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Looking way back into my college year!

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I just woke up from my afternoon nap and i was bored. So, I click on my old myspace picture. yes, i do have a Myspace account. lol... when i scrutinize all of the picture, makes me miss 2006. i miss all of my friend, classmates, partner-in-crime, and the gang that we called "kampung gang". lol... you guys were just the greatest in making my 2006 the most memorable one. frankly, i miss that moment.

in this 3 years, i admit, i do change a lot. i'm a lot mature than i used to be. i'm more careful in making decisions. i fixed most of my problems without getting into big trouble like i used to be. i learn a lot from my environment. i saw how idiot and pathetic someone can be. i saw how hard someone work to achieve their life. in short, i experienced sadness and happiness. most important thing of all, i'm glad i did. at least, life was not just a silver platter for me.


as i travel here, surprisingly, i can see and understand my family better. i've learn to love them more when i was away from home. from here, my two little bro, Nasriq and Nazrul were more invisible. we talk more now. well, maybe because we're all grown up. from here too, i saw how my parents struggle to give the best for us, especially me, their only daughter. mom, dad, today i wont be ashamed to come home, because i'm coming home with victory. i've won something. university had taught me a lot. it taught me to give in. it taught me more than just a lecture class. once i step out of class, there's always more and more to learn.

I still remember the first day i step into Sunway, together with my very best friend, Maryam. We've been planning this for a year. We've promise to go to college together, and none of us break those promises. If you notice, i talk a lot bout her in my blog but this is my first time uploading her picture here. well, presenting Miss Ary. Anyone interested? lol... nahh... she's attached to this Thai guy named Danny.

ok back to our story. Ary was my roommate in Monash Condo and hell yeah, we had lots of fun! i still remember how crazy we turn our housemate. Both having amplifier and listening to jrock and techno. lol... sorry miss housemate, housemates that i dont even know their name until today! lol... that's how stiff we are in Sunway! I still remember, during my first semester, when i met everybody in our very first class, Digital Imaging and Photography I. We were introducing ourselves and then there's this chinese guy rushing in. he sat next to me and we greet each other. that was my first friend in class. That's how we tag along so well, not only both of us, but also Azuan, who's not studying hospitality in INTI Nilai.

from left: Azuan, me, Aaron.

Guys, god knows how boring it is not to have both of you in 3rd sem! I miss our first sem and i still remember how crazy we are towards Russian Poker! omg! we'll skip class just to hang out in Orange and play poker! lol... and do you guys still remember this???

That was a picture taken in when we're doing our very first assesment from Ms. Puvana. she gave us ONLY one day to finish up the whole presentation. we stay up and took this picture. it was Aaron's brilliant idea to put it up in our last slides. yeah, the whole class did laugh coz they think it's hilarious! lol... doing assignment with you guys were the best! more of chilling than doing. just when i realize, i'm already done with my work! time passes too fast hanging out with both of you!

oh ya, remember this pic?

Another "assignment" in the making! lol.. shit, i miss those crazy days! we really hates SCT during that period. crazy timetable (which we skip most of the time) and crazy lecturer! lol... i really cant forget what we did to FC when we skip her class. we really fucked her class up! and ended up getting an A for her because she adores Raymond! lol... poor Ray! he's the victim! i still remember that i used to call everyone and tell them to skip her class, next after Sara's class. i can imagine how disappointed she is when all 10 of us didnt turn up for class! sorry FC! we were just being kiddy! lol...

oh ya... i dont think you guys knew bout this... and i know you guys are gonna kick me for this.. ok, dont blame me.. i was just being kind and Miss Sophia suggested me to do it. besides, i saw few of our senior is helping, so i say " ok, why not. everybody is contributing".

and yes, stop laughing at me wearing my traditional baju kebaya. they said to be traditional on 2nd day. lucky Usaid, doesnt have to do so! on that day, i really cant stop laughing at Usaid pronouncing malay names! well, we work out a few line and switch a few script so that he could escape those names. but he had to, eventually. being emcee with him is so fun! haha.. well, multimedia student always rocks! oh ya, this is another picture.

picture of the Youth @ Research crew, consist of students, lecturers & head of everything

haha... sometimes i do miss college... but i really cant go back there.. it's just now my path. i wanna specialized in art. if i didnt do it now, there's no later. i believe in that. i need to do a drastic change. i do miss all of my friend there! esp this girl;

which girl? 2nd from left, Tasha Renee!

i stole this pic from her friendster! lol, dont be angry sis! ok people, this is my twin sister in Sunway! lol... twin by name! when we walk together, surely there's confusion! lol... we called each other Tash and the rest call us Tasha Leow and Tasha Renee when we both are present! the indo gang used address me as Tasha Aaron and her Tasha Raymond during the 1st sem. this is because Ray is her childhood besties and Aaron is my partner in crime! hahaha... i dont know how that name came along. maybe because i tagged along with Aaron a lot in semester one.

ok whatever. what i know now is, i miss studying with this girl! she's fantastic in studies! the advantage of studying with her is she's hardworking and i'm a jealousy person. i'll get jealous is she already switch page and i didn't. so i'll speed up to catch up with her, even though we're actually reading a different book. lol... she's a programming student but mind you, she's good in art!

ok that was my fav shirt and i dont know where is it now! shit, my clothes are everywhere. maybe because i have too much that i even forget. i remembered this shirt just when i saw this pic! shit shit shit, i want this shirt back! someone bought it for me! damn it! anyway, me and tash like to have weird pose in front of camera and this is one of them. there's more, but, trust me you'll throw out if i upload all of them. it's too much! and i'm too lazy anyway! what were we doing with that mug of frap? lol... you guess it yourself!

by the way, that's my favourite Starbucks. well, except for the one in Gardens, KLCC, and Bukit Bintang. Yes, Bukit Bintang one is just the best! lol... i like the one in Gardens because it's quiet. for KLCC and BB, maybe because i like to sit there and see how many girl will show off their boyfriend in front of me. perhaps showing off their so-called cool dress up. lol... TYPICAL! oppss... this is not time for gossiping!

ok ok... what else do i miss in 2006? oh ya... another thing... that i miss the most!

my favourite spot to hangout in Batu Feringghi

yes, i miss penang a lot! i mean, i do go back occasionally, but it's just not the same. 70% of my buddies is not there anymore. most of them is out of there. i really miss everyone. i miss going to PenangGroup gathering. i used to be active. but now, i dont know. i'm just tight with schedule. all the gathering seems to be clashing with my exam and deadline!

picture of our PenangGroup 2006 Family Gathering Do Re Mi Cafe, Tanjung Bungah.

why i call it family? yes, we are family. we're so close. we can just make lame jokes to each other. we can curse each other. anything, you named it. this is the people you can turn to if you have anything that you need. they'll fully support you. i do appreciate every single one of them! and this is some of the girls in the PenangGroup!

from left: mad, tash, ain, hani (wearing group's official shirt), sakura

this five girls might be smiling in this pic but watch out. dont you ever underestimate us! you have a word to say to us? better think twice. we're one of the finest lady in town who grew up with bunch and bunch of vocabulary from Penang! you wanna talk shit? spit it out! we're here to serve you! hahahaa... dont be scared. that's just for people who's nasty to us. we're extremely friendly with others. no worries!

another person that i miss the most is another member of our very own unofficial sorority club (yeah right!). haha... you wanna know what it is? The Coffee and Cakes Addict Sorority! lol... the group member is me, Ary and Tiqah! so, here we go...

Ary, Tash, Tiqah in SGGS Luncheon at E & O hotel

errr... please ignore the bloated stomach... there's 3 reason why i'm bloated.. 1st, too much juice, 2nd, too much seafood, 3rd oh well, let's face it, i'm fat! lol... well, this is one of my fav pic of the three of us! i love this pic! we look superb. and those "cheers" thing is sort of a trademark for us in pictures. lol... Tiqah inform us that she's flying back from Bangalore on January, but til now, i havent heard of her. maybe she's stuck with some doctor there? ahem... lol... that's so not Tiqah. having BF is the last thing in her mind. but who knows. lol.. dont you think so Ary?

next thing that i miss the most is...

mom and dad in KLCC

this is the most precious person in my life. nothing could exchange them. NOTHING. i'm proud of both of you. you've done a lot for me. and i think you've done enough for me. it's time for me to repay you. i'm sorry. for i know that i will never finish repaying you everything you've done for me. it's just precious.

this is my happy face after coming back from saloon

and what does every single girl wish to have?? well, i'm pretty much sure that we all wants to be gorgeous. ok, i admit, i wanna be one but i'm just not. but, i'll always dress nicely because it boost up confidence. so, saloon is one of my fav place! i was happy with my long hair. not everyone could have a long healthy hair. but, i'm so dumb that i did perming on 2008 which totally damage my hair.

in starbucks - notice the perm-hair??

another thing that i miss is my teenage life. hell yeah, my teenage life rocks! you'll never guess how wild i am. lol... how did i survive in premiere school, god knows! maybe because of my parents prayers! but i love my teenage life!

when i was still doing the 3.2kg dumbbell thingy everyday.

lol.. i look fit here... and i love this place, Bukit Hijau. we went with few friend. we snap quite a number of photo but i love this one the most. lol.. kudos to Ary for this pic! frankly, i dont know where is the rest of the pic in Bukit Hijau, so dont call me and ask for it! lol...

candid pic: i was busy looking for a new heel.

before i go, i just wanna show you my hair! i want this hair back! i miss it! i miss my long brown hair! and i promise, if i got it long, i wont be a bitch and perm it again. never! i'm really sorry for damaging it til the limit i have to cut it! damn it. now i'm more ugly with my short hair!

Endy, actually there's a lot more that i want to state here. but if i were to sit and write everything down, it'll take forever! maybe next time i'll continue! well, i do look into past every now and then. so, dont worry, i'll talk more bout it next time. bye!

p/s: it took me forever to finish this blog! pheww... i'm glad i did! there's more pic i want to expose here, but time is not right YET. i'm not ready to show it all to the world wide web.

your pal,

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