Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boycott Israel?

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i was surfing the net and i found some interesting sites on boycotting ISRAEL! well, i know i wont contribute much but that's the least i could do besides prayers! I got a list of company to boycott from the Boycott Israel Campaign website. i found that i'm a customer of almost half of the company listed there. so, let me share with you part of the list.

Things i bought on quarterly or monthly basis:

ok everybody who knows me will know how painful it is for me to stop buying Estee Lauder. but too bad, this is a step that i take. as i said earlier, this is the least i could do. it's nothing compared to losing a mother in Gaza. totally nothing compared to been killed even when you're just 6 years old. Estee Lauder had been my favourite since i was 15. i just fall in love with the makeup range they provide. i go check out lower range brand like Revlon, Maybelline, Loreal for their limited edition stuff or just to get an eyeliner or something like that. well, it looks like i'm switching to some other brand but for sure not M.A.C.! too glamour-stage-model stuff for me while i love nude makeup.

i'm gonna tell my mom to stop buying La Mer and Lancome too. she's big fan i'm telling ya!

as for Tommy, Hugo, Aramis, CK, Timberland, GA, Ralph Lauren where i always go to hunt for gifts and perfumes... i'm saying fairwell to you and you and you. oh yes, for every single of my besties knows that i love Hugo Boss! but i'll have to pass this time! as for other brand that i visited quarterly, i'm saying goodbye to every single one of you.

And this is the stuff i buy like weekly or daily basis:

oh shittt.... i'm doing this boycott thing and i'm actually eating Maggi instant noodles cooked with Maggi chilli sauce! damn it... this is one of the hardest part since Maggi is always my choice! And i just went to Carrefour to stock up! damn it! Kit Kat is my daddy's favourite! i have to force him to stop that crap! i'm overreacting??? who wont??? look at those poor kids! i pity the family of those Israel's army. they can even kill a kid, maybe one day they'll come home and kill their own kids!

as for McDonalds is not a problem for me. i'm not a big fan of it. i just went there if i'm craving. but Starbucks and Coke is seriously irresistible. i love Coke so much! Vanilla Coke to be precise! and Starbucks... omg!! i'm addicted to it... well, i'll have to throw all this crappy drama and SWITCH for a better world. lol.... some of you might be laughing reading this blog. how come a boycott from a person could change the world... well, i'm telling ya... I'M NOT ALONE! and a cup of tea in Winter Warmers is not bad at all!! good thing bout it is LESS CAFFEINE! see... it doesnt only benefit others, but also myself!

so now i have to stop going Carrefour (shit it's the nearest to my house!). i'll switch to Giant maybe. hehehehe... Giant Kinrara is not bad. lots of stuff there!

well, this is the bits and pieces that i could write today about boycotting Israel! Maybe you could help me to spread the word??? it might not be something great to do... but at least we educate our consumer on where our money is flowing. as for me, i refuse to contribute into another living soul's grief! I'm a CONSUMER and i have the right to choose and i choose to BOYCOTT this people! well, except for this last bowl of instant noodles i'm eating! lol..

you know what i believe in now??? i believe in the voice of consumer. consumer in malaysia had been fooled for years. where is our rights? dont you think we do have rights to know everything we're purchasing??? and dont you think we do have the power of buying! we can choose to buy and not to buy products. they dont control us. we make our own DECISION. i choose to stop supporting them. WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?

before i end this crappy entry, here's a few links on WHY THEY BOYCOTT MCDONALDS, even before this Israel thingy. Now i started to feel irritated with MCD!

Anti McDonalds Website
The Paganus Website

Anti Mcdonalds Place
anti-Mac Do

International Anti-McDonalds Day

Anti-McDonalds Essays, Articles and Links



Why does McDonalds lie in their ads?

No peace until McDonalds is deceased

any of you are welcome to copy this entry and paste it anywhere you want... well, skip the crapping part of it ofcourse! lol... last but not least, dont forget to visit the:

Boycott Israel Campaign

p/s: my blog might be one of the millions who wrote this, i might be the invisible person who "wasted" her time posting this, people might not even notice me, but i know i care! care for the world!

Natasha Farhana Leow


fazrin2211 said...

bukan ko pakai kotex ke?bukan ko pakai roreal ke? ko kan suka makan mcd,hehe, pastu minum air coke,makan maggie,hahaha.. so skrg dah takleh la erk? ye ye boikot!!!

Aiza Jeniza said...

haihhh..lepaih ni aku kena tukaq jenama pad la..

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