Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is absolutely a great day.
A year older, a year wiser.
Best thing of all, you're with me.

We could spend time together.
We could talk our heart out.
We could have dinner together.
We could hangout together.

Life is great, isnt it?
When you're back.
Being by my side.
On this special day.

I've missed you.
I've waited for you.

The day is finally here.
There's too much to celebrate today.
I'm just eager to meet you.
Seriously missed you.

I could hold your hands.
I could see your smile.
I could be angry at you.
I could argue with you.

Just because you're here.

You once told me that you didn't celebrate birthday.
Too bad, you have to celebrate that with me.
Because i cherish birthday more than anyone else.
And i'm gonna make sure that you enjoy yourself today.

I promise.

Happy Birthday Jack.
I hope you like your present ;)


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