Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just wanted to share my love!!!

oppss sorry my table is kinda messy. i'm in the process of re-arranging everything back.

Ok, i've been gloomy these few days. i just want to get rid of that gloomy environment. so i just kept myself busy with the stuff i love the most. this is the updated collection of my earring. oh yes, dont ask how i manage to collect this. i'm not really a keeper. there's some of my readers even ask;

"how did u keep all your earring without LOSING them"
"it must be expensive having that earring collection hobby"

omg i dont know how to answer question number one. because, YES i lost lots of them. most of it left in my friends' car, my friends' house and etc. i tends to take out my earring when i feel that they're annoying. there's a few more earring in my car dashboard actually. that's for emergency cases. whenever i suddenly need to go somewhere and i need to look a lil bit effortless chick, i'll just grab that one and wear. lol. i dont know either you've notice or not, but i love OVERLY done earring. the extra drapes. the extra texture. and the extra blings. hence the BIG gold earring.

oh another thing. i think i'm into bangles too nowadays. since i'm back to that tasha that wear jeans and shirt, so, i might want to style it up with bangles. the one i have on the right is my most favorite one.why? recently bought maybe. lol. i'm gonna collect more from now on. but they dont really have pretty design here in penang. i need to shop in kl. seriously! and.... i need a bangle holder to put all of my bangle.

trust me, the only way to NOT TO LOSE your item is to buy one of these things. so that u wont just put it in your drawer and forget bout it. things will ended up mixing anyway! that metal earring frame is kinda pricy if you buy retail. but if you want, i could buy for you wholesale. there's also cute design like the doll design. but it's not practical for me, as i have many earring. the doll can only hold like 5 or 6. can't recall. they also have the tree design. butterfly design. bla bla bla. mine was RM110 wholesale. the quality is very good and the metal is sturdy. not just the cheap metal u see in the silver shop.

eh wait, why am i promoting that metal?

yes i know you girls will ask me that question. oh well, i dont mind helping u buying it. just email me if u want to ;)

ok i wanna continue watching youtube. trust me, watching others collection are tremendously FUN! here's one to start with.

p/s: i dont want to put the video here. no point since watching it in youtube is faster!


a-as said...

hi dear..selamat hari raya!
nak tanya where to get tempat gantung earing tu..suka. :)

Natasha said...

i beli dgn wholesaler. mmg very good quality. byk shape lagi ade. kalau akak nak nanti next time i turun kl kita gi sesame.

Natasha said...

eh lupa plak. selamat hari raya!

t.a.c.a said...

wah wah.... jelesi~ banyak tul earrig ko~ wakakaka.. aku nak collect ape lak eh :P

Natasha said...

collect bangles la. kan aku ade kasik ko aritu~


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