Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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i just finish watching Forgetting Sarah Marhall and i love that movie. at first i thought that it was not that funny, even though there's a few scene which makes me LMAO! lol... after the movie, i did some research on the net. well, i know Russell Brand is kinda well-known, but i dont know he have this song!

i'm still doing research on that song, but as far as i'm concerned, it's all about sex. but hell yeah, it's beautiful! so why dont you guys spend few minutes of your time and listen to Inside of You. and this is the lyrics that i found in SongLyric.

Oh these ancient skies
I've had these wandering eyes
but you took me by surprise
when you let me inside of you

Inside of you
Inside of you
There's got to be
Some part of me
Inside of you

Inside of you, I could cross this desert plane
Inside of you, I can hear you scream my name
Inside of you, while the stars unfold
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world
And I need you here and I need to be
Inside of you

Now the flowers bloom
I feel you creep into my room
And if this should be our tune
I'll die here inside of you

And the world explodes
I've never been down this road
Teach me how to glow
While I'm moving
Inside of you

Inside of you, the restless find their dreams
Inside of you, this king has found his queen
Inside of you, all the stars unfold
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world
And I need you here and I need to be
Inside of you

Inside of you
Bay blue
So say it's you
To thoughts untrue
Who I woo
It's you I woo

Through and through
And through and through
There's so much more than just a screw
Inside of you

And I was blizzard blind
Felt like I've lost me mind
But you've treated me so kind
I don't know what to do.

as for the movie, i do believe that you guys have to check out the forum for this movie in order to get the jokes! yes the movie is funny, but after reading the forum, i realize that i miss out lots of synical jokes. well, maybe my understanding in their British accent is not that good yet. personally, my fav jokes of the movie is when Chuck / Koonoo (played by Paul Rudd) making fun of the redhead! lol...

oh... before i go... Rachael (played by Mila Kunis) is so gorgeous! and i love her lip color!

next movie please,

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