Thursday, January 29, 2009

Messages I got in my myspace inbox

time: 3.51 p.m.
venue: home.
mood: annoyed.
currently: blocking people in myspace.

today, i wanna share my experience using myspace with other people. i dont know why, i just have the urge to share it today. i could not be bothered bout this thing for years. i've been a loyal member of myspace for 6 constant years. yes, 6 years is long.

i registered my myspace because Azizi, my late friend, asked me bout it. so, i said, why not. let's check it out. well, i was not active til the year of 2006, when i started my college. from there, i've learn a lot. i've met more than 1000 people. yes, i did, indeed. of course, i dont just jump into conclusion and thought that everyone meant well. before i met anyone, i'll scrutinize into his/her profile. get to know them. then only i'll decide either to meet, or just be friends in cyber.

no doubt that i've enjoyed meeting people from all races, ages, and religions. they had taught me so much in life. in fact, most of my friend that i know now is through Yahoo Messenger group or Myspace. i've met great friends there. i've met great bro and sis there. and yes, i love hanging out with them. i have thousands in my YM list and i'm sorry i ignored some while i'm online. because i just cant handle too much. i have life too. you know what i mean. lol...

however, there's certain thing that i dont like about online friends. i mean, not all of them, but most of them. despite being in the millenium century, this people still choose to be close-minded. or should i say, judging people just by their dress or their attitude. is it just me or is it everybody that like to misinterpret my style? i dont know. ok, i know you guys must be cloudy of what i'm trying to explain here. ok, let me elaborate a little bit on this.

well, everybody knows that i love mini skirt and tank top. yes, i'm fat, you dont have to remind me of that. yet, i still believe that there's no boundary for anyone to wear whatever they like. the problem is... people always take me as a bitch when they see me wearing mini skirt. hello.... just because i'm malay, doesnt mean i cant wear it! ok, back to myspace issue. ok, just because i posted a picture of me wearing skirts, doesnt make me a bitch on myspace. and it also doesnt make me a low class person who begs money from people. and it doesnt sign that i'm horny and i need to be fuck. ok? get it? if you dont get it, you're welcome to get lost from my sight, moron!

everyday, i've got like 30++ message from random myspacer and i just dont bother to open any of them sometimes because i already knew the content. yes, not all are cheap. but they can be categorize in either lame or bitchy message. only a few is descent. and yes, i appreciate great friends on myspace. thanks for making my day! ok to make this even more visible, i'm gonna check my inbox now, and i'm gonna take the first 20 messages in my inbox and sort them out in the 2 category, which is the bitchy one and the lame one.

ok, here's a few message of moron people who thinks that i'm cheap (Type A: BITCHY):

hye tash..
*&^%$# besar laa...
hope i can *&^%$# u hard..
if u don't mind i wanna *&^%$#@,,,
thanxx (Go fuck ur mom first!)

rm200 for sleep wif me,just 1 hour.....reply if u want it
0129157949 my no (i'll double the price for you to sleep with your mom!)

and this is the lame message i receive (Type B: LAME):

how re u..? (i'm fine thank you. bla bla bla... then what? think of other intro, man!)

hiiiiiiiiiii (what do you expect me to answer?? HIIIIIIIIIIIIII??) org tk bermaya jea??(budak klantan) (WTF is this guy typing? it's obviously stated in my profile that i'm a PENANGITES!)

HAI..NAK NO PHONE BLH TAK? (yeah sure, after you do a brain transplant with Einstein!)

How r u (ohhh pleaseeee... another one?)

x tdo lg (and what does it have to do with you?)

bt pe ni x tdo lg ker??? (huhhh???? another one?)
lame dah ke online?hehe
Happy CNY..hehe
dah mkn kuih raye ke?ekeeke... (ok thanks for wishing, but get a better question to ask!)

u xon ym ke? (even if i'm online, i rather choke to death before chatting with you!)

morning..u ader ym x?leh add? :) (TAK BOLEH! like duhhh... stoooopid question)

uat ape tu....???? (why do you carE?)

x tyto lagi.... (i'm speechless... this is like the 3rd same questionon??)

hai..apa kabar awk kat sana..??
skrg ni tgh buat apa tu?? (see what i mean... i believe you're getting fed up of the same question too!)

i'm christ,from russia,now i stay in kajang in malaysia
would u like we make dating?
which city u live? (first, fix your english. 2nd, i'll never date a dumb guy, IDIOT!)

hii tasha are you today...have YM add me yea (and what makes u think i'm gonna add you?)

ngh wat per 2???????npe xtdo lg (i'm about to puke!)

ok Endy... i know you're getting annoyed by this people. this is what i've got for today in my inbox. it's really discouraging for me to check my inbox in myspace. that's why i rather go to Myyearbook, where people are less bitchy and more vocabulary. ok, most of the person who message me is malay. and the stupid guy who offer me the stupid 200 bucks is chinese.

so, now don't question why i dont date malaysian guys. they're either too stupid to jump into conclusion and think that i'm cheap or they're just lame in introduction. come on... you tell me which chick will fall for you if you just tell them hi or how are you... it's just so typical. get some other idea. i've receive lots of intro from outsiders which is quite interesting to answer.

i mean, i dont know for others, but i'm that kinda girl who doesnt fall for a single hi or how are you. that's just so lame... for me, you ask how are you when you've met an old friend. or you met your lecturer after a long semester break. you know, that sorta stuff! in fact, how are you is one of the 1st english words taught in school. try to outstand a lil bit. some research on the girl before saying hi doesnt bite, do they? read up their profile before hitting the message button.

oh ya... another issue... i've strictly stated in my profile that:

Frankly speaking, i dont entertainpervert, lame and idiotic guys... soplease don't ask me any stupid question such as:

"boleh kenal?"
"buat apa tu?"
"dah lama online?"
"u ni mixed yer?"
"u boleh ckp cina?"
"busy ke?"
"dah mkn ke belum?"

or anyhing else that brought the same meaning! Please read my profile before asking me the question that obviously had been answered here! Thanks..

and there's some guy who actually confronted me with this words. they say that i'm too arrogant, too nasty, and too stuck up. yes, whatever you wanna say, because you're not the one who's facing the same question again and again and again. if you dont like me, just get lost. myspace have more than 6 millions user. pick your choice. it's my profile, so you play by my rules. as simple as that.

i've also received tons of messages scolding me for dating an outsider. they want me to date malays. lol... no offense but... my whole entire life... 21 years of living on the earth... i've only met 1 malay guy who's so super talented... so polite... so classy... strong characteristic... so smart... and he's catching up with my point of view... i've never seen such a perfect combination in a guy... this is like a rare case... so talented in everything... girls just adore him. even when i walk with him, i could see girls whispering! Maryam, Tiqah, you girls should know whom i meant! and i'm sure you girls do agree on what i've describe him! so... people... dont blame me for not dating malay guy! i've lots of malay friend and they're super nice... but in the sense of relationship, they just dont sparkle.

i dont know how to explain this. it just doesnt suit my characteristic. i'm that kinda girl who believes in liberalization. yes, Islam says that guy should be the leader. not that i want to be against this, but i believe in a freedom of both sex. there's this one mindset on guys that girls should do all the kitchen stuff... and girls should cook, do all the cleaning and be with them while eating. well, guys, you do realize that sometimes we do need a break? i thank god that i've got someone who really care bout me. he pampers me sometimes and he doesnt expect me to do all the stuff on my own. another thing is... i don't like it when a guy tell me not to do this.. not to do that... dont go back late.. dont go there... call me before you go anywhere... and yes... i've seen lots of example of this! lots of my friend is having this situation.. and i thank god that i dont have to go through all this shit!

i think i've talk to much... time to chill with ma~ peeps! i havent put on any makeup... i need to rush... bye!




semuanya adalah betul belaka. huhuhuhu

Natasha said...

hahaha... zuha.... tu mmg betul2 copy paste dr inbox tu...

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