even when we're so exhausted due to work. 
even when we're so sleepy that we could barely open our eyes.


we'll ended up falling asleep in front of our laptop. 


p/s: ada ramai org komplen aku asyik dgn Jack je. FB pasal Jack, blog pasal Jack, YM pasal JAck, bla bla bla. errr..... DEAL WITH IT boleh? aku tak kacau idup angpa pun lah. ish. semak otak toi. rasanya aku tak over pun. angpa dok buat teruk pasaipa?

1 comment:

TSYA'Z (~_^) said...

weh, dorg jeles ko ade BF dorg xde.....hahaha


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