Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Dare for Maryam!

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it's been a few months and i know i've gain a lot this few months. thanks to Penang, thanks to work, thanks to too much of yamcha session! i think i gain like 6 kilogram. this sucks! i can't fit into my jeans, my mini skirt is tight, my dress can't be fit, my tank top seems so tight and i get tired really fast!

well, i'm quite happy with myself now. i think i started losing weight again. this started since the 41 hours blog post. anyway, i've forgotten to post the exact duration. i was starving for 47 hours. that's almost 2 days. well, to see the bad part of it.... hurm well... i dont wanna talk bout it... the good part is, i started eating less... it's good for me. and for the past few days, i 've been sleeping as early as 12 a.m. and wake up around 7-9 a.m. i like it. for about 1 month, my life is upside down and i've been sleeping late.. real late.. which is not good at all... now i can see the dark circle is gone, which means, no more panda eyes. for the first time yesterday, i use very minimum concealer on my eyes!

speaking of concealer... god bless the person who invented concealer! do you know how many ladies out there is saved by you? lol... i'm an ugly person, and i need concealer! thank god that i have nice skin, even though it doesnt reach the level of being FLAWLESS! well, have to work hard on that! it's like 1 over 1000 ratio of woman have flawless skin, and it's impossible to have it just by nature, at least not at this era. thousands of years back, mabe even before B.C. it's possible coz there's no pollution at all. and there's no McD, no KFC, no oily oily stuff... you know what i mean... so, in order to get their flawless skin, the least you could do is change your eating habit. stop oily stuff, start going green. ohhhh yesss... it's easier to spell it out rather than doing it. for me, no thanks... i'd rather be fat and ugly than stopping myself from eating those food.

arghh... life is getting dull here... i hate KL... so boring... nothing to do! and no real friends... all fake.. i'm actually waiting for Maryam to come back to Sunway so that we can go shopping together! it's been a while since i last went shopping with her! you know, going shopping with girls is different than going with guys. i went shopping the other day with Medo. i know he's kinda not in the mood to go shopping on that day. i was actually hunting for pretty pumps. i found 1 pumps the other day when i was out with Maryam in Midvalley. i liked it a lot. so, i found it in Pyramid, tried it on, and the best thing of all, "SORRY MISS, NO SIZE!". WTF! i thought i will never have problem with size. for heaven's sake i'm size 6. it's so common in Malaysia! and the worst of all, that freaking pumps is NEW ARRIVAL! omg! so shitty! now i understand Maryam's feeling when she couldn't get her size. for her it's another long story. she's size 9, rare case, at least for me! lol... i'm always the victim of Maryam's shoes hunting! lol...

Yam, faster come back here! i wanna buy some more heels and make up! i'm in an urge to go shopping, WITH A GIRL! i've been going shopping with guys lately. even 3 days ago, i went out to Pyramid with Medo, bump into Nick and Stanley at Starbucks as i was enjoying my blueberry cheese cake! lol... for the first time, i didn't order my fav caramel macchiato. instead, i ordered Java Chip. it was just ok-ok. anyways, back to us. i was buying my make up and nick wants to buy some sort of mask for his face. so, we went to Guardian to look for St. Ives. did they stop importing St. Ives? omg, stupid Malaysia! now i have to buy it outside? shitt... at first, i thought they were just out of stock, so i went to Watson, go through all the skincare racks, just to find out that it is not imported anymore. Why? is the sales so bad or something?

i have this habit of shopping that i know some people will find it awkward. i just hates it when a sales promoter come to me, trying to explain the product to me. as far as i'm concerned, on every product there's something called LABEL! do i look like i'm blind? do i look like i dont know how to spell? for me, a sales promoter is needed when you need further info. and for me, they should only come when you call them, to seek further assistance. i dont know... what do you think? am i weird? it's just that, i don't feel comfortable someone is standing next to you, while you were browsing through their stuff.

the worst part came when they actually try to explain to me how to use a foundation. i was like, WTF??? hello, can't you see that i'm actually wearing a foundation? next, she will tell me why mousse foundation is better than two-way cake. this is the time when i shoooo her away, after repeatedly telling her that i need my own time checking the stuff. such hassles you have to go through! then, just when you needed them, for the real FURTHER ASSISTANCE, they couldn't asnwer you! so funny! you know, sometimes i dont blame them. it's the employer itself. i mean, if you were to hire a sales person, you should make sure they went through some sort of training to educate them on the product, isn't it? that'll make the shopping environment in malaysia much much better! you bet! it's consumer rights to know everything on the product! maybe because this is not really our habit to seek further info on the item, makes them even more and more careless on their service.

i'm a big fan of Estee Lauder and i bought mostly their lip color, foundation, eye pallete and two-way cake. yes, the thing that i'm most addicted to, is their two-way cake! perfect! not that i'm promoting them or whatsoever. but, there's certain Estee counter that i wont go! this is because the promoter makes me totally OFF the mood to buy anything. first, they will give me the look as if i'm gonna steal something from their booth. next, they will stand beside me, trying so hard to educate me on their product. that's so lame! then, when i told them that i wanna buy refill for my two-way cake, they will say that i have to buy the casing, if not, it'll be hard to store the refill. i, then ask them,"do i look like an idiot?". Just when i'm about to leave the counter, a couple of British came, and you know what, they're so friendly with them. I was like, okaayyyy... i got the point.. you think Malaysians cant afford your stuff... omg! i feel like yelling to their face! i believe my monthly allowance from my mom is way higher than your salary, bitch! ok, that's not the point. the point here is... WHAT HAPPEN TO EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE MOTTO? vanished?

another bad service is Coach, in KLCC. well, basically, same shit as some of Estee's counter. i dont have to spell it out, dont i? you can experience it for your own! they're so cocky! hello bitch, how much is your salary? and whoever that comes in IS your customer! i still remember how they ignored my mom. i'm so mad! i still remember how my mom screw their life! she was saying. "Aku tak heranla kalau angpa semua ni kurang ajaq. mesti mak bapak angpa tak ajaq betui2. kalau tak suka keja serve customer, awat dulu tak blajaq tinggi2. pastu menyusahkan orang!" and i was really laughing because she said it quite loudly and we left.

Translation: I won't be surprise of your improper manner. this is due to lack of taughts by your parents. if you dont like serving customer, why dont you study hard back then? now you're just pain in the ass!

however, i want to give excellent credit to Salvatore Ferragamo, KLCC! excellent service. i went in with my mom. one girl greet us politely, asking us if she's needed. i told her to give us some time. i called her again, asking few questions on the bag we wanna buy. we bought it, and of course leave as a HAPPY customer. a month after that, we came back to the same boutique because there's some problem with the bag. i approach to one of the sales assistance and she refer to her manager. unfortunately, my mom had forgotten where she leave her receipt. so, it takes them some time to track back the purchase. after that, she explains to me that they can fix the bag, but it'll take some time. The manager quickly tell her to give us a new one. yes, again, we left there SATISFIED! Bravo Ferragamo. great service. i will surely come again.

ok, i'm going to Pavilion in an hour. i need to get ready. oh ya... i almost forgot... the REAL reason why i post this blog. as everyone knows, i'm currently playing Nancy Drew. i knew that Maryam is crazy bout games too. she loves RPG, but an Adventure game once in a while wont kill, right? so this is my challenge to you, to play this game, WITHOUT the walkthrough! trust me, it almost turn me crazy looking for the clue! lol... anyway Yam, i already mailed you the zip file of

Nancy Drew - Curse Of The Blackmoor Manor

and in case if you're stuck

GameBoomer Walkthrough

Nancy Drew Mania Walkthrough

p/s: if anyone else who want this game, just leave me your email in my comment. i will send it to you.

sorry for nagging,


Nur Maryam said...

I'm absolutely IN!!

Want to ho shopping!!!

Nur Maryam said...

I'm IN!!

Wanna go shopping!!

Nur Maryam said...

I'm definitely in!!
I accept this dare.


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