Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's Endy?

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this entry is specially dedicated to those who wants to know who is my dearest Endy! yes Endy, lots of people been popping me the question, WHO'S Endy? i believe i've talk bout him in one of my old old olddddd entry... i cant even remember which entry because i have 251 total entry in my Yahoo 360 page and i dont know how much i have for this blog.

so, who's Endy? Endy Richter is a little boy who i knew since i was 6. we're besties and he's really really genius and matured. he taught me lotsa stuff... he passed away on December 1998 after suffering from lung cancer for about a year.

so, why Endy? why not ZZ, another besties? why not Maryam? why not Tiqah? I named this blgo Endy because he's a great listener. whatever it's about, he always listen, attentively. i've been writing diary since i was a kid and i started my first blog in the year of 2003. in every blog, i dedicate it to Endy, because i believe he's reading it somewhere up there. i trusted him with every single detail of my life, and he never failed me.

i love him to the extend that i will never erase his name from this blog. as long as i'm breathing in this world, he will be here. and i could feel it. whenever i type every single word, i could feel the relieve, the relieve as if someone does listen. whatever the entry is about, happiness, sadness, dullness or sarcasm, he listen. it's just that he couldn't answer me.

Endy, i'm happy that i know you. i'm lucky to have lots of caring friend, especially you. you make me believe in myself. you make me dare to colour my duck with red crayon instead of yellow. you always tell me, to do as i wish. if i want the duck to be red, then red it is. don't just color it yellow because others said so! and when my colouring is not posted on the notice board, i became sad, and you came to me and said, "dont worry, not everybody is as daring as you. what do they know bout art?" and yes, as fast as a blink of an eye, i smile.

thank you my dear friend. i owe you that much that i can't afford to repay. such happiness, when everyone think that i'm a weird kid, who draws weird art, you bravely tell them that it's an abstract art. and you made me realize that i love abstract art, til today!

i think it's enough about him. i dont think i'm that strong to elaborate more. what i'm trying to say here is, Endy is so important to me. he's my friend, now, and forever.
p/s: Endy, thanks for the Picasso art set you gave me! it's still in good condition!

your little friend,
(as what he always call me)

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