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Why English

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Dear Endy,
The reason why i write this right now is I'm so annoyed of how some people can just be so stupid enough to ask me "WHY ENGLISH?".


Well, let me answer it here since i usually laugh and ignore your, your, your and your question. Why English? BECAUSE I SAID SO? Because i like it? because this is my blog? because i prefer it? because i know you'll get confused reading here? because... because... because...


The point here is WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to question me that? i mean... it's up to me either i wanna write in English or Malay! It doesnt matter. what matter the most is I UNDERSTAND MYSELF! i dont give a damn if anyone out there doesnt get what i'm trying to deliver here. This blog is dedicated to Endy, my beloved friend. did i put your name up there? NO! so, why bother?

ok readers, dont get triggered by this. chill. i'm not "shooo-ing" all of you. i'm just so perplexed why people like to mess with me?? you dont like me, well yeah... get rid of me... as easy as that. why are you bookmarking my blog, keep reading it again and again, and YM me middle of the night just to tell me that "Tash, it's not WANNA, but WANT TO". omg... i'm not that stupid that i dont know WANNA is a broken english. i knew it. YES, my english is not perfect, but it's not that bad til i couldnt differentiate between wanna and want to. OMFG!

people, please dont compare me when i'm speaking on stage as a formal emcee and in mamak stall chit-chatting with ma~ peeps. oppsiee.. another broken english, isnt it? let me ask you my question. WHY should i speak so-called BRITISH ENGLISH while i'm in mamak talking to my friend? even they dont speak Brit while we're outta school. ahhh come on... what are you trying to proof here?

i'm studying in Sunway for heaven's sake! you tell me how many of them speak malay??? ok let me count for you...

1. Maryam ( i've never see her speaking malay in Sunway except with me!)
2. Tasha Renee (Malay Indo)
3. Emi (Malay Brunei)
4. Eric @ Su Weng (I never speak malay with this guy)
5. errrr... Sharon (She speak malay like auntie.. lol..)
6. Suba ( I'm telling you, she dont speak malay with me)
7. err... i dont know... maybe someone i left out??

ok... so, out of 500-600 friends that i know in Sunway, only this few people speak Malay. even they speak English with me, because it's easier for others to understand. come on... it's unfair to most of our friend not to understand the latest gossip we're sharing! lol... most important thing of all, my boyfriend doesnt understand Malay and i'm sure he want to read this piece too, dont you think???

one more thing... dont you ever say that "hang ni jgn lupa diri, melayu buat cara melayu"(Translation: Don't forget your root. you're malay, act like one - Well, something like that. i'm not good with translation). hey, watch your mouth, idiot. i never forget that i'm a malay girl and i'm even proud to be malay. but i'm just ashamed to admit that i have malay friend like you! i don't give a damn if you drive whatever car. i dont give a damn of whatever branded stuff you bought. the stuff just dont shine on you. instead, it outshines you. too bad. you're trying too hard to impress others. why? I dont have any idea.

For your info, i can perfectly speak MALAY in Penang and Perak slang. i can understand Kelantan and Terengganu people speak. i think it's a shame on you not to be better than me in Malay for fact that i'm not a pure malay and i know better. i remain silent of everything i know because KNOWLEDGE is not a subject to show off to but to practice again and again for the rest of your life. did i tell you that i speak French? no? omg... maybe i forgot to show off to you just now. pardon! maybe i should show off to you so that you will show off something else and so forth and in the end we both get nothing but boredom of speaking to each other. not to mention getting annoyed for what we've done. I'm annoyed of myself now because i actually reply your words and wasting my time here now typing this nonsense shit.


Most of the friend i know in Penang try their best to outstand. yeah, it's good to outstand. I'll be happy for you. but the thing that i just cant resist being irritated to is your attitude that'll just provoke me. you girls will show off anything... seriously, ANYTHING.. that you have. your boyfriend. your car. your handbag. your tee. your shoes.

ok i get it.

you have Nike shoes.
you have Guess bag.
you have Roxy shirt.
you have Levi's jeans.
you have (what else they like to show off? what other brand? you fill in the blanks)
you have caucasian boyfriend.
your boyfriend have nice modified cars.
you have engage with this nice guy.


well, the next time you wanna come here showing off anything, just put in mind that...

Tasha have 6 stilettos, 2 wedges, 5 heels, 3 pumps, 1 peep-toe, 4 slippers and 4 sport shoes.
Tasha have Obermain, Aigner, LV, Barry Smith and other 9 handbags.
Tasha have more than 20 jeans (incl skirt) of brand that i cant even remember all of them.

ok let me continue showing off...


opps... you dont even pass your school exam!

so stop talking shit on my language and stop flaunting whatever you have. because i just dont bother. oh ya... another thing... please please please.... dont be so cheap to be proud of what your boyfriend had bought for you.

my bf buy me this.
my bf buy me that.
my bf buy me those.
my bf buy me everything.

cant we ladies be independent and take care of ourselves? i just hate it when i person who cant afford anything coming to me and bragging on what she's wearing which had been sponsored by dearly Mr. Boyfriend.

yes guys, I dont mean that you guys cant buy present for your beloved GF, but make sure they dont be your GF just because you're loaded. GET WHAT I MEAN?

ok why am i talking bout something else?

wait, it's not something else. this is actually the root of the problem. that girl is actually striving to be better than others. and my English is just one of her element to poke my nerves.

ok before i stop this nonsense..

kepada mangkuk2 ayun sekalian,
mampuih pi kat aku la aku nak buat apa pun. angpa kira pa? aku kacau juboq angpa ka? dok buat raplah pa pasai aku. ni blog aku. ikut suka mak bapak aku la nak tulih kot mana pun. angpa sakit tang mana? awat mak bapak tak reti ajaq elok2 ka yg dok mai buat sakit hati org? aku kacau ka marka2 angpa yg kononnya baguih tu?? pirahh... dok buat juah lebih.. setakat marka angpa pakai Wira/Perdana modified yg bising nak mampoih tu, takyah nak mai blagak tang ni. aku dah naik cemuih tgk angpa belagak. serupa barua siye.

puaih hati?? buat pertama kali dlm blog ni aku tulih melayu.

(Translation: Too lazy to translate. In short, I'm *&^%$# them)

and for your info, i actually have a malay blog but it's anonymous. so, find me if you're smart. i also have an art blog. but i dont really want you to find out that that's my work. let people judge me as anonymous rather than judging me as a friend. then the comments on the artwork wont be affected.

ok Endy, sorry sorry sorry for this stupid entry. and for others, please dont feel offended. this is just my feelings towards this stupid girl.

i'm malay
proud that i am

oh ya... plus the CHINESE (ehhehe, sorry dad)!

whadya think motha fucka,


Nur Maryam said...

I LOVE THIS ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! what ever it is, i'm at your side darling.

once again, WTF to those maggot

Life In Mono said...

giler panjang...
anyway, i wanted to ask this since like 20 years ago...
who is endy???

Natasha said...

wow... it seems like this post is popular! hahaha.... omg! i'm freaking laughing my ass out right now!

Yam, i know you will! lol...

well zuha... that girl is just having a mental problem, which needed emergency treat right away!

lol... pjg pun ko bace buat pe! hahahaha... i'm just irritated, so melalut2 sampai kemana tah... bila baca balik, i was like... OMG! i actually wasted my time with this? lol...


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