Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Internship Result!

Time: 10:22 p.m.
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Sorry for the long delay of post! I'm just not in the mood to write. tonight, i dont know what seems to be the urge for me to write to you. actually, i just miss writing to you. Today i purposely write just to tell you that i've got an A for my internship! lol... I'm so happy even though i'm sure that i deserve better than 82! damn to whoever that mark my paper! i deserved better than that. damn you.

anyways, Chinese New Year is coming soon. i'm not even sure either to go back or to stay here. i'm kinda lazy to go back and meet my family. my parents came yesterday. my dad came business trip while my mom and i went to KL to buy more stock for her shop. she's endlessly complaining to me about the unstable economy that affects her business totally. she's kinda scared that we'll remain static til end of the year. ok that's scary!

we went shopping and she bought me 6 beautiful flowery dress. ok, gotta admit this, I LOVE DRESSES! for now i'm just too lazy to snap pictures but i force myself to take 1, that is also taken only by my webcam. lol... see what i mean??? i'm a lazy ass! ok, check it out.

errr... it doesnt really turn out that nice since my room lighting is very dim. well, maybe i'll post it next time when i'm wearing it. lol... neways, the red colour on the left is actually the bottom of the dress. i just randomly snap the picture. the other 5 of it??? if u wanna see it, you gotta come here yourself. lol.. who's interested anyway. what's the big deal of a girl having tons and tons of dress. omg... i'm so gonna be fancy once again.

can you imagine me being fancy once again? with all the makeup, curly hair, accessories, flurry stuff, e.t.c.!!! gosh... i'm gonna take 2 hours to get ready even for a simple dinner in Pyramid! OMG! i like the current me! simple and easy. get a short, a not so baby tee (becoz it's size M), slipper and i'm done! cool isnt it??? but then, i realize once again how ugly do i look without makeup and how messy and out of class i am when i wear those scrubs!!! wanna see?

once again, sorry for the lighting issue. in this pic, my lights was totally OFF! therefore, i look darker too. lol... TASHA, STOP BLAMING THE LIGHTS and start putting on some sunblock! god damn it i'm dark now! lol... not that i care anyway. ok people, now you get the idea of the ugly girl who's too lazy to even put on some blush!! you get it??? lol... i miss the old me!

errkkk... endy, i suddenly feel like i wanna continue my project on changing this lame blog template. i gotta go now before i run out of inspiration! bye!


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