Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is what i call a great wedding photographer!

Time: 9.23 a.m.
Venue: Home
Mood: excited?
Currently: blog-hopping.

i was reading one of my newly discovered blogger, Jasmin, whom i quickly love the writings. oh well, her blog is about her soon-to-be-big-day! first of all, of course, congrats Jasmine!

i saw one of her entry, about a photographer. being an addict to photography, of course, i did check out the link she provide.

and yes.

i was mesmerized.

creative artwork!

yeah, he might not be Martin Evening or Scott Kelby, but i think he's talented!

so, here is the link.

--- ART! ---


and tell me what do you think.

Aiza, you have to comment! lol...


i suddenly love my name,
(hey, my nickname is still tash, so dont start yelling natasha in public!)


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