Tuesday, September 14, 2010

mom's agenda

mom dragged me out of bed. urging me to get ready, as she wants to go to Queensbay for facial. Took me about 5 minutes to switch on my brain functionality. I got up and have a quick shower. Well, since i'm in a rush, i just put on my jeans and shirt. Something that you dont see me wear everyday. That's just me being lazy. lol.

As usual, i park my car near HSBC. i'm so lazy to park inside Qb. lol. we walk pass Kitschen and mom like one printed shirt. she try it on and she bought that. Then, we pass by Focus Point. Mom wanted to show me a shades that she's been wanting to get. Oh well, she's always been a Versace fans. In my opinion, it looks fake. So, i suggested she try on Dior. It's more chicks, i think. Yeah, she change her mind, and bought Dior shades. Very Paris Hilton kinda thing. Lol.

next, we were hunting for lunch! lol, trust me, choosing lunch wasn't easy. it's been a while since we, mother daughter, went out just the two of us. we decided to go fro Dave & Deli. we want something filling, but not fattening. hence the Dave & Deli. Both ordered quarter chicken, preferring the drumstick part. i always demand for drumstick. lol. had a great talk with mom. bla bla bla. yada yada yada.

After lunch, we went straight to Aster Spring. Mom wanted to try Dermalogica. for me, the facial is kinda pricy, RM298. i dont know bout you. my facial is usually less than rm200. then mom sign up for the Love Reward membership. they're offering 5 facial session + RM500 voucher for their product. total of those suppose to be rm3209, but there's a rebate. kinda good rebate though. mom only paid rm1650. then there's add-ons on the product. she wants this and that. so total up RM2069 or something like that. phew... i'm not gonna pay that price, seriously! 2k could get me ten Charles & Keith shoes! Ten ok!!!!! i'll be in heaven by then.

The facial will take about one and half hours, so i dont want to be dreadfully waiting there. my arse will be rotten by then! i walk around, and check out Clinique. i need to resupply my skincare. my Clinique is almost done. Mei Phing, the beauty consultant, wasn't there. she's on leave. take note that she's an excellent beauty consultant, plus, she's generous. there's another beauty consultant named Erica. i told her, i'm just looking around, and she served me well. thumbs up for them :)

Damn, i seriously hate floitering around alone in a mall. I've got an idea. i quickly walk to Borders, and straight to LBD section. i bought Saris and the City and Hysterical Blondeness. yeah, my whole gang love reading LBD. we have a huge collection of LBD book, which we pass among us. saves money, right? well, dont blame us. Books are extremely pricy here in Malaysia! yet, the government still promoting us to read more. the first step of promoting that is to reduce the price of a book! ok, i'm blabbering! next!

I almost gonna enter Starbucks, then i remember one article i read from Yahoo News. The 9 Things They Don't Want Us To Know. it's all about food facts. one of it is coffee. one ice-blend coffee is equivalent to 6 scoop of ice-cream. OMG, such sinful drinks! So i went next door, S1. ordered Mocha. Sat there for practically one hour. read to page 61 then mom called. She's done! Finally!

Then we headed to Dior counter in Jusco to get lipstick. my mom loves Dior Addict. she always buy that particular item. she choose few color, then decided to buy shocking pink color. Next, went to Clinique to get my stuff. i want to wait for Christmas sale at first. but come to think of it, it's still a long way to go. So, as usual, i bought the 3-step item, turnaround serum and sunblock. the best part of it, mom paid for that. LOL. saves me from paying rm613. Thank you mom.

Zura, my mom's worker, invited us to her open house. so, we went straight after Qb. Ate rice with lamb there. kinda tasty but i have to watch my weight. i've already lost 14kg, i dont want to gain it back. Yes everyone, i lost 14kg in 3 months time. but i still have to loose 9kg. Good luck to me! lol. BTW, thanks Zura for inviting us.

it's been a while since i last went out with mom. i'm happy to see her happy. i always tell her to do whatever she please. we live only once!

p/s: today has been a tiring day. seriously. i'm so worn out. i'm still going out with Aiza later. she wants to get stuff for tomorrow's bbq. damn that budak kecik! ish! ok gotta get ready now. she's on her way!

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